8 Reasons Why Commander Shepard is the Greatest Video Game Character Ever

Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Screenshot 2

It’s no secret around these parts that I love Commander Shepard. Possibly even more than puppies. Also cake. Definitely more than the Spike VGAs.

I love Mass Effect’s protagonist more than any sane person should love a fictional character ; Shepard takes up the entire chunk of cells in my heart that should be reserved for a really good book, your favourite meal or that one Starbucks barista whose name you don’t know but still have a crush on anyway.

My point is, Commander Shepard, in my opinion, is the greatest video game character of all time (settle down, Kanye West) and I suspect that some of you share that thought nugget, hence this list – read on, share and enjoy!

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Why the Spike VGAs left me angry, bitter.

Spike VGAs Logo

The Spike Television Video Game Awards. By definition they are an awards show devoted to commending the top talents in the video game industry for their hard work and effort, right? WRONG. It seems that both Spike TV and Geoff Keighley (the producer of the event) have got both you (and indeed me) well and truly fooled. We have been duped and all it took was the announcement of a few games, the waving of a CGI script and a few trophies that are literally glowing blue monkeys.

Not to diminish our collective intelligence but it really is quite shameful that Spike, Geoff & Co. have so easily pulled the wool over our eyes, after all, isn’t our fault for believing that a star-studded event featuring all of our favourite people responsible for all of our favourite games that is designed to praise and appreciate is actually a misleading advertisement wagon, fuelled by crude jokes and insulting gamer stereotypes?

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Spike VGAs 2011 : Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Screenshot

I think threeways are the best. I’m talking about threeway battles, get your minds out of the gutter! Sure, one on one fights are great – one man and his machine gun taking on the world, the fate of the Universe on the heroes shoulders, but very little can beat the incredibility of three combat heavyweights fighting against each other, or, in this case, Commander Shepard running scared from a firefight as (thankfully), the Reaper (whom mShep intended to battle)’s luck runs out.

The video shows one of the series’ best set pieces yet, Bioware have definitely got the art of creating a spectacle down pat.

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Spike VGAs 2011 : Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot

Between the hype about The Last Of Us and the questions surrounding the Arkham City sequel you’d be forgiven for missing the spectacular gameplay video that Irrational Games showcased at the VGAs last night.

Wait a minute, who am I kidding? I REVOKE ALL FORGIVENESSS!

I can feel it in my analogue stick twiddling thumbs that this game going to be mind-blowing, like actual chunks of brain pieces on your TV screen sort of epic. Of course I haven’t played it yet (though you can have a kidney if you can hook me up) but I’m already suffering from premature verbal diarrhoea in preparation for all the nice things that I’ll probably end up saying about it.

It’s understandable if you missed the trailer during the original airing (god knows I’d love to have the VGAs scrubbed from my memory – more on that tomorrow) but it should be a punishable offense for you to miss it the gameplay footage this time round.

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Spike VGAs 2011 : Batman Arkham City Sequel (Arkham World?)

BAC Poster

A lot of people seem to be going a bit bonkers over last night’s VGAs *reveal* of ‘Batman Arkham World’, as during his acceptance of the award for “Best Character of the Year”, a CGI video of the Joker had the nefarious madman waving around a script titled “Batman : Arkham World Script” before making our heads explode with excitement just a little more by whispering “oops, spoilers“.

However, as Adam White (@Adwil24 on Twitter) pointed out, the name of the game does not make sense in the slightest.

Arkham is a place in the DC universe. The name “Batman : Arkham City” makes sense because it had you exploring the city of Arkham. If you were exploring the “World”, as the Joker would have you believe, you would not be exploring Arkham, as that confines you to the city limits and would hardly be an exploration of I don’t know, anywhere else.

Either way we can take this to mean that a sequel is on the way, regardless of its full title.

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