How To Get Activity Tokens In Miles Morales

How To Get Activity Tokens In Miles Morales: Tips and Tricks

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an action-packed adventure that allows players to swing through the streets of New York City as the iconic web-slinger. As you progress through the game, you’ll come across various activities that require activity tokens. These tokens are essential for unlocking new suits, gadgets, and upgrades. In this article, we will guide you on how to efficiently collect activity tokens and provide you with some interesting facts about the game.

1. Complete Side Missions: Side missions are a great way to earn activity tokens. These missions are scattered throughout the city and often involve helping citizens, stopping crimes, or investigating certain events. Completing these missions not only rewards you with activity tokens but also contributes to the overall story of the game.

2. Clear Out Enemy Bases: Enemy bases are marked on your map and can be cleared out to earn a significant number of activity tokens. These bases are filled with challenging combat encounters and, once completed, grant you access to new suits and gadgets. Take advantage of Miles’ unique abilities, such as venom attacks and camouflage, to efficiently defeat enemies and earn those valuable tokens.

3. Participate in Challenges: Miles Morales offers various challenges that test your skills in combat, traversal, and stealth. These challenges can be found throughout the city and are represented by markers on your map. Completing challenges within the given time limit and achieving high scores will reward you with activity tokens.

4. Complete Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App Requests: The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app provides you with various requests from citizens in need. These requests range from locating lost items to stopping petty crimes. While they may seem minor, completing these app requests can accumulate activity tokens over time.

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5. Collect Time Capsules: Time capsules are hidden collectibles scattered across the city. They are often tucked away in hard-to-reach places, so keep an eye out for them while exploring. Collecting all the time capsules in a specific area rewards you with activity tokens, making them a worthwhile endeavor.

6. Explore the City: New York City in Miles Morales is a vibrant and dynamic open world. Take the time to explore every nook and cranny, as you never know what surprises await. Discovering hidden landmarks, secret underground hideouts, and other points of interest can lead to activity tokens and other valuable rewards.

Interesting Facts about Miles Morales:

1. Miles Morales made his first appearance in the comic book “Ultimate Fallout #4” in 2011. He took over the mantle of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Marvel universe.

2. The game’s developers, Insomniac Games, consulted with Marvel’s writers to ensure an authentic portrayal of Miles Morales’ character and abilities.

3. Miles Morales possesses unique powers compared to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. He can generate bioelectricity, which he channels into venom attacks and invisibility.

4. The game’s storyline takes place one year after the events of the original Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4.

5. Miles Morales’ suit designs in the game are inspired by various comic book iterations, including his original costume from the “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” movie.

6. The game features an impressive soundtrack, combining hip-hop and orchestral elements to reflect Miles Morales’ cultural background and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Common Questions about Activity Tokens in Miles Morales:

1. Can I purchase activity tokens with real money?
No, activity tokens cannot be purchased with real money. They can only be earned by completing in-game activities.

2. How many activity tokens do I need to unlock all the suits?
The number of activity tokens required varies for each suit. Some suits may require more tokens than others.

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3. Are activity tokens only used for unlocking suits?
No, activity tokens are also used to unlock gadgets and upgrades for Miles Morales.

4. Can I replay completed activities to earn more activity tokens?
No, once an activity is completed, you cannot replay it to earn more tokens. However, there are plenty of other activities available throughout the game.

5. Are activity tokens shared between New Game+ and the main game?
Yes, activity tokens are shared between New Game+ and the main game. You can continue to earn and use them in both modes.

6. Do I need to collect all the time capsules to progress in the game?
Collecting time capsules is not essential for the main story progression. However, they provide additional rewards, including activity tokens and suits.

7. Are there any activities that exclusively reward activity tokens?
Yes, completing enemy bases and challenges primarily reward activity tokens.

8. Can I trade activity tokens with other players?
No, activity tokens cannot be traded with other players. They are specific to each player’s game progress.

9. Can I earn activity tokens by defeating random enemies in the city?
Defeating random enemies on the streets does not directly reward activity tokens. Stick to completing activities and side missions for reliable token earnings.

10. Are there any cheats or shortcuts to earn activity tokens faster?
No, there are no official cheats or shortcuts to earn activity tokens faster. The game encourages players to explore and engage in various activities for a rewarding experience.

11. Do activity tokens carry over to a new game if I start over?
No, activity tokens do not carry over to a new game. You will start fresh with zero tokens.

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12. Can I earn activity tokens while playing in the game’s photo mode?
No, activity tokens cannot be earned while in photo mode. They can only be obtained by completing activities within the game world.

13. Do I need to complete all the side missions to collect enough activity tokens?
Completing all side missions is not mandatory, but it certainly helps in accumulating more activity tokens. Engaging in a variety of activities will provide a well-rounded experience.

14. Are there any limited-time events that reward activity tokens?
As of now, there are no limited-time events that reward activity tokens. However, additional content and updates may be released in the future.

15. Can I use activity tokens to upgrade my abilities?
No, activity tokens are specifically used for unlocking suits, gadgets, and other equipment. To upgrade Miles’ abilities, you’ll need to earn skill points by leveling up.

In conclusion, collecting activity tokens in Spider-Man: Miles Morales requires thorough exploration of the city, completing side missions, clearing enemy bases, participating in challenges, and helping citizens through app requests. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of suits, gadgets, and upgrades, enhancing your overall gaming experience. Enjoy swinging through the streets of New York City as the amazing Miles Morales!

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