Can You Romance Cullen After Solas Breaks Up With You

Title: Can You Romance Cullen After Solas Breaks Up With You?

In the Dragon Age series, relationships with companions play a significant role in shaping the narrative and adding depth to the gameplay experience. The heart-wrenching romance with Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition can leave players devastated after the shocking twist. But fear not, for there is still hope for love in Thedas! This article explores the possibility of romancing Cullen after Solas breaks up with you, along with some interesting facts about these characters and their potential relationships.

Romancing Cullen After Solas:
1. A Different Path:
After Solas ends your romance, you might feel a void in your character’s heart. However, Cullen offers a different romantic path with his genuine compassion and loyalty. Rebuilding trust and exploring a new relationship with him can bring a sense of healing and new beginnings.

2. Friendship First:
To romance Cullen, it’s essential to build a strong friendship with him. Engage in conversations, complete his personal quests, and support him during the main story. Show kindness and empathy towards his struggles, and gradually deepen your bond.

3. A Chance Encounter:
During the “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” quest, make sure to engage in a conversation with Cullen when he’s stationed in the ballroom. This encounter provides an opportunity to express your interest, which can lay the foundation for a potential romance.

4. Act with Honesty:
When pursuing Cullen, it is crucial to be honest about your feelings for Solas and the impact his departure had on you. Cullen appreciates open communication, and discussing your emotions will help build trust and understanding between your characters.

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5. The Right Timing:
Romancing Cullen is time-sensitive. It’s important to express your interest before completing “Here Lies the Abyss” quest. If you miss this opportunity, Cullen’s romance will no longer be available.

6. A Tale of Redemption:
Cullen’s storyline offers a redemptive arc, where he overcomes his past traumas and struggles with lyrium addiction. Supporting him throughout this journey not only strengthens your bond but also showcases your character’s unwavering support and love.

Interesting Facts:
1. Cullen’s full name is Cullen Rutherford, and he first appeared in Dragon Age: Origins as a Templar.

2. Originally, Cullen was intended to be a romance option only for female characters, but in Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare expanded his romance options to include male characters as well.

3. Cullen’s voice actor, Greg Ellis, also lent his voice to other notable video game characters, including Anders from Dragon Age II and Admiral Raeli in Mass Effect 2.

4. Cullen’s fear of mages stems from his traumatic experiences during the events of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.

5. Cullen’s personal quest, “Before the Dawn,” delves into his past and provides more insight into his struggles with lyrium addiction and the decisions he made during his time as a Templar.

6. Cullen’s strong leadership and strategic skills make him an ideal candidate for the role of Commander of the Inquisition’s forces.

Common Questions:

1. Can I romance Cullen as a male Inquisitor?
Yes, BioWare expanded Cullen’s romance options in Dragon Age: Inquisition to include male Inquisitors.

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2. Can I pursue a romance with Cullen if my character romanced someone else prior to Solas?
Yes, you can pursue a romance with Cullen even if you were previously in a relationship with another companion.

3. Can I romance Cullen if I sided with the Templars?
Yes, your choice of aligning with the Templars or mages does not affect the possibility of romancing Cullen.

4. Can I romance Cullen if I am playing as a Qunari?
Yes, Cullen’s romance is available regardless of your character’s race.

5. Can I romance Cullen if I didn’t complete certain quests?
To maximize your chances of successfully romancing Cullen, it is advisable to complete his personal quests and engage in conversations with him whenever possible.

6. Can I romance Cullen if I am not a mage?
Yes, Cullen’s romance is available to all classes, regardless of whether you play as a mage, warrior, or rogue.

7. Can I romance Cullen if I am not a human?
Yes, Cullen’s romance is available to all races, including elves, dwarves, and Qunari.

8. Can I continue romancing Cullen in subsequent Dragon Age games?
Unfortunately, Cullen’s romance arc concludes in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and his character does not appear as a romance option in later installments.

9. Can I pursue a romance with Cullen if I am already in a committed relationship with another companion?
No, pursuing a romance with Cullen requires ending any existing romances before expressing your interest in him.

10. Can I romance Cullen if my character is not a high-ranking member of the Inquisition?
Yes, your character’s rank within the Inquisition does not affect the possibility of romancing Cullen.

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11. Can I romance Cullen if I am not the Inquisitor?
No, Cullen’s romance is exclusively available to the player-controlled Inquisitor character.

12. Can I romance Cullen if I am a mage but chose the Templars over the mages?
Yes, your character’s choice between the Templars and mages does not impact the possibility of romancing Cullen.

13. Can I pursue a romance with Cullen if I am a Dalish elf?
Yes, Cullen’s romance is available to Dalish elves and does not depend on your character’s race.

14. Can I romance Cullen if I am a Grey Warden?
No, Cullen’s romance is exclusive to the Inquisitor character and does not extend to Grey Wardens.

15. Can I continue a romantic relationship with Cullen after the main story ends?
No, once the main story concludes, the romantic storyline with Cullen also reaches its closure.

While the heartbreak caused by Solas’ departure may be painful, finding solace and new love with Cullen can provide a sense of healing and a chance for a different romantic journey. With patience, honesty, and support, you can embark on a heartfelt romance that offers its own unique rewards within the Dragon Age universe.

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