They Knocked Us Out of the World Cup, We Got An Awesome Consolation Prize – Crysis 2 Trailer

Crytek Logo

Aaah the Germans, with their Frankfurter sausages, Bratwurst and of course, their pesky English-World-Cup-dream-ending football team. Little known fact : despite the fact that this afternoon they completely and totally obliterated England’s chances at winning the World Cup, they are responsible for one of the coolest video game developers around at the moment, Crytek. Oh sure, you broke millions of English hearts today Germany, but I can forgive you a little when I know that your city of Frankfurt is home to Crytek’s Headquarters. Especially as I know that they’re the team behind the upcoming Crysis 2.

Is the German’s World Cup knock out a big thing to forgive? Yes, it is. But when they have a game as ridiculously good-looking as Crysis 2 in development, it makes the World Cup wounds heal a little bit faster.

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Helghast + Slo-Mo = AMAZING! – Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer

A 3rd game already?! WHAT?!?! I know, time flies by pretty quickly in the world of games, *sigh*… I can still remember playing the first Killzone game on PlayStation 2, being so impressed with the graphics, drooling at the uber-realistic bullet holes and being traumatised by those evil, buggy, glistening red eyes. Good job I got over that! If you’re not as well learned in Helghan affairs as I am (foreign ambassador of Earth!) here’s what all the fuss is about when it comes to Killzone.

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Pink-Loving Hardmen, Thieving Nuns & Creepy Chess Players – Sims 3 (Console Trailer)

It’s at times like these when I asks myself “what’s better than controlling fictional characters with questionable sanity on PC?” The answer? Being able to control fictional characters with questionable sanity on consoles! EA have released this brand new trailer for The Sims 3, out already on PC, out on PS3 and Xbox 360 in October and I’m already planning out the lives of several characters, all of whom will need a whole load of therapy when I’m done with them! Hehe, that’s sounds wrong… Click read more to watch the trailer.

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