How To Get An Antiquated Rune In Destiny

How To Get An Antiquated Rune In Destiny: A Guide for Guardians

Destiny, the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie, features a wide variety of rare and valuable items for players to obtain. One such item is the Antiquated Rune, a powerful rune used to summon challenging bosses in the Court of Oryx. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain an Antiquated Rune in Destiny, along with some interesting facts about this intriguing item. Additionally, we will answer common questions regarding its acquisition and usage.

1. Complete The Taken King Questline: To obtain an Antiquated Rune, you must first complete the Taken King questline, which serves as the primary expansion for Destiny. This questline will introduce you to the Court of Oryx, where you will ultimately obtain the rune.

2. Court of Oryx: Once you have completed the Taken King questline, you can access the Court of Oryx by visiting the Hall of Souls in the Dreadnaught. Here, you will find a central area where players can summon bosses using various runes, including the Antiquated Rune.

3. Tier 3 Runes: The Antiquated Rune is a Tier 3 rune, meaning it is more difficult to obtain and summon powerful bosses compared to lower-tier runes. Tier 3 bosses offer greater rewards and an increased chance of obtaining rare loot.

4. Eris Morn: Eris Morn, a key character in Destiny, will occasionally reward players with an Antiquated Rune upon completing certain quests or activities. Keep an eye out for her quests and be sure to complete them for a chance to obtain this valuable item.

5. Reciprocal Rune: Another method of obtaining an Antiquated Rune is through the Reciprocal Rune. By using a Reciprocal Rune in a Tier 2 encounter, you have a chance to receive an Antiquated Rune as a drop. This provides an alternative way to acquire the rune without relying solely on luck or Eris Morn’s quests.

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6. Fireteam Cooperation: While it is possible to solo the Court of Oryx, it is recommended to form a fireteam to increase your chances of success. Working together with other players allows for better coordination and a more efficient defeat of challenging bosses, increasing your chances of obtaining an Antiquated Rune.

Interesting Facts about Antiquated Runes:

1. Limited Use: Antiquated Runes have a single use and will be consumed upon summoning a boss. This adds an element of strategy and careful consideration when deciding when to use them.

2. Cooldown Period: After using an Antiquated Rune, there is a cooldown period before another can be used. This prevents players from constantly summoning high-level bosses and promotes a balanced gameplay experience.

3. Boss Difficulty: The bosses summoned using Antiquated Runes are significantly more challenging than those summoned with lower-tier runes. They often require a coordinated fireteam and well-optimized loadouts to defeat.

4. High-Level Rewards: Defeating Tier 3 bosses summoned with an Antiquated Rune has a higher chance of dropping rare loot, including powerful weapons, armor, and unique artifacts.

5. Ranking System: The Court of Oryx features a ranking system that rewards players for defeating bosses and contributing to the event. Higher ranks provide additional rewards and increased chances of obtaining Antiquated Runes.

6. Community Events: The Court of Oryx is a dynamic public event where multiple players can participate together. This creates a sense of community and camaraderie as Guardians join forces to defeat challenging bosses and reap the rewards.

Common Questions and Answers:

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1. Can I obtain multiple Antiquated Runes?
– Yes, you can obtain multiple Antiquated Runes by completing Eris Morn’s quests or using Reciprocal Runes.

2. Are Antiquated Runes tradeable?
– No, Antiquated Runes are not tradeable between players.

3. Can I use an Antiquated Rune in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 encounter?
– No, Antiquated Runes can only be used to summon Tier 3 bosses.

4. Can I obtain an Antiquated Rune from Nightfall Strikes?
– No, Antiquated Runes cannot be obtained from Nightfall Strikes.

5. How do I increase my chances of getting an Antiquated Rune from a Reciprocal Rune?
– Using Reciprocal Runes in Tier 2 encounters increases your chances, but it is still subject to RNG (random number generation).

6. Can I solo a Tier 3 boss with an Antiquated Rune?
– While it is challenging, it is possible to solo a Tier 3 boss with an Antiquated Rune if you have a well-optimized loadout and strategy.

7. Can I use an Antiquated Rune in any other location besides the Court of Oryx?
– No, Antiquated Runes can only be used in the Court of Oryx.

8. Can I use an Antiquated Rune to summon multiple bosses in a row?
– No, there is a cooldown period between each use of an Antiquated Rune.

9. Are Antiquated Runes available in the base game of Destiny or only with expansions?
– Antiquated Runes are exclusively available with The Taken King expansion.

10. Do Antiquated Runes have a time limit for usage?
– No, Antiquated Runes do not have a time limit for usage. They can be held indefinitely until consumed.

11. Can I obtain an Antiquated Rune from the weekly Nightfall bounty?
– No, Antiquated Runes cannot be obtained from the weekly Nightfall bounty.

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12. Can I obtain an Antiquated Rune from random drops in activities like Strikes or Crucible matches?
– No, Antiquated Runes can only be obtained through specific means, such as Eris Morn’s quests or using Reciprocal Runes.

13. Can I use an Antiquated Rune to summon bosses in a fireteam with other players?
– Yes, Antiquated Runes can be used in a fireteam, allowing multiple players to participate in the battle against the summoned boss.

14. Can I summon multiple bosses simultaneously with multiple Antiquated Runes?
– No, each Antiquated Rune can only summon a single boss at a time.

15. Can I use Antiquated Runes in the Court of Oryx on any difficulty level?
– Yes, Antiquated Runes can be used in the Court of Oryx on any difficulty level, as long as it is a Tier 3 encounter.

In conclusion, obtaining an Antiquated Rune in Destiny requires completing the Taken King questline, participating in the Court of Oryx, and engaging with Eris Morn’s quests. By following these steps and leveraging the Reciprocal Rune, you can increase your chances of obtaining this rare and valuable item. The Antiquated Rune adds an exciting and challenging dimension to Destiny’s gameplay, providing opportunities for powerful loot and memorable cooperative experiences. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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