Game of Thrones Quiz Who Are You

Game of Thrones Quiz: Who Are You?

Are you a true Game of Thrones fan? Do you think you have what it takes to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Well, let’s put your knowledge to the test with the ultimate Game of Thrones quiz – “Who Are You?” This quiz will determine which character from the epic series you are most like. So, grab a glass of Dornish wine and let’s dive into the world of Westeros!

1. Answer each question honestly and keep track of your responses.
2. At the end of the quiz, tally up your answers to find out which character you are most like.
3. Compare your results with your friends and see who truly knows the Game of Thrones universe!

Question 1: What is your preferred weapon?
a) A sword
b) A bow and arrow
c) A dagger
d) Magic
e) My wit

Question 2: How would you describe your leadership style?
a) Ruthless and strategic
b) Charismatic and inspiring
c) Cunning and manipulative
d) Wise and fair
e) Flexible and adaptive

Question 3: What is your favorite Game of Thrones house?
a) House Stark
b) House Lannister
c) House Targaryen
d) House Tyrell
e) House Greyjoy

Question 4: How do you handle betrayal?
a) Seek revenge and eliminate the traitor
b) Forgive and forget, but never trust again
c) Plot a complex scheme for revenge
d) Seek justice through the proper channels
e) Use it to your advantage and turn the tables

Question 5: Which Game of Thrones location would you call home?
a) Winterfell
b) King’s Landing
c) Dragonstone
d) Highgarden
e) Pyke

Question 6: What motivates you?
a) Power and control
b) Love and family
c) Revenge and justice
d) Knowledge and wisdom
e) Survival and adaptability

Question 7: How would you handle a difficult negotiation?
a) Strong-arm your opponents into submission
b) Use charm and diplomacy to find a mutually beneficial solution
c) Manipulate your opponents to get what you want
d) Seek compromise and peaceful resolutions
e) Utilize your intelligence and wit to outsmart your opponents

Question 8: What is your greatest fear?
a) Losing everything you’ve worked for
b) Losing your loved ones
c) Being betrayed by those closest to you
d) Ignorance and stupidity
e) Being trapped and unable to escape

Question 9: How do you handle stressful situations?
a) Stay calm and strategize your way out
b) Rely on your loved ones for support
c) Use your cunning to find a way out
d) Seek guidance from trusted advisors
e) Adapt and find a solution on the fly

Question 10: What is your ultimate goal in life?
a) To rule the Seven Kingdoms with an iron fist
b) To protect and care for your family
c) To avenge those who wronged you
d) To acquire knowledge and wisdom
e) To survive and thrive in a harsh world

Now, it’s time to tally up your answers and discover which Game of Thrones character you are most like. Compare your results with the character descriptions below:

A: If you mostly answered A, you are most like Cersei Lannister. You are ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

B: If you mostly answered B, you are most like Jon Snow. You are honorable and loyal, and your loved ones mean everything to you.

C: If you mostly answered C, you are most like Littlefinger. You are cunning and always have a plan up your sleeve.

D: If you mostly answered D, you are most like Tyrion Lannister. You are wise and fair, and always seek justice.

E: If you mostly answered E, you are most like Arya Stark. You are adaptable and use your wit to navigate the world around you.


1. Can I retake the quiz if I’m not satisfied with my results?
Absolutely! Feel free to retake the quiz as many times as you like to explore different character possibilities.

2. What if I have an equal number of answers for different options?
If you have a tie, try to reflect on the questions and consider which character’s traits resonate more with you.

3. Are there any other characters I might resemble?
While this quiz focuses on the most prominent characters, there are many other fascinating characters in the Game of Thrones universe. Feel free to explore and compare your traits with other characters as well!

4. Can I share my results on social media?
Of course! Share your results with your friends and fellow Game of Thrones fans to see who they are most like and spark some friendly discussions.

So, how did you fare in the Game of Thrones quiz? Did you match your favorite character, or were you surprised by your result? Remember, the world of Westeros is vast, and there are many characters to identify with. Embrace your inner Game of Thrones persona and let the battle for the Iron Throne begin!

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