Browns Picks In 2017 Draft

The Cleveland Browns Picks in the 2017 Draft: A Look Back at Their Choices

The NFL Draft is a pivotal event for every team, as it provides an opportunity to infuse fresh talent into their roster. In 2017, the Cleveland Browns had a unique chance to rebuild their team through the draft, armed with a multitude of picks. This article will delve into the Browns’ picks in the 2017 NFL Draft, highlighting interesting facts, tricks, answering common questions, and concluding with final thoughts on the team’s choices.

Interesting Facts and Tricks:

1. The Browns entered the 2017 NFL Draft with an astounding 11 picks, including the coveted number one overall selection. This gave them the opportunity to make significant moves in shaping their roster.

2. With the first overall pick, the Browns selected Myles Garrett, a talented defensive end from Texas A&M. Garrett was widely regarded as the best player in the draft class, possessing exceptional athleticism and pass-rushing skills.

3. Jabrill Peppers, a versatile player who excelled both as a safety and return specialist at the University of Michigan, was selected by the Browns with the 25th overall pick. This selection showcased the Browns’ desire to add playmakers on both sides of the ball.

4. The Browns made another bold move by trading up to secure the 29th overall pick, which they used to select tight end David Njoku from the University of Miami. Njoku possessed great speed and athleticism, making him a promising target for their quarterbacks.

5. One of the most intriguing picks of the draft for the Browns was DeShone Kizer, a quarterback from Notre Dame. Kizer was selected in the second round, 52nd overall. This was seen as a potential steal, as Kizer had shown glimpses of brilliance in college but needed refinement at the professional level.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. How did Myles Garrett perform in his rookie season?
Myles Garrett had an impressive rookie season, recording seven sacks in just 11 games. Despite battling injuries, he showcased his immense potential and established himself as a cornerstone of the Browns’ defense.

2. Did Jabrill Peppers make an impact on the Browns’ roster?
Peppers had a solid rookie season, primarily contributing on special teams and as a rotational safety. While he showed flashes of his playmaking ability, he still has room for growth and development.

3. How did David Njoku fare in his rookie year?
Njoku had a productive rookie season, finishing with 32 receptions for 386 yards and four touchdowns. He displayed his athleticism and became a reliable target for the Browns’ quarterbacks.

4. Was DeShone Kizer able to establish himself as the Browns’ starting quarterback?
Unfortunately, Kizer struggled in his rookie season, throwing 22 interceptions and leading the league in turnovers. The Browns ultimately decided to move on from him the following year.

5. What other notable picks did the Browns make in the 2017 Draft?
The Browns made several other noteworthy picks in the 2017 Draft, including defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, cornerback Howard Wilson, and offensive lineman Roderick Johnson. While their impact hasn’t been as significant as some of the earlier picks, they have shown potential and contributed to the team.

Final Thoughts:

The Browns’ picks in the 2017 NFL Draft marked a significant turning point for the franchise. Armed with multiple picks, they were able to secure top-tier talent and address various positions of need. Myles Garrett has emerged as a force on the defensive front, while David Njoku has provided a reliable target for their quarterbacks. Although DeShone Kizer didn’t pan out as the long-term solution at quarterback, the Browns’ ability to identify and secure talent in the draft has improved in recent years. As the team continues to build and refine their roster, the 2017 draft will be remembered as a crucial step in their journey towards success in the NFL.

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