How Many Points Is a No Call No Show at Walmart 2022

How Many Points Is a No Call No Show at Walmart 2022?

A no call no show is a situation where an employee fails to show up for work without giving any prior notice to their employer. This can have serious consequences, especially in the case of large corporations like Walmart. In 2022, Walmart implemented a new attendance policy that assigns points for various infractions, including a no call no show. Let’s take a closer look at how many points a no call no show will cost you at Walmart in 2022.

Walmart’s attendance policy revolves around a point system, where employees are assigned points for different types of absences. These points accumulate over a rolling six-month period, and if an employee reaches a certain threshold, they may face disciplinary action, including termination.

In 2022, a no call no show at Walmart will cost an employee 4.5 points. This is a significant amount considering that the maximum number of points an employee can accumulate before facing termination is 9.5. So, a single no call no show can put an employee halfway towards losing their job.

It’s important to note that Walmart’s attendance policy also considers other types of absences. For instance, being tardy for a shift can result in 0.5 points, while leaving work early without prior approval can cost you 1 point. Accumulating points for various infractions can quickly add up, and it is essential for employees to be mindful of their attendance to avoid reaching the termination threshold.

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Now, let’s explore some unique facts about Walmart’s attendance policy:

1. Attendance bonuses: Walmart introduced an attendance bonus program where employees can earn extra money for perfect attendance. This initiative aims to incentivize employees to maintain excellent attendance records.

2. Excused absences: Certain absences, such as bereavement or jury duty, are considered excused and will not result in points. However, appropriate documentation may be required to validate these absences.

3. Rolling six-month period: Walmart’s attendance policy operates on a rolling six-month period, meaning that points will only be removed from an employee’s record after six months from the date of the infraction.

4. Improved flexibility: Walmart has made efforts to increase flexibility for employees by allowing them to use protected PTO (Paid Time Off) for unexpected absences, reducing the number of points incurred.

5. Attendance counseling: Walmart provides attendance counseling for employees who accumulate points, aiming to help them improve their attendance records and avoid termination. This demonstrates Walmart’s commitment to supporting their workforce.

Now, let’s address some common questions related to Walmart’s attendance policy:

1. Can I accumulate points even if I have a valid reason for my absence?
Yes, regardless of the reason for your absence, the attendance policy assigns points based on the infraction.

2. Can I use my paid time off to cover a no call no show?
No, paid time off cannot be used retroactively to cover a no call no show. It can only be used for planned absences with prior approval.

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3. What happens if I reach the termination threshold?
If you accumulate 9.5 points within a rolling six-month period, you may face disciplinary action, including termination.

4. How long do points stay on my record?
Points remain on an employee’s record for six months from the date of the infraction.

5. Can I appeal the points assigned to me?
Yes, employees have the right to appeal the points assigned to them if they believe there was an error or extenuating circumstances.

6. Is there a grace period for no call no shows?
No, Walmart’s attendance policy does not include a grace period for no call no shows.

7. Can I make up for a no call no show by working extra hours?
No, working extra hours does not remove or reduce the points assigned for a no call no show.

8. Can I be terminated for having only one no call no show?
While a single no call no show can result in 4.5 points, termination typically occurs when an employee accumulates 9.5 points within a rolling six-month period.

9. How often are attendance points updated?
Attendance points are typically updated within a few days of the infraction.

10. Can my manager waive the points for a no call no show?
Managers do not have the authority to waive points. The attendance policy is consistently applied to all employees.

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11. Can I transfer my points if I change Walmart locations?
Points are attached to an employee’s record and are not transferable between locations.

12. Are there any exceptions for emergencies?
While emergencies can be unforeseen, Walmart’s attendance policy is generally applied without exceptions for emergencies.

13. Can I use protected PTO for a no call no show?
No, protected PTO cannot be retroactively used to cover a no call no show.

14. Can I check my points balance online?
Yes, Walmart provides an online portal where employees can check their attendance points balance.

Understanding Walmart’s attendance policy is crucial for employees to maintain their job security and strive for excellent attendance. By being aware of the consequences of a no call no show and other infractions, employees can make informed decisions and ensure they are meeting Walmart’s attendance expectations.

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