How to Check Old Usernames Instagram

How to Check Old Usernames on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users worldwide. Over time, users may change their usernames for various reasons, such as rebranding or personal preference. If you’re curious about someone’s previous usernames on Instagram, you might wonder if there’s a way to check them. Here, we will explore some methods to help you find old usernames on Instagram.

1. Search through their profile: Start by visiting the user’s Instagram profile and scrolling through their posts and bio. Sometimes, users mention their previous usernames in their bio or captions.

2. Check their profile URL: Instagram assigns a unique URL to each user profile. By examining the URL, you may find hints about their previous usernames.

3. Dig into old comments: Browse through the comments section of their posts. If someone referred to the user by an old username, it might give you a clue about their past usernames.

4. Explore tagged posts: Look at posts where the user has been tagged. Sometimes, the tag might include their old username.

5. Use a username history website: Several websites, like Namecheckr and Usersearch, allow you to check a user’s previous usernames by entering their current username.

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6. Search username change announcements: Users sometimes make announcements when they change their username. By searching for these announcements, you may uncover their previous usernames.

7. Reach out to mutual friends: If you have mutual friends with the user, ask them if they know any of the person’s old usernames.

8. Use Google search: Enter the user’s current username in Google’s search bar. Sometimes, old usernames are indexed by search engines and may appear in the search results.

9. Check their other social media accounts: If the user has linked their Instagram account to other social media platforms, search for their profiles on those platforms. They may have used the same username across different accounts.

10. Utilize Instagram’s “Suggested for You” feature: Instagram’s algorithm suggests profiles similar to the ones you follow. By exploring these suggestions, you might come across the user’s previous usernames.

11. Look for linked websites or blogs: If the user has a website or blog linked in their bio, visit it and see if they mention any old usernames.

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12. Search through archived pages: Use the Wayback Machine ( to check if the user’s profile has been archived in the past. You might find their old usernames in the archived pages.

13. Explore old screenshots or photos: If you have any old screenshots or photos of the user, inspect them carefully. They may contain hints or clues about their previous usernames.

14. Directly ask the user: If all else fails, you can simply reach out to the user and politely ask if they’re comfortable sharing their old usernames with you.

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13. Can I use Instagram’s API to find someone’s previous usernames?
14. Are there any paid services that offer more advanced methods to find old usernames?

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Remember, while you may be curious about someone’s old usernames, it’s important to respect their privacy. Always approach the matter with politeness and caution.

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