How Old Is Red From That 70s Show

How Old Is Red From That 70s Show?

“That ’70s Show” is a popular American sitcom that aired from 1998 to 2006. One of the most beloved characters in the show is Red Forman, portrayed Kurtwood Smith. Red is known for his gruff demeanor, strict parenting style, and iconic catchphrases. However, fans often wonder about the age of this memorable character. So, let’s dive into the question of how old Red Forman is and explore some additional common queries related to his character.

1. How old is Red Forman?
Red Forman was born on March 5, 1927, which makes him 73 years old when the show starts in 1976.

2. How old was Kurtwood Smith when he played Red?
Kurtwood Smith, the actor who portrayed Red Forman, was born on July 3, 1943. Therefore, he was 55 years old when the series premiered in 1998.

3. What is Red Forman’s profession?
Red Forman is a Korean War veteran and a hardworking factory worker throughout the show.

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4. How does Red Forman feel about his son Eric’s friends hanging out in his basement?
Red is not fond of Eric’s friends hanging out in his basement, often referring to them as “dumbasses” and threatening to put his foot in their rear.

5. Does Red Forman have any catchphrases?
Yes, Red has several memorable catchphrases, including “dumbass,” “foot in your ass,” and “I’m gonna put my foot so far up your ass, the water on my knee will quench your thirst.”

6. How does Red Forman feel about his wife Kitty?
Red and Kitty have a complex relationship. Though they often bicker and tease each other, it is evident that they love each other deeply.

7. Does Red Forman have any children other than Eric?
Yes, Red and Kitty have a daughter named Laurie, played Lisa Robin Kelly in the early seasons and Christina Moore in later seasons.

8. How does Red Forman feel about his daughter Laurie?
Red is not particularly fond of Laurie and often finds her lazy and manipulative. He frequently calls her a “tramp” due to her promiscuous behavior.

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9. Does Red Forman have any grandchildren?
Yes, Red and Kitty become proud grandparents when Eric and his girlfriend, Donna, have a child named Brooke.

10. How does Red Forman feel about Eric’s relationship with Donna?
Red has mixed feelings about Eric’s relationship with Donna. Although he often disapproves of their antics, he ultimately accepts their love for each other.

11. What are Red Forman’s hobbies?
Red enjoys spending time in his garage, working on his classic car, a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. He also enjoys hunting and fishing.

12. Does Red Forman have any close friends?
Red’s closest friend is Bob Pinciotti, Eric’s next-door neighbor. Though they have different personalities, they share a love for Wisconsin sports and often watch games together.

13. What does Red Forman think about the 1970s?
Red is not particularly nostalgic about the ’70s. He often feels frustrated with the societal changes happening around him and prefers the simplicity of the past.

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14. How does Red Forman feel about his son’s career choices?
Red hopes that Eric will follow in his footsteps and work at the same factory. However, he gradually accepts Eric’s desire to pursue a different career path.

In conclusion, Red Forman is a memorable character from “That ’70s Show” who brings humor and tough love to the series. Despite his gruff exterior, Red genuinely cares for his family, even if he has a unique way of showing it.

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