Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Dlc Outfits

Title: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record DLC Outfits – Unleash Your Inner Zombie Hunter


Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is a thrilling action-adventure game that offers a unique twist on the zombie genre. In addition to the gripping storyline and intense gameplay, players can enhance their experience with a variety of downloadable content (DLC) outfits. These outfits not only provide cosmetic changes to your character but also offer interesting benefits and abilities. In this article, we will explore the DLC outfits available in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, along with some fascinating facts about the game.

DLC Outfits in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

1. Ninja Outfit: Unleash your inner ninja with this stealthy outfit. It grants increased running speed and damage with melee weapons.

2. Psycho Outfit: Embrace the madness of a psychopath with this outfit. It increases the damage dealt with blades and sharp objects while reducing damage taken.

3. Sports Fan Outfit: Show your team spirit with this sports-themed outfit. It grants increased damage with sports-related weapons and reduces damage taken from zombies.

4. Firefighter Outfit: Become the hero the city needs with this firefighting outfit. It grants increased resistance to fire and explosive damage.

5. BBQ Chef Outfit: Become a master of culinary destruction with this outfit. It grants increased damage with cooking-related weapons and reduces the chance of food poisoning.

6. Soldier of Fortune Outfit: Channel your inner soldier with this outfit. It increases the damage dealt with firearms and reduces firearm recoil.

6 Interesting Facts about Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

1. A Fresh Perspective: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record offers a unique retelling of the events in Dead Rising 2, with Frank West as the protagonist instead of Chuck Greene. This fresh perspective provides a new experience for both new and returning players.

2. Sandbox Mode: The game introduces a Sandbox Mode, allowing players to explore Fortune City without time constraints and complete various challenges at their own pace.

3. Photojournalism Returns: Frank West’s iconic camera returns in this installment. Players can capture thrilling moments and earn prestige points by snapping photos of zombies, survivors, and unique events.

4. New Areas to Explore: The game introduces new areas to explore within Fortune City, including Uranus Zone, a space-themed amusement park, and Fortune City Arena, a massive sports stadium.

5. Combo Weapons Galore: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record takes the infamous combo weapon system to new heights, offering players an extensive arsenal of outrageous weapon combinations to dismember and decimate zombies.

6. Hilarious Dialogue and Easter Eggs: The game is filled with witty and humorous dialogue, providing a lighthearted tone amidst the chaos of a zombie outbreak. Players can also discover numerous hidden Easter eggs and references to other games and pop culture.

15 Common Questions about Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

1. Can I play Dead Rising 2: Off The Record without playing the previous game?
– Yes, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is a standalone game and does not require prior knowledge of the series.

2. How many DLC outfits are available in the game?
– There are six DLC outfits available, each with unique benefits and abilities.

3. Can I switch between DLC outfits during gameplay?
– Yes, you can switch between DLC outfits at any time during gameplay by accessing the wardrobe in safe locations.

4. Are the DLC outfits purely cosmetic, or do they offer gameplay advantages?
– The DLC outfits provide both cosmetic changes and gameplay advantages, enhancing your character’s abilities.

5. How can I obtain the DLC outfits?
– The DLC outfits are available for purchase from respective digital platforms, such as Steam or the PlayStation Store.

6. Can I use DLC outfits in the main storyline or just in Sandbox Mode?
– You can use DLC outfits in both the main storyline and Sandbox Mode.

7. Can I use DLC outfits in multiplayer mode?
– No, DLC outfits are only available for use in single-player mode.

8. Are there any other DLCs available apart from outfits?
– Yes, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record offers additional DLC packs that include new weapons, vehicles, and challenges.

9. Can I combine DLC outfits with other in-game clothing options?
– No, the DLC outfits replace the default clothing options for your character.

10. Will the DLC outfits carry over to New Game+ or subsequent playthroughs?
– Yes, the DLC outfits will carry over to New Game+ and subsequent playthroughs, allowing you to enjoy their benefits again.

11. Can I unlock DLC outfits through in-game achievements or challenges?
– No, DLC outfits are only available for purchase as additional content.

12. Do the DLC outfits affect the game’s difficulty?
– The DLC outfits provide advantages that can make the game slightly easier, but they do not drastically alter the overall difficulty.

13. Can I mix and match abilities from different DLC outfits?
– No, each DLC outfit has its own unique set of abilities that cannot be combined with others.

14. Can I play Dead Rising 2: Off The Record on multiple platforms?
– Yes, the game is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

15. Are there any plans for future DLC releases?
– As of now, there haven’t been any announcements regarding new DLC releases for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.


Dead Rising 2: Off The Record offers an exciting and immersive gameplay experience, enhanced further by the variety of DLC outfits available. These outfits not only alter your character’s appearance but also provide unique abilities that can aid you in your zombie-slaying adventures. With a gripping storyline, sandbox mode, and a range of hilarious dialogue, this game is a must-play for fans of the zombie genre. So, gear up, grab your favorite DLC outfit, and prepare to unleash chaos upon the undead hordes roaming Fortune City!

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