How To Get Out Of Nxt In Wwe 2k16

How to Get Out of NXT in WWE 2K16: Unlocking the Main Roster

WWE 2K16 is a popular wrestling video game that allows players to step into the shoes of their favorite WWE superstars. One of the main goals for many players is to get out of NXT, the developmental brand, and make it to the main roster. In this article, we will discuss how to achieve this goal and provide some interesting facts about the game. Additionally, we will answer some common questions related to this topic.

Getting out of NXT and making it to the main roster in WWE 2K16 requires some effort and strategy. Here are a few steps to help you achieve this milestone:

1. Complete NXT Story Mode: The first step towards making it to the main roster is to complete the NXT story mode. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to compete in NXT and help you gain some experience.

2. Train Hard: To impress the management and earn a promotion, you need to perform well in matches and gain experience points. Participate in training exercises to enhance your skills and increase your chances of getting noticed.

3. Increase Your Popularity: Building a strong fan base is crucial to getting out of NXT. Engage in promotional activities like interviews, autograph signings, and social media interactions to increase your popularity and catch the attention of the higher-ups.

4. Win Championships: Winning championships in NXT will not only increase your popularity but also show that you are ready for the main roster. Focus on winning titles and putting on impressive performances to prove your worth.

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5. Get Called Up: Eventually, if you have performed well and achieved a good amount of popularity and success in NXT, you will receive a call-up to the main roster. This signifies that you have made it and can now compete with the top WWE superstars.

Interesting Facts about WWE 2K16:

1. Largest Roster: WWE 2K16 featured the largest roster of superstars in the history of the franchise, with over 120 playable characters.

2. Showcase Mode: The game introduced a showcase mode that focused on the career of WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, allowing players to relive his greatest moments.

3. Improved Gameplay: WWE 2K16 introduced new gameplay mechanics, including a revamped submission system and improved AI, making matches more realistic and challenging.

4. Creation Suite: The game included an extensive creation suite, allowing players to create their own wrestlers, arenas, championships, and more.

5. MyCareer Mode: MyCareer mode in WWE 2K16 allowed players to create their own superstar and guide them through their career, starting from NXT and progressing to the main roster.

6. Online Multiplayer: WWE 2K16 introduced online multiplayer, allowing players to compete against each other and test their skills in online matches.

Common Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can I skip NXT and start directly on the main roster?
A1. No, you need to complete the NXT story mode before moving to the main roster.

Q2. How long does it take to get called up to the main roster?
A2. The time it takes to get called up varies based on your performance and popularity. It can take several in-game months.

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Q3. Can I get called up even if I lose matches in NXT?
A3. Yes, while winning matches helps, losing a few matches won’t necessarily hinder your progression.

Q4. Are there any specific requirements to get called up?
A4. There are no specific requirements, but winning championships, gaining popularity, and performing well are important factors.

Q5. Can I switch between NXT and the main roster after getting called up?
A5. No, once you are called up, you will be exclusively part of the main roster.

Q6. Can I continue my MyCareer mode after moving to the main roster?
A6. Yes, you can continue playing MyCareer on the main roster and pursue championships and rivalries.

Q7. Are there any benefits to staying in NXT longer?
A7. While getting to the main roster is the ultimate goal, staying in NXT longer allows you to gain more experience and popularity.

Q8. Can I create my own storyline in MyCareer mode?
A8. No, MyCareer mode follows a predetermined storyline, but you can make choices that affect certain outcomes.

Q9. Can I unlock additional superstars to play as in MyCareer mode?
A9. Yes, as you progress in MyCareer, you can unlock additional superstars to compete against or team up with.

Q10. Can I simulate matches in MyCareer mode?
A10. Yes, you have the option to simulate matches if you prefer not to participate in every single one.

Q11. Are there any penalties for losing matches in MyCareer mode?
A11. Losing matches may affect your popularity and momentum, but it won’t necessarily prevent you from progressing.

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Q12. Can I change my wrestler’s appearance after starting MyCareer mode?
A12. Yes, you can modify your wrestler’s appearance, attire, entrance, and move set at any time during MyCareer.

Q13. Can I compete in special matches or events in MyCareer mode?
A13. Yes, special matches and events are part of the MyCareer mode, allowing you to participate in unique challenges and rivalries.

Q14. Can I form alliances or rivalries with other wrestlers in MyCareer mode?
A14. Yes, you can form alliances or rivalries with other wrestlers, leading to tag team matches or feuds.

Q15. Can I play MyCareer mode with friends in co-op mode?
A15. No, MyCareer mode is a single-player experience and cannot be played in co-op mode.

In conclusion, getting out of NXT and making it to the main roster in WWE 2K16 requires dedication, skill, and popularity. By following the steps mentioned above and putting on impressive performances, you can achieve this milestone and take on the top WWE superstars in the game. Enjoy the journey and make the most of your MyCareer mode experience!

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