How Come Theres No Funhaus on the Lets Play Channel

Title: Why Funhaus is Missing from the Let’s Play Channel: Explained


Since its inception, the Let’s Play channel has been a hub for entertaining gaming content, showcasing a variety of personalities and gameplay styles. However, one noticeable absence from the Let’s Play family is Funhaus, a popular group of content creators known for their unique brand of humor and gaming expertise. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind the absence of Funhaus on the Let’s Play channel and explore interesting facts about the group.

Why Isn’t Funhaus on the Let’s Play Channel?

1. Different Parent Companies:
Let’s Play is owned by Rooster Teeth Productions, while Funhaus is a part of the Inside Gaming network. These separate parent companies operate with different visions and goals, leading to Funhaus having its own dedicated channel instead of being featured on Let’s Play.

2. Independent Identity:
Funhaus has built a strong and dedicated fan base through their unique content and style. By maintaining their independent channel, they have the freedom to create content that aligns with their specific brand, ensuring they can cater to their fans’ expectations.

3. Content Variety:
The Let’s Play channel primarily focuses on gameplay videos, while Funhaus incorporates a broader range of content, including podcasts, live-action skits, and entertainment news. This diversity allows Funhaus to explore different avenues of entertainment, which might not align with the Let’s Play channel’s core content strategy.

4. Collaborations:
Although Funhaus has yet to join the Let’s Play channel officially, they frequently collaborate with other members of the Rooster Teeth family, such as Achievement Hunter. These collaborations allow Funhaus to engage with a wider audience and bring their unique humor to different platforms.

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5. Channel Autonomy:
By maintaining their independent channel, Funhaus retains creative control over their content and direction. This autonomy enables them to experiment with new ideas, cultivate a strong community, and stay true to their distinct style.

Interesting Facts about Funhaus:

1. Origin Story:
Funhaus was initially founded as Inside Gaming in 2015, a gaming news and commentary channel. Following a rebranding in 2015, they became Funhaus, focusing more on Let’s Play-style content.

2. The Funhaus Crew:
The core members of Funhaus include Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, James Willems, Lawrence Sonntag, Matt Peake, and Elyse Willems. Each member brings their unique personality and expertise to the group, resulting in a diverse and entertaining content lineup.

3. Rooster Teeth Acquisition:
In 2015, Rooster Teeth acquired Funhaus, recognizing their talent and potential. This partnership allowed Funhaus to expand their reach and collaborate with other Rooster Teeth channels.

4. Popular Series:
Funhaus is known for popular series such as “Demo Disk,” “Open Haus,” and “Wheelhaus,” which showcase their witty banter, hilarious gameplay, and a unique selection of games.

5. Dedicated Community:
Funhaus has cultivated a strong and engaged fan base over the years. Their community actively interacts with the creators through comments, live streams, and community events, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared humor.

Common Questions about Funhaus and Let’s Play:

1. Will Funhaus ever join the Let’s Play channel?
As of now, there are no plans for Funhaus to join the Let’s Play channel officially.

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2. Can I find Funhaus content on the Let’s Play channel?
No, Funhaus content is exclusively available on their independent channel.

3. Do Funhaus and Let’s Play collaborate?
Yes, Funhaus frequently collaborates with other Rooster Teeth channels, including Let’s Play.

4. Why did Funhaus rebrand from Inside Gaming?
The rebranding was done to allow the group to expand their content beyond gaming news and commentary.

5. How can I support Funhaus?
You can support Funhaus by subscribing to their channel, engaging with their content, and participating in their community.

6. Will Funhaus content change if they join Let’s Play?
While it’s uncertain, joining the Let’s Play channel might require some adjustments to align with the channel’s core content strategy.

7. Can I expect Funhaus to collaborate with other Let’s Play members in the future?
Possibly. Collaboration between Funhaus and other Let’s Play members can continue to happen outside the Let’s Play channel.

8. Does Funhaus have plans for future expansion?
Funhaus has expressed interest in expanding their content beyond gaming, but specific plans have not been revealed.

9. Will Funhaus content on the Let’s Play channel be different from their regular content?
The Let’s Play channel may require specific content adaptations, but the core Funhaus style will likely remain intact.

10. How has Funhaus grown since joining Rooster Teeth?
Joining Rooster Teeth has allowed Funhaus to reach a broader audience, collaborate with other channels, and expand their content offerings.

11. Are there any conflicts between Funhaus and Let’s Play?
No significant conflicts have been reported between Funhaus and Let’s Play.

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12. Can I find Funhaus members on the Let’s Play channel individually?
No, Funhaus members do not have independent channels on the Let’s Play network.

13. Is Funhaus content suitable for all audiences?
Funhaus content is targeted towards mature audiences due to adult humor and occasional mature themes.

14. Is there any chance Funhaus will merge with Let’s Play in the future?
While it’s unlikely, the future is unpredictable, and anything can happen within the dynamic world of online content creation.


The absence of Funhaus on the Let’s Play channel can be attributed to differing parent companies, content variety, and Funhaus’ desire to maintain an independent identity. Despite their separation, Funhaus continues to thrive on their dedicated channel, entertaining their loyal fan base with their unique blend of gaming and comedy. While there might not be any immediate plans for Funhaus to join Let’s Play, their collaborations with other Rooster Teeth channels ensure that their humor and creativity are still enjoyed by fans across the platform.

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