Rock Band Blitz Setlist Revealed

Rock Band Blitz Screenshot

First things first – go and read our MAHOOSIVE Rock Band Blitz feature.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, you’ll want to wave your devil horns hand gesture in the air, put on your skinniest jeans and search for that black hair dye that you haven’t seen since you were in your teens, as playing Rock Band Blitz will be the final stage in your transition to *gaming rock legend*.

No plastic peripherals, no struggle to find storage and perhaps most importantly, no awkward sitting on laps because the gaming instruments have taken up all of the seating room – Rock Band Blitz scraps all of that and brings button pressing music rhythm fun to the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN with a standalone Rock Band title that would be a perfect addition in an arcade or to a music lover’s video game collection.

That’s the premise of the game, but I suppose now you’ll be wanting to know which songs you’ll be playing through, good job that developer Harmonix have just revealed the Rock Band Blitz setlist then! You can read the setlist in full after the break.

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