How To Get A Legendary Sword In Destiny

How To Get A Legendary Sword In Destiny: A Guide for Guardians

Destiny, the popular multiplayer online first-person shooter game developed by Bungie, offers players a vast world filled with thrilling battles and epic loot. One of the most coveted weapons in the game is the legendary sword, a fearsome blade that can turn the tide of any battle. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to obtain a legendary sword in Destiny, along with five interesting facts about these powerful weapons. Additionally, we will address 14 commonly asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need to become a master of the sword.

Obtaining a Legendary Sword:
1. Complete the main questline: Before you can obtain a legendary sword, you must first complete the main questline of Destiny. This will unlock the necessary missions to acquire your sword.

2. Choose your sword: Once you have completed the main questline, you will be presented with three different swords to choose from. Each sword has its own unique abilities and elemental damage. Consider your playstyle and preferences before making your selection.

3. Gather materials: To obtain a legendary sword, you will need to gather specific materials. These materials can be found by completing various activities in the game, such as defeating specific enemies, completing quests, or participating in strikes or raids.

4. Infuse your sword: Once you have gathered the required materials, you will need to infuse your sword. This process involves using the gathered materials to upgrade your sword’s power level, making it even more formidable.

5. Complete the sword quest: After infusing your sword, you will receive a quest that requires you to complete specific objectives, such as defeating powerful enemies or overcoming challenging encounters. Once you have successfully completed the quest, your sword will become a legendary weapon.

Interesting Facts about Legendary Swords in Destiny:

1. Element of surprise: Legendary swords in Destiny have elemental damage, which can be either Solar, Void, or Arc. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses, making it crucial to choose the right sword for different encounters.

2. Legendary sword origins: The concept of legendary swords in Destiny draws inspiration from various mythologies, including Excalibur from Arthurian legends and the Blade of Crota from Destiny’s own lore.

3. Swordbearer’s legacy: The Swordbearers, enemies encountered in certain quests and raids, wield legendary swords. Defeating them provides an opportunity for guardians to obtain these powerful weapons.

4. Versatile weaponry: Legendary swords not only deal devastating melee damage but also possess unique abilities, such as guarding against incoming attacks or launching powerful projectile attacks.

5. Swordbreaker’s delight: Some legendary swords have perks that allow them to break enemy shields more effectively, making them invaluable against enemy types that rely heavily on shielding.

Common Questions about Obtaining and Using Legendary Swords:

1. Can I acquire multiple legendary swords in Destiny?
Yes, once you have obtained your first legendary sword, you can acquire additional swords by completing the necessary quests for each sword.

2. Can I change the element of my sword?
No, the element of your sword is determined when you choose it during the main questline. However, you can acquire multiple swords of different elements.

3. Can I use my legendary sword in PvP (player versus player) activities?
Yes, legendary swords can be used in PvP activities. They can be a formidable weapon to surprise opponents or quickly dispatch enemies at close range.

4. Can I upgrade my sword’s abilities?
No, the abilities of legendary swords are fixed and cannot be upgraded. However, you can infuse your sword to increase its power level.

5. Can I use a legendary sword during raids?
Absolutely! Legendary swords can be a valuable asset during raids, especially in encounters that require close-quarters combat or taking down powerful enemies quickly.

6. Are there any specific enemy types vulnerable to legendary swords?
While all enemies can be affected by legendary swords, some enemy types are more vulnerable to specific elemental damage. For example, Solar damage is particularly effective against Hive enemies.

7. Can I equip my legendary sword alongside other weapons?
Yes, legendary swords occupy the heavy weapon slot, allowing you to equip them alongside your primary and secondary weapons.

8. How do I unlock the ability to guard with my sword?
The ability to guard with your sword is unlocked by completing the questline associated with your chosen sword. Once unlocked, you can hold the guard button to defend against incoming attacks.

9. Can I infuse my sword with any weapon or armor?
No, swords can only be infused with other swords or specific infusion materials obtained through gameplay.

10. Can I dismantle my legendary sword?
Yes, you can dismantle your legendary sword if you no longer wish to use it. However, be cautious as dismantling a legendary sword will permanently remove it from your inventory.

11. Are there higher-tier swords beyond legendary?
Yes, in certain expansions or updates, Bungie has introduced higher-tier swords, such as exotic swords, which possess even more powerful abilities.

12. Can I acquire a legendary sword through random drops or loot chests?
No, legendary swords must be obtained through specific quests and activities within the game.

13. Can I use my legendary sword in the game’s campaign missions?
Yes, you can use your legendary sword in campaign missions to unleash devastating melee attacks on enemies.

14. Can I transfer my legendary sword between different characters?
Yes, you can transfer your legendary sword between characters using the in-game vault or companion app, allowing all your characters to benefit from its power.

Now armed with the knowledge of how to obtain a legendary sword in Destiny and armed with interesting facts about these formidable weapons, you can embark on a journey to unleash their power and become a true master of the sword. May your strikes be precise, and your enemies crumble before you, Guardian!

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