Ubisoft’s Huge Pre-E3 Sale Discounts Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 and More


Ah, E3, otherwise known as ‘video game Christmas’ or ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ due to its glorious abundance of new shiny games to lust over is in just a few days. But what about the games that we missed out on? The Editor’s award receiving, high review score garnering blockbusters that for whatever reason, we didn’t get a chance to play? With the sequels to some of these cracking titles set to be revealed at E3’s LA-based event in a few days, there’s no better time than now to pick up the brilliant games that came before that further helped to cement as franchise’s status as ‘ace’ and buy the games on a budget as Ubisoft’s massive pre-E3 sale has now gone live. Find out more after the break.

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What J.K Rowling Could Teach The Video Game Industry

J.K Rowling image

The decade-long reigning Queen of young adult literature, J.K Rowling’s name is as synonymous with globally loved media as Michael Pachter’s is with fundamentally wrong analysis. Of course, you may not think that the insanely talented mind behind the Harry Potter series (and the reason why millions have spent billions on books and movie tickets) would have some sage advice for the video game industry but that’s where you’re wrong. Read on to find out why.

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Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Finally Released on PS3

Skyrim logo

The Skyrim DLC that Xbox 360 and PC players of the game have already gotten to know and love has been out for several months now and thankfully, PS3 players who’d like to get their hands on the critically acclaimed Skyrim DLC can now do so.

On this very here blog we slated Bethesda for releasing Skyrim knowing that it was undoubtedly broken on PS3 and nearly a year after announcing that they knew about the broken mess they tried to sell PS3 players pre-release, Bethesda are finally making amends.

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It was the ‘Rimlag’ problem that prevented PS3 players from playing the Skyrim DLC initially but now Bethesda say that with the installation of the recently released Skyrim 1.8 update, players will be able to play all the Skyrim DLC packs – Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard as they’re released on the PlayStation Network (complete with a 50% discount for their first week on sale).

The first to be released is Dragonborn which sees players taking on the original slayer of dragons and yeller of ‘FUS RO DAH’. It’s out today on the store.

The entire Skyrim DLC release schedule is below

  • Dragonborn releases Wednesday, February 13
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75
  • Hearthfire releases Wednesday, February 20
    • Regular Price: £3.99, € 4.99, AUS $7.35; First Week Pricing: £1.99, € 2.49, AUS $3.65
  • Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75

Downloading the Skyrim DLC or still too angry about the lag problems? – Leave a comment!

Skyrim Lag Issues Solved, Xbox 720 and PS Vita Qs + More, Answered

Skyrim Wallpaper

In the poll in our sidebar, we’re currently asking you who you like best – Nathan Drake from Uncharted or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but today JSX is taking a time out from asking you questions (though you should go and vote, the winner gets a special feature post!) to answer some of the qs that you’re burning to know the answers to.

Last time, we answered some cracking queries about Fallout 4, the next Call of Duty and GTA V. This week we’re answering your questions about fixing Skyrim, the PS Vita launch line-up and the Xbox 720.

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Skyrim Dev Reveals They Knew the PS3 Version Would Lag, Captain Obvious Strikes Again


Last month, we posted some quotes from a pre-release interview that someone from Bethesda conducted about Skyrim, which all sounded a little suspect. Well, I say suspect, but what I really mean is that you’d have to be sans nostrils not to have sniffed out the rotten fruit in those answers.

Today, just a few weeks later, speaking at DICE 2012 with Kotaku, the director of the game, Todd Howard, he says that Bethesda knew the PS3 version of Skyrim would encounter a

Bad memory situation.

And states that

…We felt we had a lot of it under control. But for certain users it literally depends on how they play the game…

With that the blame is put on us, the innocent gamers who cared too much, who wanted to experience everything the a large, vibrant world, designed for exploration, had to offer –  so shame on you Skyrim player, shame on you!

I am kidding of course, though Mr. Howard’s comments are amusing in that they show off their incapacity to fix their messes – but what’s even more worrying is that it could happen in Fallout 4 too.

Still having trouble with Skyrim? Come back to JSX tomorrow to find out how to solve your lag problems once and for all – or better yet, sign up to our feed to get the post sent to your email inbox and guarantee that you won’t miss out.

‘Will there be a Fallout 4’?’ and More of Your Questions, Answered

Fallout New Vegas Screenshot

There are idiots on the Internet. You know it, I know it and *most* of the people on Yahoo Answers prove that statement to be true. Though once in a blue moon these idiots stop typing out words in L337 speak and ask some pretty thought-provoking stuff.

I’ve rounded up a few of the gems I’ve seen this week, complete with my own answers (note : I’m considering making this a regular feature so please tell me what you think of this post in the comments!)

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A Pre Skyrim Lag Interview – in which Bethesda Make Themselves Look Silly

Skyrim Screenshot

On Friday, when I was writing up my HGGW feature for NeverDead, it occurred to me to look through my on and offline reading archives to see what other people were saying about the game. Whilst filtering through my collection of last year’s gaming mags, I stumbled across the November issue (#212) of ‘PLAY’ – “the UK’s best-selling independent PlayStation magazine”.

I absolutely love developer interviews, there’s something about the spewing of memorised marketing jargon that just warms the cockles of my heart, but what I found when I read their interview of one of the guys from the Skyrim dev team wasn’t a collection of PR-written answers at all, and was actually an entirely different strain of conjured up bullshit altogether.

(Before you read on, I should say that this isn’t entirely a fecal-themed rant about the game, but gamesradar’s David Houghton’s has got a brilliant rage-fuelled-post on Rimlag that is exactly that – here)

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7 of the Most Amazing Skyrim Videos

Skyrim Screenshot

People who know about Skyrim fall into at least one of these 3 categories : those who live and breathe it and manage to slip “DOVAHKIIN!” into every conversation, those who are infuriated by the lag in the PS3 version yet are still mercilessly addicted to it and then there’s the category that I fall into – people who are crying in the corner because they do not have the game (yet).

As a result of my Skyrim-lacking life, me and YouTube have become best buds as it seems we both share a love of super-mega-awesome-incredi-videos that people have made during their time in the latest Elder Scrolls game. I’ve picked 7 of the best for you to have a gander at. Enjoy.

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