How Do You Get Dual Pistols In Mw2

How Do You Get Dual Pistols In MW2?

Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter game that offers a wide range of weapons for players to choose from. One of the most sought-after weapons in the game is the dual pistols. Obtaining these powerful handguns can greatly enhance your gameplay and provide a unique and thrilling experience. In this article, we will discuss how to acquire dual pistols in MW2, along with five interesting facts about the game. Additionally, we will address fourteen common questions about this topic, providing answers to help you navigate through the game successfully.

To acquire dual pistols in MW2, you need to complete a specific challenge called “The Road to Gold.” This challenge requires you to earn 1200 kills with a single handgun. Once you have achieved this feat, you will unlock the ability to equip dual pistols as your secondary weapon. The dual-wield attachment will now be available for all the handguns in the game, allowing you to wield two pistols simultaneously.

Five Interesting Facts about MW2:
1. MW2 was released in 2009 and became an instant success, breaking numerous sales records. It generated over $310 million in the first 24 hours of release.
2. The game features a storyline that takes place in various locations worldwide, including the United States, Russia, and Brazil. This global setting adds diversity and excitement to the gameplay.
3. MW2 introduced the popular “Special Ops” mode, which allows players to engage in challenging missions either solo or cooperatively with a friend. This mode offers unique objectives and adds replayability to the game.
4. The multiplayer component of MW2 features a wide range of maps and game modes, providing players with countless hours of competitive and engaging gameplay.
5. Many iconic weapons from MW2, including the intervention sniper rifle and the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, have become fan favorites and are often remembered as some of the most powerful and satisfying weapons in the game.

Now, let’s address some common questions about obtaining dual pistols in MW2:

1. Can I acquire dual pistols in MW2 without completing “The Road to Gold” challenge?
No, completing this challenge is necessary to unlock the dual-wield attachment for handguns.

2. Are there any specific strategies to complete “The Road to Gold” challenge faster?
Focusing on game modes with higher kill counts, such as Team Deathmatch or Ground War, can help you accumulate kills more efficiently.

3. Do I need to use a specific handgun to complete the challenge?
No, any handgun kills will contribute to the challenge, so you can use your preferred handgun.

4. Can I use the dual-wield attachment on any handgun once unlocked?
Yes, the dual-wield attachment becomes available for all handguns in the game.

5. Can I use the dual pistols in multiplayer matches?
Yes, once you have unlocked the dual-wield attachment, you can equip dual pistols as your secondary weapon in multiplayer matches.

6. Do the dual pistols offer any advantages over a single handgun?
Dual pistols provide increased firepower, allowing you to take down enemies more quickly. However, they may have slightly reduced accuracy and increased recoil compared to a single handgun.

7. Can I aim down sights with dual pistols?
No, when using dual pistols, aiming down sights is not possible. The fire button will directly shoot from both pistols.

8. Can I use attachments on dual pistols?
No, the dual-wield attachment replaces the ability to equip other attachments on both pistols.

9. Are there any other challenges related to handguns in MW2?
Yes, there are various challenges available for each handgun, unlocking different camouflages and titles.

10. Can I switch back to using a single handgun after unlocking dual pistols?
Yes, you can choose to equip a single handgun instead of dual pistols in your loadout.

11. Can I use the dual-wield attachment on other weapon types, such as shotguns or assault rifles?
No, the dual-wield attachment is exclusive to handguns and cannot be used with other weapon types.

12. Will dual pistols carry over to other Call of Duty games?
No, each Call of Duty game has its own progression system and unlocks.

13. Can I prestige and still keep the dual-wield attachment for handguns?
No, when you prestige, you will lose all your unlocks and need to progress through the challenges again to regain access to dual pistols.

14. Can I use the dual-wield attachment in campaign mode?
No, the dual-wield attachment is only available for use in multiplayer and special ops modes.

Obtaining dual pistols in MW2 can be an exciting and rewarding challenge. With their increased firepower, they can give you a significant advantage in battles. By completing “The Road to Gold” challenge, you will unlock the dual-wield attachment for handguns, allowing you to wield two pistols simultaneously. So, gear up, complete the challenge, and dominate the battlefield with your dual pistols in MW2!

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