Spike VGAs 2011 : The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us Logo

Picture the scene : a population infected by a plague, enraged mutants preying on the innocent and healthy, the last remaining survivors trying to do just that, survive. It sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard of before, right? Oh don’t give me that look, I know the premise of The Last Of Us sounds like a half-baked slice of oversaturated gaming pie but I’m willing to bet my life savings on it playing out like the exact opposite.

The Last Of Us (which is a PS3 exclusive) seems to be your atypical survival horror zombie slash ‘em up, you’re fighting the undead, you’re fighting rebels who are trying to jump you for a packet of rations and you’re fighting for your life, but what sets TLOU apart from the likes of the more arcadey Dead Rising and the eerie slasher-flick-esque Dead Space is that it’s developed by Naughty Dog. These guys aren’t just the Kings (and Queens) of quality video game development, they’re the whole entire monarchy.

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