How To Get The Items In The Lava Dark Souls 3

How To Get The Items In The Lava Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a challenging game that requires players to explore every nook and cranny to find valuable items and resources. One particularly treacherous area is the lava zone, where players can find some of the most coveted items in the game. In this article, we will provide a guide on how to obtain these items and also share some interesting facts about Dark Souls 3.

1. Equip Flame Stoneplate Ring: Before venturing into the lava zone, it is crucial to equip the Flame Stoneplate Ring. This ring significantly reduces fire damage and provides additional protection against the environmental hazards in this area.

2. Use the Flash Sweat Pyromancy: The Flash Sweat Pyromancy spell is incredibly useful in the lava zone. It boosts fire resistance and reduces the damage taken from lava and other sources of fire. Make sure to attune this spell before entering the area.

3. Reach the Smouldering Lake: To access the lava zone, players need to reach the Smouldering Lake. This can be done by progressing through the game until you reach the Catacombs of Carthus. From there, find a hidden path that leads to a ballista room. Dodge the ballista shots and continue until you find the Smouldering Lake.

4. Obtain the Chaos Bed Vestiges: In the Smouldering Lake, players will encounter a boss called the Old Demon King. Defeat this boss to obtain the Chaos Bed Vestiges Pyromancy spell. This powerful spell deals massive fire damage and can be a valuable asset in battles against fire-resistant enemies.

5. Retrieve the Black Knight Sword: In the lava zone, players can also find the Black Knight Sword, one of the most sought-after weapons in the game. It is located behind an illusory wall near the area where you encounter the worm-like enemies. Break the wall and claim this powerful sword for your arsenal.

6. Acquire the Black Iron Set: Another valuable item in the lava zone is the Black Iron Set, known for its excellent defense against fire. It can be found by dropping down to a lower platform near the worm-like enemies. Explore the area carefully to locate the set.

7. Discover the Quelana Pyromancy Tome: In the lava zone, players can uncover the Quelana Pyromancy Tome. It is located in a lava pool near the giant ballista. Use the Flash Sweat Pyromancy spell to reduce fire damage and carefully retrieve the tome for powerful new pyromancies.

8. Obtain the Profaned Coal: The Profaned Coal is a key item that allows the blacksmith Andre to infuse weapons with a dark flame. It is located in a room near the boss fight against Pontiff Sulyvahn. Defeat the boss and explore the area to find this valuable coal.

9. Retrieve the Izalith Staff: The Izalith Staff is a powerful sorcery catalyst that can be found in the lava zone. It is located near the Demon Ruins bonfire, guarded by a tough enemy. Defeat the enemy and claim this staff for potent sorcery spells.

10. Collect the Chaos Gem: The Chaos Gem is a valuable item used for upgrading weapons with fire infusion. It can be found in a lava pool near the boss fight against the Old Demon King. Use the Flash Sweat Pyromancy spell to reduce fire damage and carefully obtain the Chaos Gem.

Interesting Facts about Dark Souls 3:

1. Dark Souls 3 is the final installment in the Dark Souls series, marking the end of the epic and challenging journey for players.

2. The game’s world is intricately interconnected, allowing players to discover shortcuts and hidden paths that provide a sense of exploration and discovery.

3. Dark Souls 3 features a diverse range of weapons, spells, and armors, allowing players to personalize their playstyle and create unique character builds.

4. The game’s boss fights are known for their difficulty and intricate mechanics, requiring players to learn patterns and adapt their strategies to succeed.

5. Dark Souls 3 also offers a multiplayer component, allowing players to engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay with other players worldwide.

Common Questions about Dark Souls 3:

1. Can I access the lava zone early in the game?
– No, the lava zone can only be accessed after progressing through the Catacombs of Carthus.

2. Is it possible to survive in the lava without any fire resistance gear or spells?
– It is extremely challenging and highly unlikely. Fire resistance gear and spells are essential for survival in the lava zone.

3. How many items can be obtained in the lava zone?
– There are several valuable items, including weapons, armor sets, pyromancies, and coals.

4. Can I backtrack to the lava zone after leaving it?
– Yes, players can revisit the lava zone at any time during their playthrough.

5. Is the Black Knight Sword worth obtaining?
– The Black Knight Sword is highly regarded for its high damage output and versatility, making it a valuable weapon for many players.

6. Are there any hidden walls in the lava zone?
– Yes, there are several illusory walls in the lava zone, concealing valuable items and secret passages.

7. Can I complete Dark Souls 3 without entering the lava zone?
– Yes, the lava zone is not essential for completing the main storyline, but it offers valuable items and challenges for dedicated players.

8. Are there any hidden bosses in the lava zone?
– No, there are no hidden bosses in the lava zone, but players will encounter the Old Demon King as a main boss.

9. Can I summon other players for assistance in the lava zone?
– Yes, players can use the game’s multiplayer feature to summon other players for assistance in the lava zone.

10. Is it possible to avoid falling into the lava?
– Yes, players should carefully navigate the area and pay attention to their surroundings to avoid falling into the lava.

11. Can I trade items with other players in Dark Souls 3?
– Yes, players can trade items with other players through the game’s online trading system.

12. Are there any hidden areas within the lava zone?
– While the lava zone itself is quite expansive, there are no hidden areas within it.

13. How difficult is it to defeat the Old Demon King?
– The Old Demon King is a challenging boss fight, requiring players to learn its attack patterns and exploit its weaknesses.

14. Can I use ranged attacks to defeat enemies in the lava zone?
– Yes, ranged attacks can be effective against enemies in the lava zone, allowing players to take them down from a safe distance.

In conclusion, the lava zone in Dark Souls 3 offers valuable items and challenging encounters. By equipping fire resistance gear, using specific spells, and following the guide provided, players can obtain these coveted items and enhance their gameplay experience.

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