Adventure Time: ETDBIDK Release Date Finally Announced

Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know screenshot 1

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know is the dungeon traversing, crazy capering video game spin-off of Cartoon Network’s popular and equally as eccentric television show and now, after a whole lot of waiting, the Adventure Time: ETDBIDK release date has finally been announced.

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CGI Dishonored Trailer Hits, Will Leave You Speechless

Dishonored Screenshot 1

When it comes to the Dishonored, the plot and premise alone is enough to have me preaching this game’s impressiveness from the treetops.

Bethesda want to have you join me in singing its praise and so have release an impressive CGI trailer of the game that yes, while completely animated and not including gameplay, is the perfect indication of the throat slashing and rooftop running that we’ll all be privy to when the supernatural assassin gameplay of Dishonored hits shelves later this year.

It’s gorgeous, it’s gruesome and it will most definitely leave you speechless – the new Dishonored trailer is here.

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Risen 2 : Dark Waters – What It Is & Why You Need to Know About It

Risen 2 Dark Waters Screenshot 11

Before we posted this little thing showing off the brand new Risen 2 : Dark Waters screenshots, we didn’t come to the table feeling relatively enthusiastic for the game.

Risen 2 looked pretty, intriguing, fun and was clearly not set out to feature a good majority of old, tired role-playing game plot tropes, instead trying to carve out a little niche for itself. We knew that it allowed you to make decisions and we knew that it was coming from a developer (Piranha Bytes) who were willing to make up for past mistakes (players had some issues with Risen 1) so there were very few complaints from me in those departments.

No, the problem for me was the fact that the game’s entire premise was that of my archnemesis….pirates.

Pirates don’t wash, have scurvy and don’t usually translate to video games very well. Dragon Age 2’s Isabela is only loved by a minority and Pirates of The Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow only converted well because a few of the PotC video games received the LEGO treatment – and let’s face it, unless it’s embedded deeply into the tender, naked skin of your bare foot – it’s really hard to hate LEGO.

Because of my ninja-rivalling distaste for pirates, I was apprehensive to cover Risen 2 : Dark Waters on the blog but I was wrong. I have never been more foolish in my life. Of all the RPGs to stand up to a laggy Skyrim and the piss-poor controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, Risen 2 : Dark Waters is the rightful heir to the thrones and I’ve detailed everything you need to know in anticipation of its release.

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New Aliens : Colonial Marines Screenshots, Better Bring a Flashlight

Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshot 1

The best thing about these new Aliens : Colonial Marines screenshots? Everything.

Made up of one part wet your pants terror in its many unfamiliar lifeforms (as in games like Resident Evil 6) and 2 parts brilliant lighting effects (which will no doubt add to the intense fear), Aliens Colonial Marines is Gearbox Software’s attempt to rebuild and improve upon the last relatively abysmal video game tie-in that was was also based on the insanely popular Alien film series – Alien Versus Predator.

I really think that Gearbox can pull this one off, the game has had enough delays as it is (current tally is 3 delays) and we don’t want it to become another Duke Nukem Forever, do we? (sidenote – DNF was also a Gearbox Software game).

In space no one can hear you scream, but my neighbours will definitely hear me loud and clear when I wail in terror at what Aliens : Colonial Marines has in store.

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Ridge Racer Unbounded Gameplay Trailer Urges You to ‘Make Some Noise’

Ridge Racer Unbounded Screenshot

A good sound atmosphere is to a driving game what wheels are to a car – that goes to say that the noises that a developer have chosen to cause havoc in your ear drums are pretty, damn important.

The last time we got a sneak peek at some Ridge Racer Unbounded gameplay was a few days ago when Namco Bandai released a trailer of what it would be like to have a play around in Ridge Racer Unbounded’s city creator mode. JSX staff writer Myles and I were very impressed, in a jaw-creating-dents-in-the-pavement sort of way, so it’s nice for our ears to get a pick me up with this new video that focuses on the sound guys of Ridge Racer Unbounded.

After all, after the driving, the sounds that coincide with your racing can make or break a racing game. There’s nothing more annoying that  cheesy teenybop music pounding round your head when you’re careering round a corner or into the side of an AI-controlled car.

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Could Gran Turismo 5 Face Even MORE Delays?

Gran Turismo 5 Screenshot 1

We''ll get to drive this car in a few weeks, a decade tops.

Image via

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Taku Imasaki, the North American producer for Gran Turismo 5 said

“You won’t see too much more delay”

which, considering the fact that the persistent changing of GT5’s release date has become the new punch-line of game release jokes (even Duke Nukem Forever has a solid time window!) doesn’t make it sound too promising that the game will reach its current November 2nd release date.

Maybe it’s just the way the NY Times has quoted him, or maybe it’s the fact that he too is pissed about the game’s ‘barely visible in the distance’ release date, as he did also say

“We’re not happy over happy over here”

but it sounds to me like the game could get pushed back even further.

Frankly, if this does turn out to be the case and Gran Turismo 5 doesn’t make that ‘holiday release date’ that we’ve been promised, I’ll be one of the first to write a very strongly worded post about it on this here blog. Or worse ; I’ll write a letter!

Please feel free to vent your frustrations in the comments below!

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