[UPDATE] LA Cops Release Date is March 13th on PC and Xbox One

LA Cops screenshot

For a good few months now we’ve been raving about LA Cops. An isometric shooter, LA Cops puts you in the shoes of two ‘shoot first, scarf a row of doughnuts later’ police detectives at a time and gives you a variety of levels to blast your way through.

The selling point here is that you can think strategically about the way in which you deal with the bad guys. Will you, for example, position one detective in a doorway and use the other to lure the bad guys towards them and then turn your foes into strawberry jam? Or will you go in all guns blazing and get turned into a gooey mess yourself? The choice will be yours when LA Cops launches on PC and Xbox One next month.

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Steampunk Platformer ‘The Swindle’ Coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox in 2015

The Swindle

Right, you’ve heard of Spelunky, haven’t you? In it, you ‘spelunk’ in randomly generated caves and go about hunting for buried treasure, exploring and saving damsels. If that sounds good to you then you’ll most definitely like The Swindle which is a roguelike platformer that its creator Dan Marshall describes as ‘Deus Ex meets Spelunky . In The Swindle you’ll be running and climbing around its procedurally generated levels, darting away from security guards or boffing them on the head as you attempt to steal all the money. Although that premise sounds mighty promising, Dan axed it back in 2011 because it didn’t feel right. Now, it’s back and better than ever and it’s coming to consoles. Find out more about The Swindle after the jump.

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Interview: Children of Morta Team Lead Amir Fassihi on Co-Op, Permadeath and PlayStation

Children of Morta poster

We wrote about hack ‘n’ slash RPG Children of Morta a few days ago, when we reported that the next title from developer Dead Mage had successfully reached its Kickstarter goal. Good news, it was, that one of the best looking games to hit the crowdfunding service would be bringing its impressive ways to PC later this year.

Amongst other things, Dead Mage are promising a game that will be much more than your usual hacking, slashing and item crafting game (though it will have all of those things too) as the game’s story centres on a guardian family named The Bergsons. They’re an intriguing bunch in an intriguing title and as the game looks to achieve its stretch goals, we had a chat with Children of Morta‘s Team Lead Amir Fassihi about co-op, permadeath and bringing the game to PS4 and PS Vita.

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Zombie Slasher ‘Trapped Dead: Lockdown’ Announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One


Are you bored of beating zombies to permadeath yet? Maybe the Dead Island, Dead Rising and Resident Evil games only whet your appetite for more, and you’ve still got a hankering for undead murdering delights. Good news then as developer Bigmoon Interactive Studios and publisher Headup Games (who also published the brilliant RTS Meridian: New World) have just announced Trapped Dead: Lockdown for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and they’re hoping to avoid the ‘just another zombie game’ title by attempting to mix things up.

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AER, Silence and The Devil’s Men Shown Off at Daedalic Days 2015

Daedalic Entertainment logo

We’ve been hearing lots of good things from German publisher Daedalic Entertainment as of late. Over the next few months (and into next year too) they’ll be releasing a handful of female fronted games across consoles and PC so there’d be something amiss if we didn’t start covering them. Handily, the publisher recently hosted their annual Daedalic Days event and a released plenty of new screenshots, info and precious, precious gameplay footage of those upcoming titles. That includes the recently announced AER, upcoming console title Silence and mysterious adventure game The Devil’s Men. More on those after the break.

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Hack N Slash ‘Children of Morta’ Gets Funded for PC, Could Come to PS4

Children of Morta logo header

We all know the deal with roguelikes; you hit ‘attack’ until your thumb falls off, you try not to die and then rinse and repeat until you inevitably succumb to permadeath. And that’s fine, that’s great actually as it makes roguelike games incredibly easy to pick up and play, but too often the fantasy worlds that these games take place in are as dull as a matte black doormat. Children of Morta could be a remedy then as not only is it big on story but the six playable characters at the heart of its narrative are all related – with other (non playable) family members aiding them on their quest to save their home and their way of life from an unknown evil. The game has just achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter and you can find out more after the break.

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Woolfe Hits Early Access; PS4 and Xbox One Release Due Later This Year

Woolfe wallpaper

It’s been a busy few weeks for GRIN, the developer behind Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries. In the last fortnight they not only pushed a stonking great update to the alpha and beta versions of the game but they also revealed the Woolfe release date and announced plans to split the game into volumes. Naturally, that’s not all on the agenda between now and the final release and there’s still an awful lot of polishing to do on their fairy tale platformer. Red Riding Hood’s twisted reality isn’t going to find its own bugs and all that. As a result, Woolfe is now on Steam Early Access, giving fans a chance to play the game and help the developer iron out the kinks ahead of release.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets GLAAD Award For Its LGBT Characters

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dorian screenshot

The Dragon Age games are a rarity in gaming. Not only is Dragon Age one of few game franchises to feature player controlled romances, but it’s also one of few games to feature prominent LGBT characters or romances and present them in a good light too. The latest entry in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was the third Dragon Age title to feature LGBT characters and it was backed up by previous comments from Lead Writer David Gaider who defended the series’ queer romances from those who think that BioWare (the developer of the Dragon Age games) have an agenda. That approach to LGBT representation has paid off too as leading LGBT group GLAAD have given Dragon Age: Inquisition a Special Recognition award.

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Action Exploration Game ‘AER’ Announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

AER screenshot Auk girl

Around these parts we love gorgeous games that make you have delightful dreams. Throw a female protagonist in there and you’ll find that game on our Game of the Year list faster than a teleporter going faster than warp speed. Doing all of those things is the newly announced AER, which is being made by Swedish developer Forgotten Key and will be published by Daedalic Entertainment. There’s no word on how to pronounce its name but it looks awfully beautiful and the first gameplay deets make it sound like it’s one to watch. More info on AER after the break.

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Hellblade: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Ninja Theory’s New Game

Hellblade wallpaper

As part of Ninja Theory‘s plan of being open and transparent about development, in the past few months we’ve learnt quite of things about their upcoming PS4 (and PC) action title Hellblade. We’ve been introduced to leading lady Senua, we’ve been clued in on the triple A independent development process and we’ve seen some impressive concept art too. But with the game pencilled in for a 2015 release, there’s still so much that we don’t know. Luckily, Ninja Theory recently let Official PlayStation Magazine UK into their offices to talk about it for their cover feature. So from that preview, here are six things you didn’t know about Hellblade.

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