The Swindle Out Now, With New Launch Trailer

The Swindle header

The Swindle is a game that has been steamrolling itself towards release for the past few months. Initially canned by developer Size Five games, it was re-revealed earlier this year and has been steadily preparing to steal our hearts ever since.

We’ve covered the game quite a bit here on the site but if you’ve missed out previous coverage (look at our tag for The Swindle here) then the game is a randomly generated steampunk thieve-em-up. What that means is that you control a thief and your main goal is to pull off heists of various difficulties, spending your looted money on becoming a better thief.

Find out more about the game and watch The Swindle launch trailer, after the break.

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Submerged Delayed on Mobile; PS Vita Remote Play in the Works

Submerged game logo

In Submerged, the upcoming title from Uppercut Games, two siblings, Miku and Taku, are trapped in a flooded city full of mystery and intrigue. It may be a watery treasure trove of secrets and adventure but Miku has one primary goal; to nurse Taku (who has fallen sick) back to full health.

Previously, Uppercut Games revealed that Submerged would be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC this Summer, but there was no mention of the mobile version. So it’s not particularly surprising to hear that the mobile version of Submerged has been delayed – but Uppercut insists it’s for the better.

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Never Alone: Foxtales DLC Announced; Base Game Coming to PS3 and PS Vita

Never Alone Foxtales logo

Last year, platforming adventure Never Alone took everyone by surprise. The game, which was based on a tale (Kunuuksaayuka) from the Alaska Native people (Iñupiaq) put players in the warm, fur booties of a young girl named Nuna and her animal companion Fox as they had to save their village from a blizzard. It was a beautiful and haunting title and one that I heaped praise upon in my review.

Many people were also fond of the fact that Never Alone stayed true to its source material – it wasn’t some copy and paste attempt at capitalising on Iñupiaq culture, it was actually developed in partnership with them (as Upper One Games) and the publisher, E-Line Media. There are many, many more Iñupiaq stories to tell though, and everyone would love a chance to play more of what Never Alone offers. Good news then, that the Never Alone: Foxtales expansion DLC will be released soon.

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The Swindle Release Date Announced for PC, PlayStation and Xbox

The Swindle header

Back in 2013, Dan Marshall (of developer Size Five Games) announced that steampunk stealth game The Swindle would be going on hiatus “indefinitely”. With fans fearing that the game had been cancelled altogether, they messaged Marshall and begged the developer to bring it back. After feeling “touched” by the amount of messages he received, and after doing some extra prototyping work, The Swindle was revived and the developer announced that it would be coming to PC and consoles.

Last month, Marshall revealed that all is going well with the game’s development and that we could expect to play the game this summer, and that there would be a day one patch. And it appears to be right on schedule as Marshall and the game’s publisher, Curve Digital, have now announced The Swindle release date.

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Music Tower Defense ‘LOUD On Planet X’ Successfully Funded

LOUD On Planet X screenshot

With Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live both being released in a few months, 2015 is a pretty difficult year if you want to release a music related game. Your task will only be more difficult if you’re an indie and if your game is a new IP. So is developer Pop Sandbox stupid or just crazy for announcing their music rhythm rival, LOUD On Planet X?

They are neither, as it turns out, and they describe LOUD On Planet X as “an exciting new indie alternative” to the new Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, with a bit of Plants vs. Zombies mixed in there too. Instead of just button-matching to songs, the selling point is that it also involves tower defense mechanics, as you defend your stage from “hordes of quirky aliens”.

LOUD On Planet X is just different enough to win people over and in a close crowdfunding campaign, the game has secured enough funds to complete development.

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The Swindle’s Enemies Will Kill You With One Hit

The Swindle screenshot

Steampunk platformer The Swindle involves the simple premise of breaking in, stealing stuff, and getting the hell out of there. All of the properties that you’ll be stealing from are procedurally generated but in the end, all you have to do to secure the loot is leave the building with your life intact.

But leaving ‘with your life intact’ is a lot more difficult than it sounds as The Swindle‘s enemies can kill you with just one hit, no matter where it comes from. Given that the game’s playable characters are all gone for good once they die, along with all of the cash they’ve earnt in the level, that could make gameplay as stressful as ever. However, developer Dan Marshall is convinced that The Swindle is better because of it. Find out more after the break.

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The Swindle to Launch This Summer; Will Get Day One Patch

The Swindle header

The Swindle is a game that’s been buzzing around for quite some time, but it dropped off the radar when creator Dan Marshall wasn’t quite sure how to make it work. Back in February, Dan revealed that he’d fixed the game and that it would be back, better than ever.

The idea behind The Swindle is that you are are a member of a band of thieves and as such, you’re pretty fond of breaking into buildings and sneaking around. You can then spend your takings on becoming an even better thief and then the cycle continues.

However, it’s not all ski masks and sticking to the shadows as you’ll have to think carefully about your entry and exit strategy. If you don’t manage to leave the building with your loot, or if the guards catch you, you will lose that character and will have to carry on playing the game as someone else. We’ll be able to take part in that high stakes gameplay soon as The Swindle will be released this summer.

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Minecraft Adds Female Character to PlayStation and Xbox Versions

Minecraft wallpaper

Minecraft is currently the third best-selling game of all time as it’s sold over 54 million copies across PC, Mac, mobile and consoles. There’s also a Minecraft movie on the way and although the game’s developer Mojang was raking it in already, Mojang’s co-founders became filthy, stinking rich last year when Microsoft bought the developer for $2.5 billion.

The game itself is just as mind-boggling as those figures. Some of Minecraft‘s most popular creations include supercomputers that are capable of processing actual data, the entirety of Denmark was once recreated in the game and there’s even a Minecraft version of Westeros, the fictional setting of Game of Thrones.

All of these creations and all of this success and yet it took Mojang five years to introduce a female character on PC and Mac. Minecraft‘s console players have had to wait even longer but now, a female character named “Alex” is coming to the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game.

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DiscStorm Introduces New Character ‘Navika’

DiscStorm logo header

When DiscStorm was announced last month, it was a total surprise but a pleasant delight. The game combines sport with tough as nails arena combat as players have to lob discs around the place to defeat AI opponents. It’s easy to pick up but difficult to master, says developer XMPT Games.

Being a sports-based title, DiscStorm is also perfect for multiplayer and so it allows up to four players to go head-to-head and knock the digital snot out of one another. The problem with multiplayer, however, is that there are only four characters and if three players get to make a decision, the last player has no choice but settle for whoever’s left.

That’s got to be disappointing and so XMPT has added a new character called ‘Navika’ to the mix.

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