Sorcery Story Trailer – Finally, a Reason to Buy PlayStation Move

Sorcery Screenshot

Back in 2010, when I reviewed the PlayStation Move launch bundle, most of us expected it to be this grand, ground-breaking piece of tech that we would need rather than want for our PS3s.

It’s plain for anyone to see that that never really happened. For all of the protesting that PlayStation brand’s official hype man, Kevin Butler, did about ‘GAMING NEEDS BUTTONS!!!’, it never flourished and rather floundered into an embarrassing piece of really good gadgetry that few wanted and even fewer cared about.

Sorcery, is the PlayStation move game that is set to change all that. As the young male sorcerer, Finn, you are enticed by your sneaky feline nemesis and friend entices you into unleashing a world of mythical baddies upon the magical society that you live in. Your job, as the protagonist of Sorcery, is to fling about powerful spells to uncover ancient knowledge, save the townspeople and take on a range of exciting and adventurous quests.

Unlike most games that use PlayStation Move as a wedged in, back-of-the-box gimmick, Sorcery is made for PlayStation Move, meaning that if there ever was a time to get in on the motion control madness, that time is now.

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