Risen 2 Dark Waters Making of Trailer – Variety is In, Boring Stories are Out

Risen 2 Dark Waters Screenshot 10

Think back to the last time we spoke about Risen 2 : Dark Waters, I was sceptical about the pirate RPG due to the astonishing rate at which the gaming community has been let down by the role-playing genre as of late. But I want you to imagine a new sort of RPG – an RPG where DLC isn’t needed to fix the ending (because the developer got it right the first time round), an RPG where you don’t need to redo whole, entire quests because you picked the wrong dialogue option that followed it, an RPG where the developer knows exactly what it has to do to get it right and points a a sharp stick at the problems that could cause them to fail.

Imagined it yet?

That’s what Risen 2 : Dark Waters could be. Given its nature, and the usual traps that RPGs are snared by, that cannot be guaranteed, but as we’ve seen in previous trailers and as you can witness after the break, in the sixth edition of their making of Risen 2 : Dark Waters trailers, the game’s developer, Piranha Bytes, have built their game from the ground up in such a way that previously seen issues can’t even get close to their game, let alone get in it.

I’ll let them explain for themselves how Risen 2 : Dark Waters will achieve all of this, the video is after the break.

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