Best Defense To Pick For Fantasy Football

Best Defense To Pick For Fantasy Football

When it comes to fantasy football, selecting the right defense can often be a crucial factor in determining the success of your team. A strong defense can earn you valuable points through interceptions, fumble recoveries, and sacks. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which defense to pick. In this article, we will explore some of the best defenses to consider for your fantasy football team, along with interesting facts, common questions, and answers to help you make an informed decision.

Interesting Facts:

1. The Chicago Bears’ defense has consistently been a top choice for fantasy football enthusiasts. In the 2018 season, they led the league with an impressive 36 takeaways, including 27 interceptions, and 50 sacks.

2. The New England Patriots have established themselves as a defensive powerhouse over the years. In 2019, they allowed the fewest points per game, making them an excellent choice for fantasy football owners.

3. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a rich history of producing top-notch defenses. They have finished as a top-five fantasy defense in four out of the last six seasons, making them a reliable option for fantasy owners.

4. The San Francisco 49ers’ defense emerged as a dominant force in the 2019 season. They led the league in pass defense, allowing only 169.2 passing yards per game, and finished with the most interceptions.

5. The Baltimore Ravens showcased their defensive prowess in 2019, accumulating an impressive 37 takeaways, which included 13 fumble recoveries and 25 interceptions. They were also among the league leaders in sacks.

6. The Buffalo Bills’ defense has been a consistent performer in recent years. They had the third-most takeaways in the 2019 season, with 26, and recorded the second-most interceptions.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Should I prioritize drafting a defense early in my fantasy football draft?
It is generally not advisable to prioritize drafting a defense early. Instead, focus on building a strong core of skilled position players before selecting a defense. Defenses can be streamed throughout the season based on favorable matchups.

2. What should I consider when evaluating a defense’s fantasy potential?
Factors to consider include a defense’s ability to generate turnovers, accumulate sacks, and limit points scored against them. Defensive touchdowns and special teams scores can also contribute significantly to a defense’s fantasy value.

3. How can I identify favorable matchups for my defense?
Look for teams with struggling offenses, quarterbacks prone to turnovers, or offensive lines that struggle to protect their quarterback. Additionally, consider weather conditions, as extreme weather can impact offensive production.

4. Can I rely on a defense from a team with a poor overall record?
Yes, you can. Often, even teams with losing records can have strong defenses. They may be playing from behind frequently, which leads to more opportunities for sacks and interceptions as opposing teams pass more.

5. Should I drop my defense during their bye week?
Yes, it is advisable to drop your defense during their bye week and pick up another defense with a favorable matchup for that week. Don’t carry two defenses on your roster unless you have a specific strategy in mind.

6. Are there any sleeper defenses worth considering?
Yes, there are often underrated defenses that can outperform expectations. Keep an eye on teams with emerging young talent or those that made significant offseason improvements.

7. How important is a defense’s coaching staff?
A defense’s coaching staff plays a crucial role in determining its success. Look for teams with experienced defensive coordinators known for their ability to scheme and adjust to opponents.

8. Can I rely solely on a strong defense to win my fantasy league?
While a strong defense can certainly contribute to your success, it is equally important to have a well-rounded team with skilled offensive players. Balance is key in fantasy football.

9. Should I trade for a top defense mid-season?
Trading for a top defense mid-season can be a viable strategy if you have the depth to spare. However, it’s essential to consider the value you are giving up in return and the potential impact on your overall team.

10. How often should I make changes to my defense during the season?
It is recommended to monitor matchups and make changes weekly based on favorable opponent offenses. Streaming defenses can be an effective strategy, especially if you don’t have a top-tier defense.

11. Are there any defenses I should avoid drafting?
Avoid drafting defenses from teams with weak secondaries or those facing a challenging schedule packed with high-scoring offenses. It’s also wise to avoid defenses going through significant personnel changes.

12. What impact does playing at home versus away have on a defense’s performance?
Playing at home can provide a slight advantage to defenses due to crowd noise and familiarity with the environment. However, the impact is generally not significant enough to base your decision solely on home/away splits.

13. Can I drop my defense before the end of a game to avoid negative points?
No, once a game starts, you cannot drop your defense until the game ends. It is essential to account for potential negative points when selecting a defense.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the best defense for your fantasy football team requires careful consideration of various factors, including past performance, schedule, and matchups. While some defenses have a track record of consistent success, it is crucial to adapt and make changes based on weekly matchups. Remember, a strong defense can provide a valuable edge, but it is only one piece of the puzzle in building a championship-winning fantasy football team.

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