Can You Be Summoned While Hollow Dark Souls

Can You Be Summoned While Hollow in Dark Souls?

Dark Souls, an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware, has garnered a massive following since its release in 2011. With its challenging gameplay and intricate world design, players have delved deep into the game’s lore and mechanics. One aspect that has often puzzled players is the concept of being hollow and its implications on multiplayer interactions, particularly summoning other players for assistance. In this article, we will explore the question of whether you can be summoned while hollow in Dark Souls, along with six interesting facts about the game. Additionally, we will provide answers to 15 common questions related to Dark Souls multiplayer mechanics.

Can You Be Summoned While Hollow?

No, you cannot be summoned while hollow in Dark Souls. Being hollow in the game means that the player character has lost their humanity, making them appear undead and hollowed. This state affects various gameplay mechanics, including the inability to summon other players for assistance. The only way to regain humanity and become eligible for summoning is by consuming a Humanity item or successfully defeating a boss as a phantom summoned by another player.

Interesting Facts about Dark Souls:

1. Unique Multiplayer System: Dark Souls’ multiplayer system is distinctive, allowing players to summon or invade other players’ worlds seamlessly. This feature adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the game, as you can encounter both allies and adversaries during your journey.

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2. Cooperative Play: Summoning other players for cooperative play is an essential aspect of Dark Souls. It enables players to team up and tackle challenging areas or bosses together, providing a sense of camaraderie and assistance in overcoming difficult obstacles.

3. Incursion of Invaders: While summoning allies is possible, players must also be wary of invaders. These malevolent players can invade your world and engage in PvP (Player versus Player) combat, posing an additional challenge during your quest.

4. Covenants: Dark Souls introduces various covenants, which are factions that players can join to gain specific benefits, such as increased summoning opportunities or enhanced invasions. These covenants add depth to the multiplayer experience and encourage players to explore different playstyles.

5. The Bell Tower Guardians: An intriguing aspect of Dark Souls is the Bell Tower Guardians, a covenant focused on defending the two bells in the game. Members of this covenant are automatically summoned to protect the bell towers from invaders, reinforcing the cooperative aspect of the game.

6. Sunbro Covenant: The Sunlight Warrior covenant, also known as Sunbros, is a popular covenant among Dark Souls players. Members of this covenant embrace cooperative play and are often summoned to assist others in defeating challenging bosses.

Common Questions about Dark Souls Multiplayer:

1. Can you summon other players to help you while hollowed?
No, being hollowed makes you ineligible for summoning assistance.

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2. How can you regain humanity?
You can consume a Humanity item or defeat a boss as a summoned phantom to regain humanity.

3. Can invaders attack you while hollowed?
Yes, invaders can attack you regardless of whether you are hollowed or human.

4. Are there any benefits to being hollowed?
Being hollowed reduces the chances of being invaded but also restricts summoning assistance.

5. Can you summon NPCs for help?
Yes, Dark Souls allows players to summon specific NPCs for assistance during boss fights.

6. How does the invasion system work?
Invaders can enter your world if you are online and within the appropriate level range. They aim to kill you to acquire humanity or souls.

7. Can you summon friends specifically?
Dark Souls does not offer a direct friend summoning feature, but you can use password matchmaking to increase the chances of summoning a specific player.

8. Do you need an internet connection to summon other players?
Yes, an active internet connection is required to access Dark Souls’ multiplayer features.

9. Can you summon players from different levels?
Summoning is level-dependent, meaning players should be within a certain range to be eligible for summoning.

10. Can you be invaded while fighting a boss?
No, once you enter a boss fog gate, invasions are disabled until the boss battle is over.

11. Can you summon multiple players at once?
Yes, you can summon multiple players simultaneously, up to the limit allowed in each area.

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12. Does being in a specific covenant affect summoning chances?
Yes, some covenants offer increased summoning chances, while others focus on invasions.

13. Can you be invaded if you have defeated the area boss?
No, once the area boss is defeated, you are safe from invasions in that specific area.

14. Can you summon players in every area of the game?
Not all areas allow summoning; some have specific requirements or limitations.

15. Can you be summoned while invading another player’s world?
No, while invading, you cannot be summoned to aid other players.

In conclusion, being hollow in Dark Souls restricts the ability to summon other players for assistance. However, the game’s unique multiplayer mechanics offer an exciting and challenging experience, with various covenants, invasions, and cooperative play options. By understanding the multiplayer system and its intricacies, players can fully engage with the Dark Souls community while embarking on their perilous journey through the game’s unforgiving world.

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