How To Get Sleeper Simulant Destiny 2 Forsaken

How To Get Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2 Forsaken: A Guide

Destiny 2 Forsaken introduces a wide range of exciting weapons for players to acquire, and one of the most coveted among them is the Sleeper Simulant. This powerful linear fusion rifle packs a punch and is a must-have for any serious Guardian. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain the Sleeper Simulant, as well as provide you with six interesting facts about this legendary weapon.

Step 1: Warmind Campaign
To begin your journey towards obtaining the Sleeper Simulant, you must first complete the Warmind campaign in Destiny 2 Forsaken. This campaign will introduce you to Ana Bray, a key character in the expansion, and set the stage for your quest.

Step 2: Nascent Dawn Questline
After completing the Warmind campaign, you will unlock the Nascent Dawn questline. This questline consists of several steps, each requiring you to complete specific activities or objectives. Follow the questline diligently to progress towards obtaining the Sleeper Simulant.

Step 3: Memory Fragments
During the Nascent Dawn questline, you will come across Memory Fragments scattered across Mars. These fragments can be found in various locations, and collecting them is crucial for advancing the questline. Keep an eye out for these fragments and collect them as you progress through the campaign.

Step 4: Override Frequencies
As you collect Memory Fragments, you will also obtain Override Frequencies. These frequencies are used to unlock hidden nodes scattered across Mars. By using these frequencies, you can track and uncover the Sleeper Nodes, which will provide you with additional rewards and progress the questline.

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Step 5: Data Recovery
Once you have collected enough Override Frequencies and Sleeper Nodes, you will reach the final step of the Nascent Dawn questline, which is the Data Recovery mission. This mission will require you to delve into the depths of Rasputin’s bunker and recover important data. Complete this mission successfully to unlock the Sleeper Simulant.

Interesting Facts About Sleeper Simulant:

1. Exo Origins: The Sleeper Simulant was originally designed as a weapon for the Exo race, known for their affinity towards technological advancements.

2. Rasputin’s Creation: The Sleeper Simulant was created by Rasputin, an artificial intelligence Warmind, during the Golden Age. It was intended to be a powerful defense weapon against the Darkness.

3. Warmind Collaboration: The design and construction of the Sleeper Simulant were a collaborative effort between Rasputin and the Bray family, specifically Clovis Bray, the founder of the Braytech Corporation.

4. Solar Core: The Sleeper Simulant utilizes a powerful solar core as its energy source. This core allows the weapon to deal devastating solar damage to enemies.

5. Penetrating Rounds: The Sleeper Simulant’s unique perk, “Dornröschen,” enables its rounds to over-penetrate targets, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with a single shot.

6. Crit Damage Bonus: When aiming for precision shots, the Sleeper Simulant grants an additional damage bonus, making it a formidable weapon against tough opponents.

Common Questions About Sleeper Simulant:

1. Can I obtain the Sleeper Simulant without completing the Nascent Dawn questline?
No, the Sleeper Simulant can only be obtained by completing the Nascent Dawn questline.

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2. Can I complete the Nascent Dawn questline with a fireteam?
Yes, you can complete the questline with a fireteam. In fact, having teammates can make some of the activities easier.

3. How many Memory Fragments do I need to collect?
You need to collect a total of 45 Memory Fragments throughout the Nascent Dawn questline.

4. Are the Memory Fragments account-wide or character-specific?
Memory Fragments are account-wide, meaning you only need to collect them once across all characters.

5. How do I obtain Override Frequencies?
Override Frequencies are obtained by destroying Sleeper Nodes on Mars. Each destroyed node will grant you one Override Frequency.

6. Can I obtain the Sleeper Simulant if I missed the Warmind campaign?
No, completing the Warmind campaign is a prerequisite for accessing the Nascent Dawn questline and obtaining the Sleeper Simulant.

7. Can I dismantle the Sleeper Simulant once I obtain it?
Yes, you can dismantle the Sleeper Simulant, but keep in mind that it is a powerful weapon and highly sought after by many Guardians.

8. Can I infuse the Sleeper Simulant with higher power level gear?
Yes, you can infuse the Sleeper Simulant with higher power level gear to increase its damage output.

9. Can I use the Sleeper Simulant in PvP activities?
Yes, you can use the Sleeper Simulant in PvP activities, but it is primarily designed for PvE encounters.

10. Does the Sleeper Simulant have any additional ornaments or skins?
Yes, there are various ornaments and skins available for the Sleeper Simulant, allowing you to customize its appearance.

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11. Can I obtain the Sleeper Simulant from random drops or engrams?
No, the Sleeper Simulant can only be obtained by completing the Nascent Dawn questline.

12. Is the Sleeper Simulant a heavy or special weapon?
The Sleeper Simulant is a heavy weapon, categorized as a linear fusion rifle.

13. Can I use the Sleeper Simulant in Gambit?
Yes, the Sleeper Simulant is a powerful weapon in Gambit and can deal significant damage to enemy players and Primevals.

14. Does the Sleeper Simulant have any catalyst?
No, as of now, the Sleeper Simulant does not have a catalyst that can be obtained in-game.

15. Can I obtain the Sleeper Simulant on multiple characters?
Yes, once you have obtained the Sleeper Simulant on one character, you can obtain it on your other characters as well.

By following these steps and completing the Nascent Dawn questline, you will be well on your way to obtaining the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 2 Forsaken. This powerful weapon will undoubtedly aid you in your battles against the forces of Darkness. Good luck, Guardian!

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