How To Find Rain In Pokemon Violet

How To Find Rain In Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Violet, the latest installment in the popular Pokemon franchise, brings a whole new world of adventure and challenges for players to explore. One of the exciting features in this game is the ability to encounter different weather conditions, including rain. In this article, we will guide you through various ways to find rain in Pokemon Violet, along with some interesting facts, tricks, and answers to common questions.

Interesting Facts and Tricks:

1. Rain Dance Move: One of the easiest ways to summon rain in Pokemon Violet is by using the Rain Dance move. This move can be learned by various water-type Pokemon, such as Blastoise, Politoed, and Ludicolo. When used in battle, Rain Dance creates a rainstorm that lasts for five turns, boosting the power of water-type moves and reducing the effectiveness of fire-type moves.

2. Weather Institute: Another method to find rain in Pokemon Violet is by visiting the Weather Institute. Located in a bustling city, this facility studies and predicts various weather patterns in the game. By talking to the researchers inside, they may provide you with valuable information about upcoming rain showers in specific areas or even hand out items that can summon rain temporarily.

3. Legendary Pokemon: Certain legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Violet have the ability to control weather conditions. One such Pokemon is Kyogre, known for its power over rain and the sea. Encountering and capturing Kyogre will not only grant you control over rain but also give you access to its powerful water-type moves, making it a valuable addition to your team.

4. Route Selection: Exploring different routes and areas in Pokemon Violet can increase your chances of encountering rain. Some routes are naturally more prone to rain showers due to their geographical features or proximity to large bodies of water. Keep an eye out for routes that have rainy weather icons on the map, as this indicates a higher likelihood of encountering rain Pokemon.

5. Weather Forecast: Pokemon Violet features an in-game weather forecast system that can be accessed through various sources, such as the town’s bulletin board, NPCs, or even smartphone apps within the game. Checking the weather forecast regularly will help you plan your adventures accordingly, as it can inform you about upcoming rain showers in specific areas or even indicate the duration of the rain.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I find rain in any area of Pokemon Violet?
While rain is not available in every area, there are certain routes, cities, and landmarks in the game where rain is more common. Exploring these locations and staying updated with the weather forecast will increase your chances of encountering rain.

2. Can I change the weather in Pokemon Violet permanently?
No, the weather in Pokemon Violet is not permanent. Rain, along with other weather conditions like sunshine, snow, and hail, changes dynamically and lasts for a limited time. However, there are specific moves and abilities that can manipulate the weather temporarily.

3. How can I make it rain during battles?
Using the Rain Dance move or having a Pokemon with the Drizzle ability in your team will allow you to make it rain during battles. These moves and abilities can be strategically used to boost the power of water-type moves and counter fire-type opponents.

4. Are there any Pokemon that can summon rain without using moves?
Yes, certain Pokemon have abilities that automatically summon rain when they enter the battlefield. For example, the ability Drizzle, possessed by Pokemon like Pelipper and Politoed, creates rain instantly without consuming a turn.

5. Can I catch rain-specific Pokemon only during rainy weather?
While some Pokemon have a higher encounter rate during rain, they can still be found in normal weather conditions. Rainy weather, however, increases the chances of encountering rain-specific Pokemon and may even trigger special events or hidden item appearances.

6. How does rain affect battles in Pokemon Violet?
Rain has several effects during battles in Pokemon Violet. It boosts the power of water-type moves by 50%, reduces the power of fire-type moves by 50%, and increases the accuracy of Thunder and Hurricane moves. Additionally, it activates abilities like Swift Swim, which doubles the speed of the Pokemon during rain.

7. Can I use rain to evolve specific Pokemon?
Yes, certain Pokemon in Pokemon Violet require rain to evolve. For instance, Sliggoo, a Dragon-type Pokemon, can only evolve into Goodra when it levels up during in-game rainy weather.

8. Can I use the rain condition to find rare items in Pokemon Violet?
Yes, rain can trigger the appearance of rare items in specific areas. Keep an eye out for hidden spots, interactable objects, or NPCs that may provide you with useful items when it’s raining.

9. Does rain affect the capture rate of Pokemon?
No, rain does not directly affect the capture rate of Pokemon in Pokemon Violet. However, certain Pokemon may have higher encounter rates or appear more frequently during rainy weather, making it easier to capture them.

10. Can I use rain to solve puzzles or unlock hidden areas in Pokemon Violet?
Yes, rain can sometimes be used to solve puzzles or unlock hidden areas. For example, in certain cities or landmarks, rain may reveal hidden paths or make previously inaccessible areas accessible.

11. Are there any downsides to using the Rain Dance move?
While Rain Dance can be a powerful move, it also has some downsides. The rainstorm created by Rain Dance lasts for five turns, meaning it will end eventually. Additionally, since it boosts the power of water-type moves, it may make your team vulnerable to opposing Pokemon with strong electric or grass-type moves.

12. Can I breed rain-specific Pokemon to obtain offspring with the same weather preference?
No, the weather preference of Pokemon is not hereditary. Breeding rain-specific Pokemon will not guarantee offspring that prefer rainy weather. However, breeding can produce Pokemon with certain abilities or moves that benefit from rain.

13. Does rain affect the appearance rate of shiny Pokemon?
No, rain does not directly affect the appearance rate of shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Violet. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare and have a fixed chance of appearing, regardless of the weather conditions.

14. Can I use rain to water my berries in Pokemon Violet?
No, unlike in some previous Pokemon games, rain does not have any effect on berry growth or watering in Pokemon Violet. Berry growth is solely dependent on the in-game time and proper care.

15. Can I find any hidden rain-related quests or events in Pokemon Violet?
Yes, there are several hidden quests and events in Pokemon Violet that are triggered by rain. Exploring different areas during rainy weather or talking to specific NPCs may unlock these hidden quests, granting you special rewards or unique encounters.

Final Thoughts:

Finding rain in Pokemon Violet adds an exciting layer of gameplay and strategy. Whether you’re looking to boost your water-type Pokemon, discover hidden areas, or participate in unique events, rain can offer a variety of benefits. Utilizing moves like Rain Dance, visiting the Weather Institute, and keeping an eye on the weather forecast are essential in ensuring you make the most of this weather condition. So, grab your umbrella and dive into the world of rain in Pokemon Violet!

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