How Do You Send A Mugger In Gta 5 Online

How to Send a Mugger in GTA 5 Online: A Guide to Taking Down Your Opponents

GTA 5 Online is known for its action-packed gameplay and immersive open-world experience. One of the most thrilling aspects of the game is engaging in intense battles with other players. To gain an edge over your opponents, you can use various strategies, including sending a mugger after them. In this article, we will guide you on how to send a mugger in GTA 5 Online and provide you with some interesting facts about this feature.

How to Send a Mugger in GTA 5 Online:
Sending a mugger after another player is a clever way to disrupt their gameplay and potentially steal some of their hard-earned cash. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Prepare yourself: Before sending a mugger, ensure you have enough funds in your GTA 5 Online bank account to cover the cost. Sending a mugger will cost you $1,000.

2. Head to an ATM: Locate an ATM in the game and withdraw the required amount of money. You can find ATMs scattered throughout the city.

3. Open the Interaction Menu: Press and hold the “M” key on your keyboard or the corresponding button on your controller to open the Interaction Menu.

4. Navigate to the “SecuroServ” option: Once the Interaction Menu is open, scroll down to the “SecuroServ” option and select it.

5. Choose “Request a Personal Attack”: Within the SecuroServ menu, select the “Request a Personal Attack” option.

6. Select “Mugger”: From the list of personal attacks, choose the “Mugger” option.

7. Select the target player: Now, you need to select the player you want to send the mugger after. Use the in-game targeting system to select your desired target.

8. Confirm and wait: Once you have selected the target player, confirm your decision, and wait for the mugger to do their job.

9. Enjoy the chaos: After the mugger has been dispatched, sit back and enjoy the chaos they create. The mugger will attempt to steal money from the targeted player, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Interesting Facts about Sending a Mugger in GTA 5 Online:

1. The mugger will not only steal money from the targeted player but also steal their weapons, making them vulnerable in subsequent encounters.

2. The mugger is not invincible. Other players can fight back and kill the mugger before they complete their mission.

3. The targeted player will receive a notification informing them that a mugger has been dispatched to attack them.

4. You can only send a mugger after a player once every 48 minutes. This cooldown period ensures that the feature is not abused.

5. The mugger will only chase the targeted player for a limited distance. If the player manages to outrun the mugger, they will eventually give up.

Now, let’s address some common questions players may have about sending a mugger in GTA 5 Online:

1. Can I send a mugger after multiple players at once?
No, you can only send a mugger after one player at a time.

2. Will the mugger attack me if I send them after another player?
No, the mugger will solely focus on the targeted player and will not attack you.

3. Can I send a mugger after players in passive mode?
No, players in passive mode are immune to attacks from muggers.

4. Can I send a mugger after players in their own personal vehicles?
Yes, the mugger can target players inside personal vehicles.

5. Can the mugger kill the targeted player?
Yes, the mugger can kill the targeted player if they are unable to defend themselves.

6. Can I send a mugger after players multiple times in a row?
No, there is a cooldown period of 48 minutes between each mugger attack.

7. How much money can the mugger steal from the targeted player?
The mugger can steal up to $10,000 from the targeted player.

8. Can I cancel the mugger attack once it’s been initiated?
No, once the mugger has been dispatched, you cannot cancel the attack.

9. Will the targeted player get their stolen money back?
No, the stolen money cannot be recovered by the targeted player.

10. Can a mugger attack players in missions or heists?
No, the mugger feature is disabled during missions and heists.

11. Can I send a mugger after players in passive mode once they exit passive mode?
No, once a player enters passive mode, they become immune to mugger attacks.

12. Can the mugger steal the targeted player’s personal vehicle?
No, the mugger will not steal personal vehicles.

13. Can the mugger attack players in their own apartments or garages?
No, the mugger cannot access players inside their apartments or garages.

14. Can the mugger attack a player who is already being attacked by the police or other players?
Yes, the mugger can attack the targeted player even if they are already under attack.

Sending a mugger in GTA 5 Online can be an exhilarating way to gain an advantage over your opponents. Use this feature wisely and strategically to enhance your gameplay and enjoy the chaos it creates. Remember, while the mugger can be a powerful tool, other players can also retaliate, so be prepared for the unexpected.

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