How To Get Elite Harpoon In Black Flag

How to Get the Elite Harpoon in Black Flag: Unleash the Power of the Sea

Black Flag, the fourth installment in the renowned Assassin’s Creed series, takes players on an epic pirate adventure in the Golden Age of Piracy. As a pirate captain, you’ll have the opportunity to explore vast open seas, engage in thrilling naval battles, and plunder hidden treasures. One of the key features in the game is the ability to harpoon whales, sharks, and other sea creatures. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to acquire the Elite Harpoon, a powerful tool that will aid you in your quest for maritime dominance. Additionally, we’ll share five interesting facts about harpooning in Black Flag to enhance your gaming experience.

How to Get the Elite Harpoon:

Step 1: Progress in the Main Storyline
To unlock the Elite Harpoon, you must progress through the main story missions until you reach Sequence 6. During this sequence, you’ll encounter a mission titled “The Giant and the Storm.” Complete this mission to gain access to harpooning and unlock the basic harpoon.

Step 2: Upgrade the Harpooning Skill
After acquiring the basic harpoon, head to a general store or a diving bell to upgrade the harpooning skill. This will allow you to harpoon larger sea creatures and increase your chances of encountering legendary creatures.

Step 3: Hunt Legendary Creatures
With the upgraded harpoon, set sail on the open seas and keep an eye out for legendary creatures. These creatures are marked on your map with a distinctive icon. Engage in harpoon battles with them until you defeat and loot them. Each legendary creature you defeat will grant you crafting materials.

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Step 4: Craft the Elite Harpoon
Collect the necessary crafting materials from the defeated legendary creatures and return to a general store or the Jackdaw’s crafting menu. Use these materials to craft the Elite Harpoon, a powerful tool that offers increased damage and accuracy.

Five Interesting Facts about Harpooning in Black Flag:

1. Realistic Whaling Experience: Black Flag’s harpooning mechanics were inspired by real-life whaling practices during the 18th century. The game provides an immersive experience, allowing players to understand the challenges faced by whalers in the past.

2. Environmental Consequences: Harpooning too many sea creatures, especially the endangered ones, can lead to environmental consequences. Over-harpooning can deplete the population of certain sea creatures, affecting the game’s ecosystem.

3. Crafting and Upgrades: Apart from the Elite Harpoon, players can also craft other harpoon upgrades, such as the Elite Harpoon Storage and Elite Harpoon Range. These upgrades enhance your harpooning abilities and allow you to carry more harpoons.

4. Legendary Sea Creatures: Black Flag features numerous legendary sea creatures, including the mighty White Whale and the fearsome Great White Shark. Tracking down and defeating these creatures provides a challenging and rewarding experience.

5. Harpooning Challenges: Completing harpooning challenges can earn you additional rewards, such as money, materials, and unique items. These challenges test your harpooning skills and offer a fun diversion from the main storyline.

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Common Questions about Harpooning in Black Flag:

1. Can I harpoon sea creatures without completing the main story?
No, you must progress through the main story until Sequence 6 to unlock harpooning.

2. Can I harpoon from any ship in the game?
No, you can only harpoon from the Jackdaw, your pirate ship.

3. Are there any benefits to harpooning besides crafting materials?
Yes, harpooning provides crafting materials, money, and rewards from completing challenges.

4. Can I harpoon smaller sea creatures?
No, the harpoon is mainly used to hunt larger sea creatures like whales and sharks.

5. Can I sell the harpoon once I craft the Elite Harpoon?
No, the harpoon is a permanent tool and cannot be sold.

6. Are there any legendary sea creatures that can only be encountered once?
Yes, the White Whale and the Great White Shark are two legendary creatures that can only be encountered once.

7. Can I harpoon while engaged in a naval battle?
No, you cannot harpoon during a naval battle. You need to be in open waters.

8. Can I harpoon from the diving bell?
No, the diving bell is only used for underwater exploration, not harpooning.

9. Can I harpoon from any location or only specific areas?
You can harpoon from any location in the open seas, as long as there are sea creatures in the vicinity.

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10. Can I hunt sea creatures indefinitely?
No, there is a limited number of sea creatures available in the game. Over-hunting can lead to environmental consequences.

11. Can I replay harpooning missions?
Yes, you can replay harpooning missions from the progress tracker menu.

12. Are there any achievements or trophies related to harpooning?
Yes, completing certain harpooning challenges will unlock achievements or trophies.

13. Can I use the Elite Harpoon to defeat other ships?
No, the Elite Harpoon is only used for harpooning sea creatures, not enemy ships.

14. Can I use the harpoon to defend against other pirates?
No, the harpoon is not a weapon for combat. It is solely used for harpooning sea creatures.

Now armed with the Elite Harpoon, you can truly unleash the power of the sea in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Explore the vast ocean, hunt legendary creatures, and experience the thrill of being a pirate captain. Remember to enjoy the immersive harpooning mechanics and the intriguing challenges it presents. Happy hunting!

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