Borderlands 2 Cult Following The Enkindling How To Get There

Borderlands 2 Cult Following The Enkindling: How to Get There and 6 Interesting Facts

Borderlands 2 is a beloved first-person shooter game developed by Gearbox Software. It is known for its unique blend of humor, action, and RPG elements. One of the most memorable quests in the game is “Cult Following: The Enkindling.” In this article, we will explore how to get to The Enkindling and provide you with six interesting facts about this popular quest.

How to Get to Cult Following: The Enkindling?

To start the Cult Following: The Enkindling quest, you must first progress through the main story and reach the Eridium Blight area. Once you arrive in the Eridium Blight, you will encounter a mission marker on your map, indicating the start of the quest. Follow the marker, and you will be introduced to Incinerator Clayton, the leader of the Children of the Firehawk cult. He will give you the quest, and from there, you can embark on your journey to The Enkindling.

The Enkindling is located in the northern part of the Eridium Blight. Follow the map markers, and you will eventually reach a large bonfire surrounded by cultists. This is where the ritual takes place, and your mission is to interrupt it. Fight off the cultists and take down Incinerator Clayton to complete the quest.

Interesting Facts about Cult Following: The Enkindling:

1. Firehawk Cult: The Children of the Firehawk, also known as the Firehawk Cult, worship the enigmatic Firehawk, a powerful being with control over fire. The Enkindling is their ritual to honor the Firehawk.

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2. Firehawk’s Blessing: Interrupting The Enkindling ritual grants you the Firehawk’s Blessing. This unique ability temporarily increases your damage output and sets enemies on fire when you melee them.

3. Unique Loot: Completing Cult Following: The Enkindling grants you access to unique loot and rewards, including the Flame of the Firehawk shield, which creates a nova blast of fire when depleted.

4. Challenging Boss Fight: Incinerator Clayton, the boss you face at the end of The Enkindling, can be a formidable opponent. Prepare for a challenging fight by equipping fire-resistant shields and weapons.

5. Easter Eggs: Borderlands 2 is known for its Easter eggs, and The Enkindling is no exception. Keep an eye out for references to other games, pop culture, and inside jokes hidden throughout the quest.

6. Cooperative Play: Cult Following: The Enkindling can be played solo or cooperatively with friends. Team up with up to three other players to take down Incinerator Clayton and enjoy the chaos together.

Common Questions about Cult Following: The Enkindling:

1. Can I start the Cult Following: The Enkindling quest right away?
No, you must progress through the main story until you reach the Eridium Blight area to begin this quest.

2. How long does it take to complete The Enkindling quest?
The duration may vary depending on your playstyle and level, but it typically takes around 20-30 minutes to complete.

3. What level should I be to attempt this quest?
It is recommended to be at least level 20 or above to tackle Cult Following: The Enkindling.

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4. Are there any specific weapons or shields I should use for this quest?
Equipping fire-resistant shields and weapons can be advantageous during the boss fight with Incinerator Clayton.

5. Can I replay Cult Following: The Enkindling after completing it?
Yes, Borderlands 2 allows you to replay quests, including Cult Following: The Enkindling, for more loot and experience.

6. Are there any side quests related to The Enkindling?
Yes, there are several side quests in Borderlands 2 that tie into the Cult Following storyline and provide additional context and rewards.

7. Can I complete The Enkindling quest in multiplayer?
Yes, you can play Cult Following: The Enkindling both in single-player and multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with friends.

8. What happens if I fail The Enkindling quest?
If you fail, you can simply retry the quest from the beginning or return to it later when you are better equipped.

9. Can I access The Enkindling without completing other quests in the Eridium Blight area?
Yes, as long as you have progressed enough in the main story to unlock the Eridium Blight area, you can access The Enkindling.

10. Are there any secret areas or hidden loot in The Enkindling quest?
While there are no hidden areas in The Enkindling itself, exploring the Eridium Blight area may lead you to discover secret chests and hidden loot.

11. Can I fight Incinerator Clayton again after completing the quest?
No, once you have defeated Incinerator Clayton, you cannot fight him again in the same playthrough.

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12. Can I complete Cult Following: The Enkindling in True Vault Hunter Mode?
Yes, all quests, including The Enkindling, can be completed in True Vault Hunter Mode, providing a more challenging experience.

13. Are there any achievements or trophies associated with The Enkindling?
Yes, completing Cult Following: The Enkindling contributes to the “Cult of the Vault” challenge, which rewards you with achievements or trophies.

14. Does The Enkindling have any impact on the main story?
While The Enkindling is not directly tied to the main story, it adds depth to the game’s lore and provides unique rewards.

15. Can I play Borderlands 2 without completing The Enkindling quest?
Yes, completing The Enkindling is not essential to progressing through the main story or enjoying the game’s other quests and content.

In conclusion, Cult Following: The Enkindling is an exciting quest in Borderlands 2 that offers unique rewards and challenges. By following the main story and reaching the Eridium Blight, players can embark on this memorable adventure. With its fiery cultists, challenging boss fight, and interesting loot, The Enkindling is a must-play quest for Borderlands 2 enthusiasts.

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