How to Get Coins on Line Play

How to Get Coins on Line Play: A Comprehensive Guide

Line Play is a popular social networking app that allows users to create and customize their avatars, interact with friends, and participate in various activities and events. Coins are the virtual currency in Line Play, which can be used to purchase clothing, furniture, and other items to enhance your avatar’s appearance and living space. In this article, we will discuss several effective methods to obtain coins in Line Play, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Daily Login Rewards: One of the easiest ways to earn coins is by simply logging into the app daily. Line Play offers daily login rewards, and the longer you consecutively log in, the more coins you will receive.

2. Completing Missions and Quests: Line Play frequently offers missions and quests for players to complete. By successfully finishing these tasks, you can earn a significant number of coins as a reward.

3. Playing Mini-Games: Line Play has a wide range of mini-games that you can play to earn coins. These games are often fun and engaging, providing an enjoyable way to accumulate coins while having a good time.

4. Participating in Events: Line Play regularly organizes special events where you can earn coins by participating in various activities. Keep an eye on the event calendar and take advantage of these opportunities to increase your coin balance.

5. Playing Gachas: Gacha is a popular feature in Line Play, where you can spend coins to get random items. While it can be a gamble, you may end up with rare and valuable items that can be sold for a higher price, allowing you to earn more coins.

6. Selling Unwanted Items: If you have extra items or clothing that you no longer need, consider selling them in the in-game marketplace. Other players may be interested in purchasing them, providing you with a source of income.

7. Connecting with Friends: Line Play is a social app, so it’s essential to connect with friends and interact with them. By visiting your friends’ rooms and sending hearts, you can earn coins as a gesture of friendship.

8. Completing Surveys and Offers: Line Play occasionally offers surveys and promotional offers that provide coins as rewards. Take advantage of these opportunities to earn additional coins.

9. In-App Purchases: While not a free method, you can also buy coins directly from the Line Play store using real money. This option is ideal if you want to quickly acquire a large number of coins without going through the other methods.


1. Can I transfer coins between Line Play and other Line apps?
No, coins are not transferable between Line Play and other Line apps. Each app has its own virtual currency.

2. Can I trade coins with other players?
No, Line Play does not allow direct coin trading between players. However, you can sell items in the marketplace to earn coins indirectly from other players.

3. Can I convert coins into real money?
No, Line Play coins cannot be converted into real money. They can only be used within the app.

4. Do I lose my coins if I delete the Line Play app?
No, your coins will not be lost if you delete the app. However, if you reinstall the app on a different device, your coins will not carry over.

5. How often does Line Play hold events?
Line Play holds events regularly, with new events happening every few weeks. Keep an eye on the app’s announcements for upcoming events.

6. Are there any limits on earning coins through daily login rewards?
No, there are no limits on earning coins through daily login rewards. The longer you log in consecutively, the more coins you will receive.

7. Can I earn coins by inviting friends to join Line Play?
No, Line Play does not offer coins as a reward for inviting friends to join. However, you can earn hearts, which are another form of in-app currency.

8. Are there any age restrictions for using Line Play?
Line Play is recommended for users aged 13 and above. Users below the age of 13 should obtain parental consent before using the app.

9. Are there any risks associated with buying coins from third-party sellers?
Yes, buying coins from third-party sellers is against Line Play’s terms of service and carries risks. These sellers may scam you or compromise your account security. It’s best to acquire coins through legitimate means within the app.

In conclusion, there are several methods to obtain coins in Line Play, including daily login rewards, completing missions, playing mini-games, participating in events, and more. By utilizing these strategies and being mindful of the FAQs mentioned above, you can enhance your Line Play experience and make your avatar truly stand out.

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