More Child of Light Projects Are in the Works, Ubisoft Confirms

Child of Light wallpaper

Last year’s RPG platformer, Child of Light, was a total surprise. It completely destroyed all conventions by featuring a young girl as the lead (the protagonist, Aurora, grows up over the course of the game) and all of the dialogue and narration is written in rhyme. It was also praised for its gorgeous watercolour graphics, with the game being powered by the UbiArt Framework game engine.

But the new IP was a huge risk for Ubisoft, a publisher best known for peddling Assassin’s Creed games year in, year out (even if those AC games are embarrassingly broken), as the Child of Light team was an experiment to what small teams could do when left to their own devices. Clearly it it paid off and following speculation of a Child of Light sequel, Ubisoft confirms that more Child of Light projects are in the works.

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Child of Light Makes a Profit; Could Get a Sequel

Child of Light logo

A female-led platformer with RPG elements and a story told entirely in rhyme, to say that Child of Light is a weird one is putting it lightly. But in this case weird meant wonderful. Other than its unlikely concept, it was an also an unlikely title for Ubisoft who are known for the popular (and sometimes broken) Assassin’s Creed games, the bombastic Far Cry franchise and stealth shooter series Splinter Cell. However, after taking a gamble on such an unusual yet delightful game, Child of Light has turned a profit and a sequel may be on the cards now too.

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Child of Light ‘A Modern Fairy Tale’ Trailer is a Wonderful Gaming Dreamscape


Child of Light has me scared. Terrified actually, that no other game this year will be able to capture this level of video gaming magic and that every game I play afterwards will be dimmed by Child of Light’s overwhelming sheen. But I think I can live with that and if I can’t then I’m willing to try my damned hardest because what Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming platforming RPG seems to be offering isn’t anything I’ve seen before in over a decade of gaming. Already being introduced to Aurora’s story of being a young girl having no other choice than to rescue her world from an evil queen who has stolen the sun, the stars and the moon, I was already taken by its premise, but the Child of Light A Modern Fairy Tale trailer pretty much sealed the deal. You can watch it too after the break.

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The Child of Light World of Lemuria Trailer is Beautiful, Mesmerising


Child of Light’s art style is the best looking of all of the games that we’ll see released this year. I’m willing to put money on it. Hell, Child of Light may have the best art style of all the games released in the next two years (by the third year Ubisoft would have released a sequel, naturally). The game has indie stylings with a major developer and publisher behind it and the platforming RPG seems to be offering Ubisoft’s trademark crisp and clean way of pulling things off which makes me all the more excited to see how the game pans out upon release. You can watch the Child of Light World of Lemuria trailer after the break.

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Child of Light: Everything You Ought to Know About Ubisoft’s Platform RPG

Child of Light logo

Child of Light blinks and glimmers like a beacon of hope on the horizon. With combat, platforming and an art style more creative than a da Vinci fever dream, you probably wouldn’t believe it if I told you that the game is from Ubisoft Montreal, the same development team that also brought us the brilliant stealth stabbing action of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. But it is, though Child of Light couldn’t be any further from that series if it tried. It’s like few things seen in any series actually, which makes it a hard sell. However, without making room for the title in your brainspace, you’d be seriously missing out, so where better to start than here, to find out everything you ought to know about Child of Light.

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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Story Trailer Finally Offers a Look at the Plot

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Screenshot 14

Think that last week’s glimpse at Edward Kenway’s tattoos in the game’s TV spot was all that we’d get to see of the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag story? Think again as Ubisoft’s pirate themed sandbox epic is back to explain the historically accurate tale that will make up the game’s plot.

In a brand new trailer from the game’s publisher, we’re learning about the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag story from a trailer that can only be described as ‘incredibly intriguing’ and ‘graphically delicious’. Main character Edward Kenway (grandfather of Assassin’s Creed 3 protagonist Connor Kenway) is the pirate turned assassin at the helm of this fine and sturdy open world ship and the game fully intends on showing you just how he became the stealthy killer that we’ll soon know him to be. It’s likely as insightful as we’re going to get before the game’s release so it’s definitely worth a watch after the break.

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Watch Dogs Director Talks GTA 5, Building a Virtual Chicago

Watch Dogs image 3

Like rabid vultures with a penchant for particularly pretty pixels and next-gen gaming so realistic that we may as well be living it out in reality, we want to know more about Watch Dogs, the upcoming Ubisoft title that pits one man against the city in a tale of cyber crime.

The game entirely centres on the mechanic of being able to hack into the fabric of the world and that city it takes place in is Chicago. So what better way to learn more about Watch Dogs than by way of an interview with Jonathan Morin, the game’s creative director?

Well, VG247 spoke to him recently and we’ve got some of the best quotes from the interview below so that we can all hear more about Watch Dogs’ world of hacking, smartphones and recreated cities.

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Watch Dogs Announced by Ubisoft, Steals a Surprise E3 Win

Watch Dogs Logo

Usually when we partake in the almost mandatory discussions of ‘who won E3?’, the talk is more often than note pared down to the E3 pressers of the big 3 (also known as ‘the big cheeses’) – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. And while the latter left us underwhelmed with their less than enthralling new console, the Wii U, and the former two had little to show (okay, Sony had some interesting exclusives – more on those later in the week), it was actually a 3rd party pub/dev who caused the most E3 chatter at the LA electronics convention.

Ubisoft have now formally announced a game called ‘Watch Dogs’, in a high-tech third person sandbox game that riffs from Grand Theft Auto and has distinct hints of both Deus Ex Human Revolution, and more recently, Syndicate.

From what we can tell from the 9+ minutes worth of footage on offer, the protagonist of Watch Dogs is some sort of hitman/tech expert who is assigned targets. To eliminate them he can employ a range of electronic hacking – from crashing cars by changing traffic lights to gaining access to locations by disabling phones and causing distractions – two things we see happen in the Watch Dogs E3 trailer.

The graphics look slick and well put together (which is an understatement if you watch the Watch Dogs E3 gameplay trailer in 1080p in the YT player below), the gameplay looks stylish as ever and the story is as intriguing as you’ll ever get. Perhaps most surprising of all of this is that developer Ubisoft Montreal managed to keep the game under wraps until now.

Watch Dogs looks like a truly exciting game so we’ll be keeping you updated during the run up to the game’s release date next year.

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