Hidden Gems of the Gaming World : Shatter

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I love the PlayStation Store. And the XBLA for that matter. For the price just one good hard-copy of a game, you can download ten great ones from the comfort of your own home. I don’t have enough time in a day to complete all of the ace downloadable titles that I’m forever spending my funds on, there’s just that much to choose from.

PSN title ‘Shatter’ is one of these games that is hastily sapping away my free time. Shatter is an incredibly vibrant game with eye-popping visuals and is both frustrating yet limitlessly fun. That being said, you’ve probably never heard of it. I decided to give Shatter a go after I found out that my friend cront ( from our sister site MadGearSolid – @cront on Twitter!) had been playing it. With the knowledge of cront’s epically good taste in the back of my mind, I downloaded it from the PlayStation Store and found it to be so awesome that I’m recommending it to you!

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Download Day [27/10/10] FirstPlay, NFS Hot Pursuit & RDR Undead Nightmare DLC

Today in the glorious world of download has some real gems amongst the sea of absolutely terrible DLC.

NFS HP Screenshot

Car parts everywhere in 3,2...

First up, there’s the demo for the new, Criterion developed Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit (full game out on the 19th of November). In the demo, you get to test-drive the new Autolog feature and compete for bragging rights against one friend or an AI opponent.

Also on the Xbox 360 and PS3 online stores today is the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC – commonly known as the reason for ‘ZOMBIE COUGARS’ being a trending topic on Twitter. The added bit of content lets gunslinger John Marston take on extra story mode and side mission to battle against the hordes of the undead.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can get 20% off the full price of this DLC!

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Lastly, is a PS3 double exclusive (only available to PS3 users in the UK) in the form of the weekly interactive show, First Play. This week, for just 99p, they’ve got previews of F.3.A.R (FEAR 3), Shadows of the Damned as well as a round-up of the 3 scariest Little Big Planet levels and reviews of Fallout New Vegas and WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011. For 99p, that’s a bargain!

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Killzone 3 Beta Announced

Oil Rig

Anyone would think that this oil rig is owned by BP.

Thanks goodness that there are only a few more months to go until Killzone 3’s release date in early 2011. As much as I love pwning n00bs in its predecessor Killzone 2’s multiplayer mode, I am eagerly awaiting the PlayStation Move and 3D support as well as the fantastic gameplay that I know that Killzone 3 will offer.

The his teaser trailer just isn’t enough!

Actually, it seems that we may not have to wait for much longer to feel the crisp, stunning snow of Helghan, all in glorious HD (of course!) as Killzone 3’s developer Guerrilla games are launching the Killzone 3 beta on October 25th!

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