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Commanders: Where to Watch and 5 Unique Facts

Commanders, also known as EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander), is a popular multiplayer format in the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. This format allows players to build decks around a legendary creature, known as the commander, who leads their deck. With a wide array of commanders to choose from, each providing unique abilities and strategies, it’s no wonder that Commanders has gained a dedicated following. If you’re interested in watching Commanders gameplay or learning more about this fascinating format, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss where to watch Commanders and provide you with five unique facts about this exciting format.

Where to Watch Commanders:

1. YouTube: Many Magic content creators on YouTube regularly upload gameplay videos of Commanders. Channels like “The Command Zone” and “MTG Muddstah” offer a variety of entertaining and educational gameplay content, including deck techs and live gameplay.

2. Twitch: Several Magic streamers on Twitch feature Commanders gameplay. You can tune in to popular streamers like LoadingReadyRun, StarCityGames, and ChannelFireball to catch live games and engaging discussions about the format.

3. MTG Arena: While Commanders is primarily a paper format, Magic: The Gathering Arena occasionally hosts special events and showcases where players can experience the format digitally. Keep an eye on the official MTG Arena website for updates on Commander events.

5 Unique Facts about Commanders:

1. Singleton Format: Commanders is a singleton format, meaning each deck can only contain one copy of each card, excluding basic lands. This rule encourages deck diversity and allows for more unexpected and exciting gameplay moments.

2. 100 Card Deck: Unlike other formats where players have a minimum deck size, Commanders requires a deck size of exactly 100 cards. This large deck size offers more opportunities for strategic deck building and ensures that no two games are the same.

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3. The Command Zone: Commanders have a special zone called the “command zone” where they start the game. Players can cast their commander from this zone, and if their commander is sent to any other zone during the game, it can be returned to the command zone instead. This unique mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy and interaction to the format.

4. Color Identity: Each commander has a specific color identity, determined by its mana cost and any mana symbols in its rules text. The color identity restricts the cards players can include in their deck, as they must match the colors of their commander. This rule encourages players to explore different color combinations and strategies.

5. Social Format: Commanders is renowned for its social aspect. The multiplayer nature of the format and the interactions between players create a unique and engaging experience. It encourages diplomacy, alliances, and epic multiplayer battles, making it a favorite among those who enjoy a more sociable style of gameplay.

14 Common Questions about Commanders:

1. Can I have more than one commander in my deck?
No, each deck can only have one commander.

2. Can I change my commander during the game?
No, once the game starts, your chosen commander cannot be changed.

3. Can I use planeswalkers as my commander?
Yes, as long as the planeswalker has the ability to be a commander, indicated by the text “can be your commander” on the card.

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4. Can I use cards from any set in my Commander deck?
Yes, you can use cards from any Magic set as long as they are legal in the Commander format.

5. How does the deck-building process work for Commanders?
Players start with their chosen commander and build a deck of exactly 100 cards that match the colors of their commander’s color identity.

6. Are there any banned cards in Commander?
Yes, there is a ban list for Commander, which includes cards that are deemed too powerful or disruptive for the format.

7. Can I play Commander with just two players?
While Commander is designed as a multiplayer format, it is possible to play with only two players. However, the dynamics and balance of the format may change.

8. Can I have multiple copies of basic lands in my deck?
Yes, you can have any number of basic lands in your deck.

9. Can I use silver-bordered or Un-set cards in Commander?
Most Commander playgroups do not allow silver-bordered or Un-set cards, but it ultimately depends on the group you’re playing with.

10. Can I use cards with alternate card frames or art?
Yes, as long as the card is legal in the Commander format, you can use cards with alternate frames or art.

11. When can I cast my commander?
You can cast your commander from the command zone at any time you could cast a sorcery, as long as you can afford its mana cost.

12. What happens if my commander dies or is exiled?
If your commander dies or is exiled, you can choose to move it to the command zone instead. It will then be available to cast again, but its cost will increase by two colorless mana for each time it has been sent to the command zone.

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13. How many players can play a game of Commander?
Commander games can accommodate anywhere from three to eight players, although four-player games are the most common.

14. Can I use cards that create infinite combos in Commander?
While infinite combos are allowed in Commander, some playgroups may have specific rules or social agreements regarding their use. It’s essential to communicate with your playgroup about the acceptable level of competitiveness.

In conclusion, Commanders is an exciting and social format in Magic: The Gathering that offers unique gameplay and deck-building experiences. Whether you’re interested in watching Commanders gameplay or diving into the format yourself, there are various platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and MTG Arena, to explore. With its singleton rule, 100-card deck size, and emphasis on social interactions, Commanders is a format that keeps players engaged and entertained. So gather your friends, choose your commander, and embark on an epic multiplayer adventure.

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