More Child of Light Projects Are in the Works, Ubisoft Confirms

Child of Light wallpaper

Last year’s RPG platformer, Child of Light, was a total surprise. It completely destroyed all conventions by featuring a young girl as the lead (the protagonist, Aurora, grows up over the course of the game) and all of the dialogue and narration is written in rhyme. It was also praised for its gorgeous watercolour graphics, with the game being powered by the UbiArt Framework game engine.

But the new IP was a huge risk for Ubisoft, a publisher best known for peddling Assassin’s Creed games year in, year out (even if those AC games are embarrassingly broken), as the Child of Light team was an experiment to what small teams could do when left to their own devices. Clearly it it paid off and following speculation of a Child of Light sequel, Ubisoft confirms that more Child of Light projects are in the works.

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Mortal Kombat’s First Gay Character is Kung Jin

Mortal Kombat gay character Kung Jin

The Mortal Kombat games are best known for their over the top, brutal gameplay. Some brutalities (finishers) include punching a man so hard you can see his intestines or severing someone’s head before taking a selfie with it. The latest entry in the series, Mortal Kombat X even features some controversial microtransactions that allows people to buy easy brutalities and unlock these messy kills quicker.

But amongst that blood ‘n’ gore ‘n’ stuff, the Mortal Kombat games are also praised for their diversity as it features several playable female characters (who aren’t portrayed as oddly shaped boob monsters) and there lots of characters of colour too. Mortal Kombat X also introduced Kung Jin, the very first gay character in the Mortal Kombat series.

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Guitar Hero Live Coming to PlayStation and Xbox in 2015

Guitar Hero Live screenshot bandmates

Thought that the plastic peripheral party game genre was dead and buried? Sadly for the lack of space in my closet, Activision is wheeling out the Guitar Hero franchise once more with Guitar Hero Live. After 2010’s Warriors of Rock, there were so many GH games that no one was buying them any more and the 2008 recession meant that no one could afford to buy them anyway, so clearly the publisher thinks enough time has passed and we’re ready to be rock gods again.

Guitar Hero Live will need more than a double dose of nostalgia to revive the series though, which is why Activision has completely ripped everything up and is trying something completely new. The latest Guitar Hero game will be far more realistic than before and you can find out more after the break.

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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy Announced; Takes Players to India, China and Russia

Assassin's Creed Chronicles India

Although Assassin’s Creed‘s storylines are based on achieving freedom and equality for all, one long-standing sore spot has been its lack of diversity. AC2, Revelations, Brotherhood, Black Flag and Unity were led by white men (it’s unclear what Altair from AC1‘s ethnicity is) and although Assassins’ Creed 3 featured Connor, a Native American protagonist, we also had to play as his white father for a significant chunk of the game. Last year, publisher and developer Ubisoft also came under fire for not including playable female characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

And while no one can force Ubisoft to include more diverse characters in doing so, they can tell more stories about more cultures and more groups of people throughout history. That’s what the company is doing now with the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles trilogy that takes us to India, China and Russia too.

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Sci-Fi Survival Game ‘Halcyon 6′ Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Under 48 Hours

Halcyon 6 screenshot combat land

The humans in Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander are a brave lot. When a Mean and Nasty alien race threatens to come knocking on Earth’s door, they don’t cower under a desk and cross their fingers really hard (as I would, if I’m honest), they hightail it to an “ancient, derelict space station” called Halcyon 6 in an attempt to “harness its mysterious power”.

As you’d expect, they’re the only ones in the entire galaxy who can save the world! We’ve heard that story more than enough times before but with alien battling, crew management, resource gathering and exploration, the game’s familiar plot is backed up by (what will surely be) some highly addictive gameplay. Halcyon 6 has just blitzed through its Kickstarter goal and you can find out more after the break.

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Arena Combat Sport ‘DiscStorm’ Announced for PC, Mac and PS Vita

DiscStorm logo header

Real sports are for chumps, what with their sweaty pit stains, neon looking energy drinks and ill-fitting lycra. So today, let’s embrace a virtual one instead.

DiscStorm has just been announced for PC, Mac and PS Vita by developer XMPT Games and publisher Mastertronic. The game combines disc throwing with death dealing to make a fast-based arena combat sport that can be played alone or with friends.

Frantic stick twiddling will be in order as you try and avoid the discs that are pinging off of every wall and gameplay is “easy to pick up, but truly difficult to master”. It sounds like a good one to wheel out at parties then. More on DiscStorm after the break.

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New LA Cops Launch Trailer Details the ‘Seedy Underbelly of LA’

LA Cops logo header

In LA Cops, our cast of justice bringers don’t just lack in morals; they don’t even know what the word ‘morals’ means. It’s probably quite telling that in my hands-on with the game last year, it took me several playthroughs to even realise that I didn’t just have to blast holes in everybody and that there was a non-lethal arrest button that would have saved me a few bullets. Where’s the fun in that though? Right? LA Cops is all about running and gunning and its playable characters aren’t good people but really, who is? Publisher Team 17 is keen to show this off with the latest LA Cops launch trailer detailing the game’s ‘seedy underbelly’.

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Trapped Dead: Lockdown Will Feature Four Player Co-Op, Hundreds of Weapons


Announced last month for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Trapped Dead: Lockdown seemed like another bland zombie RPGs in a sea of better-looking zombie slashers. Admittedly, that put me off a bit but the upcoming game from developer Bigmoon Interactive Studios and publisher Headup Games makes up for not-so pretty graphics with RPG gameplay and a whole lot of story.

We’ll get to play as one of five different characters (butcher, marine, hitman, marshal and exorcist) who each have their own motivations of escaping this small, zombie infested, American town. There will be skill trees, vehicular combat and a handful of menacing zombie types. Find out more about Trapped Dead: Lockdown after the break.

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Hellblade Soundtrack Gets First Full Track; Signature Characters Will Have Their Own Sound

Hellblade Celtic Vista concept art

Ninja Theory‘s Hellblade is one creepy, eerie game. Its concept art hints monsters with nasty, toothy lumps for heads, there are multi-headed horses and one location features giant melting women. For crying out loud, the game’s announcement trailer saw the protagonist Senua take part in a blood sacrifice for some sort of unseen evil.

It obviously wouldn’t make the slightest bit of a sense then if Hellblade‘s battles had the Benny Hill theme tune overlayed on top of them (though I hope to God someone makes that video edit once the game’s out) and so this is fittingly dark and atmospheric. Check it out after the break.

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8 of the Best Female Protagonists on PS4

PS4 Female Protagonists

There’s no debating it, the games industry (or the media as a whole, if we’re being honest) doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to female representation. Characters are often designed as men by default just because and plenty of female characters are designed as flailing boob monsters whose goal in life is to titillate the male audience. Like I said; things aren’t great.

The tides are turning though, as those in charge of our games are finally wising up to the fact that half of their audience is female and that featuring playable female protagonists isn’t going to decimate their sales. The PS4 has been the host to a fair but brilliant group of female-led games ever since it launched in 2013, so to highlight some of those, I’ve put together this list

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