5 Reasons It Pays *NOT* to be an Early Adopter of the PS Vita

PS Vita Front

Like the shadiest of ‘doctors’ in the uncleanliest of back streets, this week, I’ve been trying to hawk vital organs on the Internet (only my own, I can assure you).

On Twitter I proclaimed ‘who wants a lung? I’ll even give away a kidney, for a price!’ and such, multiple times, hoping, begging and pleading that someone with a screw loose would take a body part in exchange for money – money I wanted, no, needed, to spend on a PS Vita – which comes out today.

For the most part, I was joking (though I did come very close to offering plasma up on eBay), I’ve become so convinced that I need a PS Vita that I probably would have (and maybe still will) do anything to get my hands on that delicious, powerful, slice of handheld gaming heaven.

It may, perhaps, come as a massive shock to you that I am now providing you with a handful of reasons why you shouldn’t invest in Sony’s latest gizmo.

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EXCLUSIVE : Has The Last Guardian Release Date Been Revealed on Amazon?

The Last Guardian Screenshot

It’s been a busy news week for The Last Guardian as Sony have confirmed that both the game’s creator, Fumito Ueda, and the executive producer, Yoshifusa Hayama, have left the development studio of the title with the former only working on the game on a freelance basis.

This is a week that is set to get even busier as the dog/mouse/bird hybrid creature-thing and it’s boy protector seem to have gotten an actual release date, as listed by Amazon.

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New PS Vita Montage Trailer Showcases Medley of Gameplay Footage

PS Vita Touchscreen Pic

PlayStation and compilations go together like foots to balls, Activision to sequels and fanboys  to the Internet. In fact, I should know, I put together my own PS Vita games masterpost last week.
Sony are well aware of this too it seems as just today they put out a shiny new trailer for the handheld console that includes footage of just about every game on the console that has been announced so far.

All of the most anticipated are there – Uncharted Golden Abyss, ModNation Racers and the unconventionally spelled as ever : WipEout 2048. If you’re more interested in the other features of the console, you’re in luck as we get another look at the XMB-like PS Vita interface as well it’s Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities and you can have a little dance to the funky backing track. Just me? Oh, okay…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Download PlayStation Access TV


Yesterday it was announced that Access TV has been downloaded more times than any other free product on the PlayStation Store.

For those of you who are out of the loop, Access TV is a free weekly video that is available every Wednesday from the PS Store. It includes footage and reviews of newly released and upcoming games as well as interviews with members of both the public and of the games industry.

While the service’s success may be official, there are still plenty of you who are missing out on the delectable gaming delights that Access TV cooks up every week, and so for that reason, I’ve put together 5 reasons why it’s a must download.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Screenshots (PS Vita)

Continuing my round up of the info that has just been made public about games for the PlayStation Vita, I’m back with some screens of UMvC3, the new Capcom developed 1 on 1 (well, sort of) fighting game.

Much like your average beat-em-up, the point is to beat the snot out of your opponent until their pixels lose the will to pixelate(?) though that’s where the similarities end because, in a slightly confusing twist, the game has you picking teams of 3 fighters whom you can then switch between mid-battle should you wish and in order to win you either have to muster all the power you can in your button-mashing thumbs to kick, claw and obliterate the entirety of each member of the opposing team’s health meters, or dodge, duck, dip dive and…dodge your character away from attacks, making sure that your team has the most health altogether when the timer runs out. Sounds simple, right?

As mad as it sounds, I’m sure that it will be easy to get used to after a few rounds, plus, it looks ace for a handheld game (though that may just be the beauty of the PlayStation Vita).

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F1 2011 Screenshots (PS Vita)

While FIFA Football for PS Vita is showing some truly impressive high-def graphics in its screenshots (read : EA must have a really good photo editor) F1 2011 does seem to be lacking a little in the visual department and while I will never agree with a developer sacrificing one aspect of a game to improve another, I do think that we should cut Codemasters a bit of slack because in return for our overlook of the graphics, they’re offering an overflowing plate of gameplay that most simulation games would give their left leg for.

Every car and racer that you’d expect the game to have is included, the licenses parallel that of the console equivalent. There’s also multiplayer, a co-op challenge and four player Grand Prix time trials. Someone hand me a knife, I’m about to cut them the biggest bit of slack you’ve ever seen.

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FIFA Football Screenshots (PS Vita)

FIFA Football logo

If ever there were a genre of games that would work on a handheld console, it would be sports. Admittedly, playing them does cause you to get some peculiar looks when you yell “GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!” on the train, but you’ll be so immersed in what you’re playing that you won’t even care.

I’ve been playing a lot of World Tour Soccer on PSP recently, where as fun as the core gameplay is, you’d be stumped trying to tell a player apart from a painted egg box should they ever be compared, so considering that EA’s handheld footie effort touts ‘HD Graphics’, built from the same engine that made the larger console’s FIFA 12, you’re in for a real treat.

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PlayStation Vita Games [Masterpost]

Earlier this week there was an event that showcased dozens of games for Sony’s new handheld console, the PlayStation Vita. I’m sure that a lot of you, as well as myself, were unable to attend said event so throughout the day I will putting up posts including all of the new screenshots and details for the new games.

Can’t be bothered to scroll through pages and pages of content? Don’t worry, once they’re up, I’ll post the links to the all of the content below, that way you can pick and choose which games to read about easily. Check back soon for the first few links…

Sony Survey Reveals PS Vita and PS Store Possibilities

A few weeks ago, a list of upcoming game releases was pictured on a flyer, made by the movie and game rental giant Blockbuster. On the list, every big name piece of software and hardware could be seen, giving store employees an insight as to which big names everyone would be yearning to rent in the weeks running up to Christmas. Interestingly, Sony’s new console, the PS Vita, was listed, release date : 28th of October 2011. That’s less that a month away.

We all want to get our hands on it but Sony are holding some of their cards to their chest (which has never been the specialty) and are keeping hush on many of console’s features. However, keen to get a second opinion from the players themselves, they hosted a survey revealing a whole host of new tidbits about not only the PS Vita but the PS Store too and J Station X has the scoop.

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Hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ kids, your PlayStation Network details may have been stolen

PlayStation Network Logo

The PlayStation Network was down so that Sony to get their 'sleuth' on and investigate the hack

The reason the PlayStation Network has been down since the 20th of April (2011) ?

Some theorised that it was part of an elaborate plan to get us to spend some quality time with our families over Easter – what do you mean Dead Rising 2 isn’t a family oriented game?!

Others suspected that it was one of the many targets of SkyNET (the human-hating AI from the Terminator films) which, according to the blockbuster hits, was scheduled to start annihilating the human race on the 19th April 2011, a day before the PSN went down.

Make up your own hypotheses if you wish but Sony have actually released a statement revealing all. Find out if your details are in danger after the break.

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