The Swindle’s Enemies Will Kill You With One Hit

The Swindle screenshot

Steampunk platformer The Swindle involves the simple premise of breaking in, stealing stuff, and getting the hell out of there. All of the properties that you’ll be stealing from are procedurally generated but in the end, all you have to do to secure the loot is leave the building with your life intact.

But leaving ‘with your life intact’ is a lot more difficult than it sounds as The Swindle‘s enemies can kill you with just one hit, no matter where it comes from. Given that the game’s playable characters are all gone for good once they die, along with all of the cash they’ve earnt in the level, that could make gameplay as stressful as ever. However, developer Dan Marshall is convinced that The Swindle is better because of it. Find out more after the break.

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Project LIANE Has Procedurally Generated Multiplayer

Project LIANE Announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Back in March, Project LIANE was announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The first person shooter stars a superhero (of sorts) named Anna Liane, a woman who is able to heal people’s wounds with her mind. She may not be ripped from the pages of a DC or Marvel comic book but she certainly does have a tragic backstory. The game begins when Anna is forced to escape from the military as they want to perform tests on her and (potentially) abuse her power.

So when the game launches later this year we can expect lots of creeping in shadows, shooting soldiers in the backs of their heads and trying to keep a low profile; all of the things any good stealth shooting game needs. It also makes sense that people would want to take this online and thankfully, we now know more about Project LIANE‘s procedurally generated multiplayer.

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The Swindle to Launch This Summer; Will Get Day One Patch

The Swindle header

The Swindle is a game that’s been buzzing around for quite some time, but it dropped off the radar when creator Dan Marshall wasn’t quite sure how to make it work. Back in February, Dan revealed that he’d fixed the game and that it would be back, better than ever.

The idea behind The Swindle is that you are are a member of a band of thieves and as such, you’re pretty fond of breaking into buildings and sneaking around. You can then spend your takings on becoming an even better thief and then the cycle continues.

However, it’s not all ski masks and sticking to the shadows as you’ll have to think carefully about your entry and exit strategy. If you don’t manage to leave the building with your loot, or if the guards catch you, you will lose that character and will have to carry on playing the game as someone else. We’ll be able to take part in that high stakes gameplay soon as The Swindle will be released this summer.

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Alien: Isolation Sells 2.1 Million Copies, SEGA Calls Sales ‘Weak’

Alien: Isolation sales

When Alien: Isolation was released last year, fans and critics were pleasantly surprised. The game stars Amanda Ripley as she heads out to the Sevastopol to find out what really happened to her mother, but her quest for the truth is made harder thanks to the Alien which roams about the place. There isn’t any combat and the game is purely survival horror, seeing Amanda use distractions and hiding places (such as lockers and under tables) to avoid a grizzly end.

Alien: Isolation was also a pleasant surprise as it was following the disastrous performance of Aliens: Colonial Marines which was heavily criticised for being buggy and nothing at all as advertised. SEGA’s faith in Alien has been rewarded and Isolation has sold 2.1 million copies, though the publisher says that it’s annual sales figures are ‘weak’.

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Watch Dogs 2 Leaked, Could It Have a Female Protagonist?

Watch Dogs wallpaper

Flash back to 2012 when Watch Dogs was one of the best games shown at E3. Everyone was excited for Ubisoft‘s cyber security sandbox to launch alongside the PS4 and Xbox One – the graphics and the gameplay that we’d been promised in trailers looked phenomenal. Unfortunately, the game was delayed until the beginning of 2014 and when it finally arrived, many players were underwhelmed.

But despite Watch Dogs not being “perfect in any way”, according to the game’s creative director Jonathan Morin, it still sold 4 million copies in its first week, becoming the best-selling new IP ever. It was also the best week 1 sales performance that Ubisoft had ever seen too.

It’s a no brainer then that Watch Dogs 2 is on the way, but thanks to a leak from a Ubisoft gameplay programmer, we now have even more confirmation.

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Minecraft Adds Female Character to PlayStation and Xbox Versions

Minecraft wallpaper

Minecraft is currently the third best-selling game of all time as it’s sold over 54 million copies across PC, Mac, mobile and consoles. There’s also a Minecraft movie on the way and although the game’s developer Mojang was raking it in already, Mojang’s co-founders became filthy, stinking rich last year when Microsoft bought the developer for $2.5 billion.

The game itself is just as mind-boggling as those figures. Some of Minecraft‘s most popular creations include supercomputers that are capable of processing actual data, the entirety of Denmark was once recreated in the game and there’s even a Minecraft version of Westeros, the fictional setting of Game of Thrones.

All of these creations and all of this success and yet it took Mojang five years to introduce a female character on PC and Mac. Minecraft‘s console players have had to wait even longer but now, a female character named “Alex” is coming to the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game.

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NBA 2K16 Career Mode Being Developed by Spike Lee

NBA 2K16 Spike Lee Knicks

The NBA 2K franchise has been on top for years. NBA 2K15 was another prime example and although developer Visual Concepts’ decision to include face scanning was misguided and its servers can take a while to load, the game offers one of the most attractive and addictive sports simulation experiences out there.

NBA 2K16 will improve on that though – as is always the case with annual sports sims – and in the upcoming game, developer Visual Concepts is going to focus on the MyCareer mode. And they aren’t doing it half-heartedly either as they have reportedly enlisted Oscar-nominated filmmaker (and long time New Yorks Knicks fan) Spike Lee to help develop it.

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New Guitar Hero Live Trailer Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Guitar Hero Live logo

The music rhythm revival is in full swing now, with Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live both set for release later this year. The thing that sets Activision’s Guitar Hero Live from the pack is that unlike the animated cartoon cutouts and characters of previous Guitar Hero games, Live is going for a realistic rocker experience that will make us feel like real rock legends.

As demonstrated by that nervy announcement trailer, the game will do this via using a first person viewpoint. It’s some pretty special stuff but how did developer Freestyle Games pull it off? In a brand new Guitar Hero Live trailer, we go behind the scenes and find out how ‘Live’ came to be.

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Project LIANE Greenlit on Steam; Feature Length Film in the Works

Project LIANE Announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Last month, stealth shooter Project LIANE was announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The premise of the game is that a woman named Anna Liane is forced to go on the run after the military tries to “exploit” her super duper wound healing powers. Project LIANE will also include shooting soldier types right in the face as well as uncovering the secrets of Anna’s past.

If those elements seem like familiar territory then I agree, but for now I’m choosing to reserve judgement and take a leap of faith. Many are doing the same it seems, as Project LIANE has now successfully passed through Steam Greenlight.

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More Child of Light Projects Are in the Works, Ubisoft Confirms

Child of Light wallpaper

Last year’s RPG platformer, Child of Light, was a total surprise. It completely destroyed all conventions by featuring a young girl as the lead (the protagonist, Aurora, grows up over the course of the game) and all of the dialogue and narration is written in rhyme. It was also praised for its gorgeous watercolour graphics, with the game being powered by the UbiArt Framework game engine.

But the new IP was a huge risk for Ubisoft, a publisher best known for peddling Assassin’s Creed games year in, year out (even if those AC games are embarrassingly broken), as the Child of Light team was an experiment to what small teams could do when left to their own devices. Clearly it it paid off and following speculation of a Child of Light sequel, Ubisoft confirms that more Child of Light projects are in the works.

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