How To Get To Blackthorn City In Soul Silver

How To Get To Blackthorn City In Soul Silver: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pokémon Soul Silver is a beloved game that takes players on an adventure through the Johto region. One of the iconic cities in this game is Blackthorn City, known for its Dragon-type Gym and the powerful Dragon-type Pokémon it houses. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get to Blackthorn City in Soul Silver, along with some interesting facts about this city and answering common questions related to the journey.

Step 1: Start your journey from New Bark Town
To begin your journey to Blackthorn City, you must first start in New Bark Town, the starting point of the game. Make sure you have a team of Pokémon and necessary items before you head out.

Step 2: Head to Cherrygrove City
Make your way to Cherrygrove City, which is located north of New Bark Town. Follow Route 29 and Route 30 until you reach this small town. Here, you can heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and stock up on any necessary supplies.

Step 3: Cross Route 30 and Route 31
From Cherrygrove City, head north and cross Route 30 until you reach Route 31. Continue on this route until you reach Violet City.

Step 4: Conquer Violet City
Once you reach Violet City, you will encounter the first Gym Leader, Falkner, who specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. Defeat him to earn the Zephyr Badge and gain access to Fly, a move that allows you to fast travel to previously visited towns.

Step 5: Traverse Route 32 and Route 33
After Violet City, head east and cross Route 32 and Route 33. These routes will lead you to Azalea Town.

Step 6: Battle against Team Rocket in Azalea Town
In Azalea Town, you will find the Slowpoke Well, which has been taken over by Team Rocket. Your task is to defeat them and save the Slowpoke. Afterward, you will receive the Hive Badge from the Azalea Town Gym Leader, Bugsy, who specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

Step 7: Journey through Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City
From Azalea Town, make your way through the Ilex Forest until you reach Goldenrod City. This bustling city is the heart of Johto, offering various shops, the Game Corner, and the Radio Tower.

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Step 8: Obtain the HM Strength in Goldenrod City
In Goldenrod City, visit the Department Store and purchase the HM Strength. This move will be required to progress further on your journey to Blackthorn City.

Step 9: Travel through Route 34 and Route 35
After obtaining the HM Strength, make your way through Route 34 and Route 35 until you reach National Park. Make sure to explore the park and participate in the Bug Catching Contest if you wish.

Step 10: Reach the city of Ecruteak
Continue your journey through Route 36 and Route 37 until you reach the beautiful city of Ecruteak. Here, you will encounter the legendary Pokémon, Suicune.

Step 11: Defeat the Ecruteak City Gym Leader
In Ecruteak City, challenge the Gym Leader, Morty, who specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. Defeating him will earn you the Fog Badge and access to Surf, another important move for your journey.

Step 12: Cross the Burned Tower and Route 38
After obtaining the Fog Badge, head north and cross the Burned Tower to reach Route 38. Continue on this route until you reach Route 39.

Step 13: Pass through Route 39 and Route 42
From Route 38, travel through Route 39 until you reach Olivine City. Continue your journey by crossing Route 42 until you reach Mahogany Town.

Step 14: Conquer Team Rocket’s Hideout in Mahogany Town
In Mahogany Town, you will discover Team Rocket’s Hideout in the basement of the town’s souvenir shop. Defeat the Team Rocket grunts and their boss to put an end to their malicious plans.

Step 15: Finally, reach Blackthorn City!
After defeating Team Rocket, make your way through Route 44 and Ice Path until you reach the final destination, Blackthorn City. Here, you will face the Blackthorn City Gym Leader, Clair, who specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. Defeat her to earn the Rising Badge and complete your journey to Blackthorn City.

Now that you know how to get to Blackthorn City, here are six interesting facts about this city:

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1. Blackthorn City is known as the “City of Dragons” due to its Dragon-type Gym and the presence of powerful Dragon-type Pokémon.
2. The city is located at the northernmost point of the Johto region, surrounded by mountains and forests.
3. Blackthorn City is home to the Dragon’s Den, a sacred place where trainers can prove their worth to obtain the powerful Dragon-type Pokémon, Dratini.
4. In the Pokémon anime, Blackthorn City is depicted as a serene and mysterious place, with its Gym Leader, Clair, playing a significant role in the storyline.
5. The city features the iconic Dragon-type move tutor, who can teach exclusive moves to Dragon-type Pokémon.
6. Blackthorn City’s gym puzzle involves navigating through a series of platforms to reach Clair, adding an extra level of challenge to the Gym battle.

Now, let’s answer some common questions related to the journey to Blackthorn City:

1. How long does it take to reach Blackthorn City in Soul Silver?
The time required depends on individual gameplay and exploration. On average, it can take several hours to reach Blackthorn City.

2. Can I catch a Dratini in Blackthorn City?
No, Dratini cannot be caught in the wild in Blackthorn City. However, you can obtain one at the Dragon’s Den by proving your worth to the elder.

3. Can I challenge the Blackthorn City Gym without defeating the other Gyms?
No, you need to defeat the previous seven Gym Leaders before challenging Clair in Blackthorn City.

4. How can I heal my Pokémon in Blackthorn City?
There is a Pokémon Center in Blackthorn City where you can heal your Pokémon and access other services.

5. What level should my Pokémon be to defeat Clair?
It is recommended to have Pokémon around level 35-40 to have a fair chance of defeating Clair’s Dragon-type Pokémon.

6. Can I catch any new Pokémon in Blackthorn City?
No, you cannot catch any new Pokémon in Blackthorn City itself. However, the surrounding areas offer different Pokémon species to catch.

7. Are there any hidden items in Blackthorn City?
Yes, there are hidden items scattered throughout Blackthorn City. Use the Itemfinder or explore thoroughly to find them.

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8. Can I re-challenge the Blackthorn City Gym Leader?
Yes, after defeating Clair and obtaining the Rising Badge, you can re-challenge her in the future.

9. Are there any legendary Pokémon in Blackthorn City?
No, there are no legendary Pokémon found in Blackthorn City. However, the legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza, can be obtained in the post-game storyline.

10. How do I reach the Dragon’s Den in Blackthorn City?
The entrance to the Dragon’s Den is located in the northeastern part of Blackthorn City. You will need Surf and the Rising Badge to access it.

11. Can I evolve my Dratini into Dragonite in Blackthorn City?
Yes, by leveling up your Dratini, it will eventually evolve into Dragonair and later into Dragonite.

12. Are there any trainers to battle in Blackthorn City?
Yes, there are a few trainers scattered around Blackthorn City whom you can battle for experience and rewards.

13. Can I catch a Shiny Pokémon in Blackthorn City?
Yes, there is a rare chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in Blackthorn City or any other location in the game.

14. Can I fly directly to Blackthorn City?
No, you cannot fly directly to Blackthorn City until you have visited it at least once and obtained the Zephyr Badge.

15. What is the significance of the Rising Badge?
The Rising Badge signifies your victory over Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader. It also grants you access to use the HM Waterfall outside of battle.

With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped to embark on your journey to Blackthorn City in Pokémon Soul Silver. Enjoy the adventure and may you become a champion of the Dragon-type!

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