How Many Miles Do NBA Players Run in a Game

How Many Miles Do NBA Players Run in a Game?

Basketball is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport, requiring players to possess both skill and endurance. The NBA season consists of 82 regular-season games, and each game lasts for 48 minutes. But have you ever wondered how many miles NBA players actually run during a single game? In this article, we will explore the distance covered these athletes on the court and provide some interesting insights into their physical exertion.

Distance Covered

In order to determine the distance covered NBA players in a game, we need to consider various factors such as playing time, position, style of play, and overall fitness levels. On average, NBA players run approximately 2.5 miles per game. However, this figure can vary significantly among different players. Guards tend to cover more distance due to their ball-handling responsibilities and the need to constantly move around the court. On the other hand, centers, who often occupy the low post, may cover less distance.

Playing Time

Playing time is a crucial factor in calculating the distance covered NBA players. Although the game duration is 48 minutes, players usually spend around 35 to 40 minutes on the court. During this time, they exert themselves to the fullest, constantly running, jumping, and defending against opponents. The more playing time a player receives, the greater the distance covered.

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Different positions require different levels of movement, resulting in varying distances covered. Guards, who handle the ball more frequently and are involved in setting up plays and driving to the basket, tend to cover more distance. Forwards, who engage in rebounding, defending, and scoring, also cover a significant amount of ground. Centers, who primarily operate near the basket, cover the least distance among all positions. However, it’s important to note that these distances are averages and can be influenced playing style and individual effort.

Style of Play

The style of play employed both the team and the individual players can also affect the distance covered. Teams that focus on fast breaks, aggressive defense, and quick ball movement tend to cover more ground collectively. Additionally, players who are known for their hustle and relentless effort cover more distance. These players are often seen diving for loose balls, fighting for rebounds, and contesting every shot attempt.

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Overall Fitness Levels

The fitness levels of NBA players greatly impact the distance they can cover in a game. Players who are in peak physical condition, with high levels of cardiovascular endurance, are able to run more miles. Regular training, conditioning, and proper nutrition play a vital role in maintaining optimal fitness levels and subsequently covering greater distances during games.


Q: Do NBA players run more miles than soccer players?
A: Soccer players generally cover more distance per game compared to NBA players. The average distance covered professional soccer players is around 7 to 8 miles per game.

Q: Do NBA players run the same distance in every game?
A: The distance covered NBA players can vary from game to game due to factors such as playing time, opponent strategy, and player performance. However, the average distance of 2.5 miles per game is a good estimate.

Q: Who covers the most distance in an NBA game?
A: On average, guards tend to cover the most distance in an NBA game due to their ball-handling responsibilities, constant movement, and defensive duties.

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Q: Do NBA players run less in blowout games?
A: In blowout games where one team establishes a substantial lead, coaches often choose to rest their key players to prevent injuries. As a result, the distance covered players in these games may be less than average.

Q: Are there any players who consistently run more miles than others?
A: Some players are known for their exceptional work rate and relentless effort on the court. Players like Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, and Kyle Lowry are often praised for their hustle and cover more distance than their counterparts.

In conclusion, NBA players cover an average distance of around 2.5 miles per game. However, this figure can vary depending on factors such as playing time, position, playing style, and overall fitness levels. Despite the seemingly short duration of games, NBA players undergo immense physical exertion, showcasing the incredible athleticism required to compete at the highest level of professional basketball.

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