How To Get The Legendary Sword In Destiny

Title: How to Get the Legendary Sword in Destiny: Unleashing its Power and 5 Interesting Facts

In the vast world of Destiny, obtaining the Legendary Sword is a major milestone for every Guardian. This powerful weapon holds immense potential, capable of wreaking havoc upon foes and turning the tides of battle. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to acquire the Legendary Sword, while also uncovering five intriguing facts about this iconic weapon.

Step 1: Completing the Questline
1. Engage in the quest “A Broken Will” given by Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
2. Progress through the questline by completing various objectives, including defeating powerful Hive enemies and collecting rare materials.
3. As you advance, a series of challenges will test your skills and determination.
4. Finally, defeat the formidable Darkblade within the Sunless Cell Strike to claim your Legendary Sword.

Step 2: Reforging the Legendary Sword
1. Once you’ve acquired the Legendary Sword, proceed to Eris Morn in the Tower.
2. Eris will provide you with a new quest, “Blade of Nightmares.”
3. This quest requires you to defeat enemies in the Court of Oryx, obtain rare materials, and complete a special mission.
4. Upon completion, Eris will reforge your Legendary Sword, unlocking its true potential.

Interesting Fact 1: Unique Sword Types
1. The Legendary Sword comes in three distinct types: Arc, Solar, and Void. Each type possesses different elemental properties, allowing you to adapt your strategy based on your opponents’ weaknesses.
2. The Arc Sword is effective against Fallen enemies, while the Solar Sword is potent against Hive enemies. The Void Sword excels against Taken forces.
3. Experimenting with different sword types enables you to exploit elemental weaknesses and maximize your damage output.

Interesting Fact 2: Sword Energy Mechanics
1. The Legendary Sword introduces a unique energy mechanic. Holding down the attack button charges the sword’s energy, releasing a devastating heavy attack upon release.
2. Successfully landing heavy attacks on enemies grants an “S-charge,” which can be used to unleash an even deadlier super attack.
3. Learning to manage your energy and timing your strikes effectively is crucial in maximizing the Legendary Sword’s potential.

Interesting Fact 3: Sword Blocking and Guarding
1. The Legendary Sword is not limited to offensive capabilities alone. Holding the guard button enables you to block incoming damage, reducing its impact.
2. Blocking consumes energy, so managing it wisely is key. Timing your blocks effectively allows for counterattacks, further enhancing your combat prowess.

Interesting Fact 4: Infusing the Legendary Sword
1. Infusion enables you to enhance your Legendary Sword’s power by consuming other weapons or armor.
2. Sacrificing items with higher Light levels will increase your sword’s damage output, making it an even more formidable weapon.
3. This process ensures that your sword remains relevant as you progress further into Destiny’s challenging endgame content.

Interesting Fact 5: The Legendary Sword’s Unique Perks
1. Each Legendary Sword possesses unique perks that enhance its effectiveness in combat.
2. These perks can include increased ammo capacity, faster recharge rates, or improved damage against specific enemy types.
3. Experimenting with different swords and their respective perks allows you to find the perfect match for your playstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I acquire multiple Legendary Swords?
– Yes, you can acquire all three types of Legendary Swords on a single character.

2. Can I use the Legendary Sword in PvP?
– Unfortunately, the Legendary Sword is limited to PvE activities only.

3. Can I acquire the Legendary Sword from random drops?
– No, the Legendary Sword must be obtained through the questline.

4. Can I use the Legendary Sword on any character class?
– Yes, the Legendary Sword can be used by all character classes.

5. Can I upgrade my Legendary Sword further after obtaining it?
– No, the Legendary Sword’s potential can only be maximized through infusion.

6. Is the Legendary Sword essential for completing endgame content?
– While it is not essential, it significantly enhances your combat capabilities.

7. Can I change the elemental type of my sword?
– No, the elemental type of the sword is fixed upon acquisition.

8. Can I use my sword’s heavy attack to break enemy shields?
– Yes, the heavy attack is particularly effective against enemy shields.

9. Can I use the Legendary Sword when playing as a Warlock?
– Absolutely, the Legendary Sword is accessible to all Guardian classes.

10. Can I use the Legendary Sword to defeat Raid bosses?
– Yes, the Legendary Sword can be highly effective against certain Raid bosses.

11. Can I acquire the Legendary Sword in the base game, or is it exclusive to expansions?
– The Legendary Sword is available in both the base game and expansions.

12. Can I customize the appearance of my Legendary Sword?
– No, the appearance of the Legendary Sword remains unchanged.

13. Can I dismantle my Legendary Sword?
– Yes, you can dismantle it, but be cautious, as it cannot be reacquired.

14. Can I infuse my Legendary Sword into other weapons?
– No, the Legendary Sword can only be infused by consuming other weapons or armor.

Acquiring the Legendary Sword in Destiny is a testament to your Guardian’s prowess and dedication. By following the questline and uncovering its true potential, you unlock a powerful weapon capable of striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. With its unique energy mechanics, elemental properties, and customization options, the Legendary Sword is an essential tool for any Guardian seeking victory in the fight against the Darkness.

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