How Do I Get a Football Card Graded

How Do I Get a Football Card Graded?

Football cards have become highly valued collectibles in recent years, and getting your cards graded can greatly enhance their value and desirability among collectors. If you are wondering how to get a football card graded, this article will provide you with a step--step guide, along with answers to some common questions.

1. What does it mean to get a football card graded?
Getting a football card graded involves sending it to a professional grading company, who will evaluate its condition, authenticity, and assign it a numerical grade. The encapsulated card is then returned to you, providing additional protection and assurance of its quality.

2. Why should I get my football card graded?
Grading adds value to a football card providing a standardized assessment of its condition. A higher grade typically means a more valuable card, and the encapsulation process protects it from damage and tampering.

3. Which grading company should I choose?
There are several reputable grading companies to choose from, including PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), BGS (Beckett Grading Services), and SGC (Sportscard Guaranty). Each company has its own grading standards, so it’s recommended to research and compare them before making a decision.

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4. How much does it cost to get a football card graded?
Grading fees vary depending on the grading company, card value, and desired turnaround time. Prices can range from $10 to several hundred dollars per card.

5. How do I submit a football card for grading?
To submit a football card for grading, you typically need to create an account on the grading company’s website, fill out a submission form, and pay the appropriate fees. You will then receive instructions on how to securely send in your card.

6. How long does the grading process take?
The grading process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the grading company and the chosen service level. Expedited options are available for an additional fee.

7. How is the condition of a football card determined?
Grading companies examine various aspects of a football card, including centering, corners, edges, surface, and overall presentation. Any flaws, such as creases, stains, or fading, can affect the grade assigned to the card.

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8. What is the highest grade a football card can receive?
The highest grade a football card can receive is typically a PSA Gem Mint 10, BGS Pristine 10, or SGC 100.

9. Can I grade any football card?
Most grading companies accept a wide range of football cards, including vintage and modern cards. However, some companies may have restrictions on extremely rare or valuable cards.

10. Are graded football cards more valuable?
Graded football cards generally command higher prices in the collectibles market. However, the actual value depends on factors such as the player featured, rarity, grade, and demand.

11. Can I remove a graded football card from its holder?
Once a football card is encapsulated in its holder, it is advised not to remove it. Doing so may damage the card or diminish its value.

12. Can I sell my graded football card?
Yes, you can sell your graded football card. Many collectors and enthusiasts actively seek out graded cards, and there are various platforms like online marketplaces, auctions, and specialized sports card stores where you can sell them.

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13. Should I get all my football cards graded?
Not all football cards need to be graded. It is generally recommended to grade cards that are in excellent condition, have potential value, or hold sentimental significance.

14. Can I get my own autographed football card graded?
Yes, autographed football cards can be graded. However, the autograph and the card itself may be evaluated separately, with the card receiving a grade for its condition and the autograph receiving an assessment for its authenticity.

In conclusion, getting a football card graded can significantly increase its value and desirability among collectors. By following the steps outlined above and choosing a reputable grading company, you can ensure that your football cards receive a fair assessment and protection for years to come.

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