Max Payne 3 Bullet Time Trailer is Dramatic, Intense

Max Payne of Max Payne 3 : gun-toting maniac, alcoholic, King of shooting things in slow-mo whilst looking like a total badass.

Usually reserved for soppy talent show montages and Baywatch beach running, slow-mo isn’t very welcomed in video games, save for Modern Warfare 3’s kill cams.

Rockstar have already thrown the book at the status-shooter-quo by making a balding ex-detective  the protagonist of the franchise reboot of Max Payne so why not do it again by embracing slow-mo more than most of us gamers ever have? Max Payne 3 bullet time seems to work somewhat, let Rockstar show you themselves in the brand new trailer for the feature.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer, Screenshots and First Details Confirmed

Assassin's Creed 3 Logo

‘It’s here, it’s here, the Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer is finally here!’

I know, I know, after the leaked screenshots and the AC3 info round-up, I’m excited too.

So excited that I’m going to incite the insanity even more by unleashing an entire host of Assassin’s Creed 3 media – an official trailer from Ubisoft and more leaked screenshots, plus I’ve got the skinny on the brand new assassin that everyone wants to be friends with (we also maybe should be scared of him, in equal parts though!).

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Sleeping Dogs Story Trailer Hits Faces, the Web

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot 4

As a UK resident, I try and save the clichéd British phrases for special occasions but cor, blimey! Sleeping Dogs is really violent.

We got the itty bittiest taste of how gratuitous the combat sequences are in the previous batch of screenshots but this new trailer for Sleeping Dogs’ story is an entirely different case of face-mashing altogether.

Blood-spattered knuckle dusters aside, it’s clear that Square Enix and United Front Games are upping the ante on the formerly Activision-owned game, with the right bit of pacing able to make the game’s story a real contender against the balls to the wall plotlines of fellow sandbox-er, Grand Theft Auto.

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Take the First Look at Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Single Player Mode

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Screenshot

In the 1900s when they said that the future would be all hovercars, floating buildings and weather-control machines (even more bizarre predictions here) they were wrong. Of course they were, our society’s inventors can’t even make un-rippable socks!

Instead, the future that we may be faced with actually bears a lot closer to the current futuristic trend in video games with invisibility cloaks, backpack missile launchers and nifty AR eye-patches being the norm. One game that embodies that perfectly is Ghost Recon Future Soldier which is based on some very real, very thought out predictions by top military types and today Ubisoft released the first look at the game’s single player mode.

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New FIFA Street Trailer Challenges You to “Free Your Game”

FIFA Street Screenshot 4

EA : makers of good games, supporter of football rights. No, their wish to ‘free your game’ in their upcoming titles FIFA Street will not win them any points with PETA but it will definitely win us gamers over.

The new trailer explores the various different styles of play that each location in the game is home to. Handy if you’re a) interested in seeing what gameplay FIFA Street has to offer and b) if you’ve ever struggled to fit a ball in your suitcase next your flip-flops and vile floral print dress shirts.

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Travis Rice is a Modern Day Explorer in this New SSX Trailer

Travis Rice SSX Screenshot

Less than an hour ago, I was providing you with all of the links to cheer up an otherwise rather dismal Monday morning and now I’m here again thrusting images of snow covered slopes and depictions of brisk, Winter weather into your retinas.

I apologise for the temperature reminder, I really do, but what I have for you is definitely worth it. Wrap up arm and feast your eyes on this brand new trailer for EA’s SSX, featuring the alpine daredevil himself, Travis Rice.

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Quinton Jackson Introduces UFC Undisputed 3’s Career Mode

UFC Undisputed 3 Logo

What’s the only thing better than a fighting game with more realism than Attenborough’s BBC documentaries? A fighting game with…heart?

I thought you might say that.

THQ have just released the UK trailer for UFC Undisputed 3’s career mode, presented by the UFC’s own Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, (I suspect that’s not his real name) who seems to be trying to convince you that the story of the game is just as important as knocking the snot out of your opponents’ faces.

Mr Rampage isn’t very convincing, we all know the game’s foundations are that of knuckle pie but the video still offers up some ground-(and pound)-shaking gameplay footage.

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New Batman Arkham City Trailer lets you Witness the Madness

Batman Arkham City Screenshot 1

Reason #409 why you don't mess with Batman

Here’s a game that needs no introduction. A game that’s every bit as suave and sexy as its protagonist with all the bravado to boot. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a trailer of Batman Arkham City but then again, I suppose staying hidden and inconspicuous always was Mr. Wayne’s strong point. This latest footage of the game shows of a little of the madness that will be lurking round every grim, Gotham corner, waiting to beat us up and mug us for our lunch money at any given time ‘take my money but leave my Pokemon cards, they’re collector’s editions!’ and so the nightmares of high school bullying recur…

Unsettling alleyways aside, Batman Arkham City is looking pretty good if this trailer is anything to go by (which it obviously is) and I’ll be waiting patiently for the holiday season to roll around so that I can finally play it!

Oh balls, that was an introduction wasn’t it?

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EA Releases Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer

Battlefield 3 Box Art

Keep reading to view the trailer for Battlefield 3.

And the prize for ‘most vague teaser trailer’ goes to Battlefield 3! Congratulations on your win, it’s extremely well deserved.

Vague as it may be, it’s still worth watching if only to fuel the game’s hype machine.

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I Can Haz Call of Duty Black Ops Single Player Trailer?

Black Ops Logo

You can't see his face, ooh, mysterious!

Image via

To answer the question in the title, yes, yes you can haz the new Single Player Trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops! It is my duty as a video game blogger, player, and also a human being to deliver this trailer to you, a loyal reader of J Station X. I have done everything in my power (ok, so I just copied & pasted) to bring you this trailer, which is, by the way, full of guns, shooting and wonderment!

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