How to Calculate Which Tees to Play From

How to Calculate Which Tees to Play From

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out, choosing the right set of tees to play from is essential for an enjoyable and fair round of golf. The tees you select can have a significant impact on the length and difficulty of the course, so it’s important to make an informed decision. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to calculate which tees to play from.

1. Evaluate your driving distance: One of the primary factors to consider when selecting tees is your average driving distance. It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and determine how far you consistently hit the ball off the tee. This will help you gauge which tees are appropriate for your skill level.

2. Understand the course rating: Every golf course has a course rating, which indicates the difficulty level for a scratch golfer. The higher the course rating, the more challenging the course is. Take note of the course rating for each set of tees to assess if it aligns with your skills.

3. Consider the slope rating: Apart from the course rating, slope rating is another key factor to consider. Slope rating measures the relative difficulty for a bogey golfer compared to a scratch golfer. A higher slope rating signifies a more challenging course. It is important to factor in both the course rating and slope rating to accurately determine the difficulty level.

4. Utilize online resources: Many golf courses provide detailed information about the yardages and ratings for each set of tees on their websites. Take advantage of these resources to gather the necessary data for making an informed decision.

5. Compare yardages: Once you have gathered the information about the yardages for each set of tees, compare them to your average driving distance. Ideally, the tees you choose should allow you to reach most greens in regulation without difficulty.

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6. Assess your skills: Consider your overall skill level and ability to consistently hit accurate shots. If you struggle with longer shots or frequently miss targets, it might be wise to opt for shorter tees that provide a more forgiving playing experience.

7. Consult with golf professionals: If you are uncertain about which tees to play from, seek guidance from golf professionals or course staff. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience and knowledge of the course.

8. Don’t be influenced by ego: It’s important to set aside any ego or desire to play from the longest tees. Playing from tees that are too long for your skill level can lead to frustration and a less enjoyable golfing experience. Remember, golf is about having fun and challenging yourself within your abilities.

9. Consider your playing partners: If you frequently play with friends or family members who have different skill levels, choose tees that provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. It’s essential to strike a balance between challenge and enjoyment to ensure a pleasant round for all players.

10. Experiment and adjust: Selecting the right tees might require some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust your tee selection based on your performance and enjoyment level. Over time, you will find the tees that best suit your game.


1. What is the difference between course rating and slope rating?
Course rating indicates the difficulty of a course for a scratch golfer, while slope rating measures the relative difficulty for a bogey golfer compared to a scratch golfer.

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2. Can I play from tees that are longer than my average driving distance?
You can, but it may make the course significantly more challenging and impact your enjoyment. It’s recommended to choose tees that align with your driving distance.

3. Should I always play from the forward tees as a beginner?
Not necessarily. Assess your skills and choose tees that provide a balance between challenge and enjoyment. It’s better to challenge yourself gradually rather than playing from tees that are too easy.

4. Is it necessary to consult with golf professionals before choosing tees?
While it’s not mandatory, seeking advice from professionals can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

5. Can I change tees during a round?
In most cases, you can switch tees between rounds, but it’s best to consult with the course staff beforehand.

6. Does playing from shorter tees affect my handicap?
No, playing from different tees does not directly affect your handicap. Handicap calculations are based on your scoring performance relative to the course rating.

7. Are there any restrictions on which tees I can play from?
Some golf courses may have restrictions on which tees are available to certain skill levels. Check with the course staff for any specific limitations.

8. Should I always play from the longest tees to challenge myself?
Not necessarily. It’s important to challenge yourself, but playing from tees that are too long can lead to frustration and affect your overall experience.

9. Are there any advantages to playing from shorter tees?
Playing from shorter tees can provide a more enjoyable experience, allow you to reach greens in regulation more frequently, and build confidence in your game.

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10. Can I mix tees during a round?
Mixing tees during a round is generally discouraged, as it can disrupt the flow of play and affect scoring integrity.

11. How often should I reassess my tee selection?
Reassess your tee selection periodically, especially as your driving distance and skills improve. Adjusting your tees can help you continue challenging yourself appropriately.

12. Are there any guidelines for choosing tees based on age or gender?
While some courses offer specific tees for certain age groups or genders, it’s ultimately up to the individual to choose tees that align with their skills and abilities.

13. Can I play from different tees than my playing partners?
Yes, you can play from different tees than your playing partners. Choose tees that provide an enjoyable experience for yourself, regardless of what others are playing.

Choosing the right tees is an integral part of the golfing experience, ensuring fair play and enjoyment for all players. By considering factors like driving distance, course ratings, and your skills, you can make an informed decision. Remember to consult professionals, experiment, and adjust as necessary to find the tees that provide the perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment for your game.

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