How Do NFL Players Pee During a Game

How Do NFL Players Pee During a Game?

Playing in the National Football League (NFL) requires immense physical endurance and mental focus. With games lasting for hours, one might wonder how NFL players manage their bodily functions, specifically, how they handle the need to pee during a game. In this article, we will explore the various strategies employed by players to relieve themselves and answer some frequently asked questions regarding this unique aspect of NFL gameplay.

1. Pre-game preparation:
Before taking the field, NFL players ensure they are adequately hydrated. However, they also try to time their fluid intake to minimize the need to urinate during the game. Strategic planning extends to their pre-game meal, where they consume foods that are less likely to stimulate the bladder.

2. Emptying the bladder before the game:
Just before kickoff, players have the opportunity to use the bathroom facilities. Coaches and team staff encourage players to take advantage of this time to ensure their bladders are as empty as possible before the game begins.

3. Reducing fluid intake during the game:
During a game, players typically limit their fluid intake to prevent excessive hydration. This helps to minimize the need to urinate. However, they must also ensure they remain properly hydrated to sustain their performance levels.

4. Utilizing halftime:
Halftime provides players with a crucial opportunity to address bodily needs. They can use the restroom facilities to empty their bladders and rehydrate if necessary. This break allows them to prepare mentally and physically for the second half.

5. Portable urination devices:
For instances when players cannot leave the field, such as during crucial moments or when they are on special teams, some athletes use portable urination devices. These devices, such as the “Stadium Pal” or “GoGirl,” enable players to discreetly urinate without leaving the field. These devices are designed to be worn under their uniforms and can be easily emptied later.

6. In-game urination breaks:
In rare cases, when the need to pee is overwhelming, players can request a brief in-game break. This is typically allowed during television timeouts or injury timeouts. However, such breaks are relatively infrequent due to the fast-paced nature of the game and the importance of maintaining momentum.


Q: Can players wear diapers during games?
A: No, NFL players are not allowed to wear diapers during games. The league prohibits the use of any device that may provide an unfair advantage or alter the competitive nature of the game.

Q: Do players ever have accidents on the field?
A: While accidents are rare, they have occurred in extreme cases when a player has been unable to hold it in. However, such incidents are highly embarrassing for the player involved and are uncommon due to the various strategies employed to manage bodily functions.

Q: Are there any rules or penalties related to urination breaks?
A: As long as the breaks do not disrupt the flow of the game or cause unnecessary delays, urination breaks are generally allowed. However, excessive use of these breaks could be seen as unsportsmanlike conduct and may result in penalties.

Q: Are there any health risks associated with holding in urine during a game?
A: Holding in urine for an extended period can potentially lead to urinary tract infections or kidney problems. However, players are highly trained athletes who understand their bodies and strive to maintain their health during games.

In conclusion, NFL players have various strategies and options to manage their need to urinate during a game. From pre-game preparations to utilizing halftime and portable devices, players aim to minimize disruptions while maintaining their performance on the field. Although urination breaks are allowed in certain circumstances, they are relatively infrequent due to the fast-paced nature of the game. Overall, players prioritize their physical well-being while striving to excel in one of the most demanding sports in the world.

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