NBA 2K16 Career Mode Being Developed by Spike Lee

NBA 2K16 Spike Lee Knicks

The NBA 2K franchise has been on top for years. NBA 2K15 was another prime example and although developer Visual Concepts’ decision to include face scanning was misguided and its servers can take a while to load, the game offers one of the most attractive and addictive sports simulation experiences out there.

NBA 2K16 will improve on that though – as is always the case with annual sports sims – and in the upcoming game, developer Visual Concepts is going to focus on the MyCareer mode. And they aren’t doing it half-heartedly either as they have reportedly enlisted Oscar-nominated filmmaker (and long time New Yorks Knicks fan) Spike Lee to help develop it.

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New Guitar Hero Live Trailer Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Guitar Hero Live logo

The music rhythm revival is in full swing now, with Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live both set for release later this year. The thing that sets Activision’s Guitar Hero Live from the pack is that unlike the animated cartoon cutouts and characters of previous Guitar Hero games, Live is going for a realistic rocker experience that will make us feel like real rock legends.

As demonstrated by that nervy announcement trailer, the game will do this via using a first person viewpoint. It’s some pretty special stuff but how did developer Freestyle Games pull it off? In a brand new Guitar Hero Live trailer, we go behind the scenes and find out how ‘Live’ came to be.

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Project LIANE Greenlit on Steam; Feature Length Film in the Works

Project LIANE Announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Last month, stealth shooter Project LIANE was announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The premise of the game is that a woman named Anna Liane is forced to go on the run after the military tries to “exploit” her super duper wound healing powers. Project LIANE will also include shooting soldier types right in the face as well as uncovering the secrets of Anna’s past.

If those elements seem like familiar territory then I agree, but for now I’m choosing to reserve judgement and take a leap of faith. Many are doing the same it seems, as Project LIANE has now successfully passed through Steam Greenlight.

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More Child of Light Projects Are in the Works, Ubisoft Confirms

Child of Light wallpaper

Last year’s RPG platformer, Child of Light, was a total surprise. It completely destroyed all conventions by featuring a young girl as the lead (the protagonist, Aurora, grows up over the course of the game) and all of the dialogue and narration is written in rhyme. It was also praised for its gorgeous watercolour graphics, with the game being powered by the UbiArt Framework game engine.

But the new IP was a huge risk for Ubisoft, a publisher best known for peddling Assassin’s Creed games year in, year out (even if those AC games are embarrassingly broken), as the Child of Light team was an experiment to what small teams could do when left to their own devices. Clearly it it paid off and following speculation of a Child of Light sequel, Ubisoft confirms that more Child of Light projects are in the works.

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Mortal Kombat’s First Gay Character is Kung Jin

Mortal Kombat gay character Kung Jin

The Mortal Kombat games are best known for their over the top, brutal gameplay. Some brutalities (finishers) include punching a man so hard you can see his intestines or severing someone’s head before taking a selfie with it. The latest entry in the series, Mortal Kombat X even features some controversial microtransactions that allows people to buy easy brutalities and unlock these messy kills quicker.

But amongst that blood ‘n’ gore ‘n’ stuff, the Mortal Kombat games are also praised for their diversity as it features several playable female characters (who aren’t portrayed as oddly shaped boob monsters) and there lots of characters of colour too. Mortal Kombat X also introduced Kung Jin, the very first gay character in the Mortal Kombat series.

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Guitar Hero Live Coming to PlayStation and Xbox in 2015

Guitar Hero Live screenshot bandmates

Thought that the plastic peripheral party game genre was dead and buried? Sadly for the lack of space in my closet, Activision is wheeling out the Guitar Hero franchise once more with Guitar Hero Live. After 2010’s Warriors of Rock, there were so many GH games that no one was buying them any more and the 2008 recession meant that no one could afford to buy them anyway, so clearly the publisher thinks enough time has passed and we’re ready to be rock gods again.

Guitar Hero Live will need more than a double dose of nostalgia to revive the series though, which is why Activision has completely ripped everything up and is trying something completely new. The latest Guitar Hero game will be far more realistic than before and you can find out more after the break.

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Stealth Shooter ‘Project LIANE’ Announced for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

Project LIANE Announced for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Being a person with super powers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; just ask inFamous: Second Son‘s Delsin Rowe or every single character from the TV show Heroes. The latest to join their numbers is Anna Liane, the star of upcoming shooter Project LIANE.

After being subject to military experiments she’s developed the pretty handy ability of healing people’s wounds but the downsides soon come when Anna realises that the use of her powers is destroying her mind. On top of that, the military is apparently trying to “exploit” her, as if the experiments they did on her in the first place weren’t enough.

Alas, our protagonist goes on the run and attempts to find out the truth about herself and her powers. Project LIANE will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox later this year, you can find out more after the break.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets GLAAD Award For Its LGBT Characters

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dorian screenshot

The Dragon Age games are a rarity in gaming. Not only is Dragon Age one of few game franchises to feature player controlled romances, but it’s also one of few games to feature prominent LGBT characters or romances and present them in a good light too. The latest entry in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was the third Dragon Age title to feature LGBT characters and it was backed up by previous comments from Lead Writer David Gaider who defended the series’ queer romances from those who think that BioWare (the developer of the Dragon Age games) have an agenda. That approach to LGBT representation has paid off too as leading LGBT group GLAAD have given Dragon Age: Inquisition a Special Recognition award.

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Games Made Over $89 Million on Kickstarter Last Year

Kickstarter logo

Kickstarter is a massively useful tool for the games industry. Not only does it allow us to show the gaming world what we’re interested in (and what there’s a niche for) but it allows us to get our hands on some brilliant gaming experiences too. Experience that (most likely) would never have made it to release if a stat-obsessed publisher had been at the helm. It means that anyone, anywhere, with a great idea has the chance to make their video game brainchild a reality. But Kickstarter also has its downsides. Namely, there have been a few cases or developers not delivering on promises or just hightailing it with the money altogether. Nonetheless, 2014 was a record year for games on the crowdfunding platform, according to official statistics.

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Harmonix Holiday Sale Discounts Rock Band Games, DLC In Time for Christmas

Rock Band 3 screenshot

As the popular holiday tune goes – ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree with your plastic instruments!’ – because as everyone knows, Rock Band is the quintessential party game. Few games will ever be able to recreate the social slayage of playing Rock Band with a group of your closest pals (or your most elderly relatives) and although Harmonix have continued to dabble in the world of rhythm games with titles like (the quite good) A City Sleeps, the Rock Band series is still the shiniest jewel in their crown. Just as well then that Harmonix have slashed the prices on multiple Rock Band games and their downloadable track packs in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Full details on the sale below.

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