How To Get To Orzammar In Dragon Age Origins

How To Get To Orzammar In Dragon Age Origins: A Guide to the Dwarven Kingdom

Dragon Age Origins, developed by BioWare, is a critically acclaimed role-playing game that takes players on a thrilling journey through the fantasy world of Thedas. One of the game’s most fascinating locations is Orzammar, the ancient underground kingdom of the dwarves. This article will guide you on how to reach Orzammar and provide you with six interesting facts about this iconic location in Dragon Age Origins.

1. Acquiring the Quest:
To embark on your journey to Orzammar, you must first acquire the quest “A Paragon of Her Kind.” This quest becomes available after completing the main storyline quests in Lothering and gaining enough influence with either the Dalish elves or the mages in the Circle Tower.

2. Traveling to Orzammar:
Once you have the quest, you need to head to the city of Redcliffe and speak with Bann Teagan. He will direct you to meet with Arl Eamon, who can provide you with a Grey Warden treaty necessary to gain entry to Orzammar. After speaking with Arl Eamon, you will be directed to Denerim, where you can find the Anvil of the Void. The anvil is needed to forge a crown that grants access to the dwarven kingdom.

3. The Deep Roads:
To reach Orzammar, you must venture into the treacherous Deep Roads, a vast network of tunnels infested with darkspawn and deadly creatures. The Deep Roads can be accessed through the Frostback Mountains, located in the southern part of the game’s world map.

4. The Shaperate:
Once you enter Orzammar, you will find yourself in the Commons, the central hub of the city. From there, head to the Diamond Quarter and locate the Shaperate. The Shaperate is the heart of Orzammar’s governance and knowledge, where the dwarven history and lore are meticulously recorded.

5. The Assembly:
As you explore Orzammar, you will encounter the Assembly, the ruling body of the dwarven kingdom. The Assembly is divided into noble houses, each representing a different political faction. Your choices and actions throughout the game will greatly influence the outcome of the Assembly and the future of Orzammar.

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6. The Anvil of the Void:
One of the most significant quests in Orzammar involves the Anvil of the Void. Located in the Ancestorial Hall, the anvil is a powerful artifact that can create golems, mighty stone constructs. Your decisions regarding the anvil will impact the fate of both Orzammar and its neighboring kingdom, Caridin.

Interesting Facts About Orzammar:

1. Rich Dwarven Culture:
Orzammar is renowned for its deep-rooted dwarven culture and traditions. From their intricate caste system to the complex network of honor, loyalty, and respect, the dwarves of Orzammar offer a captivating glimpse into a unique society.

2. Caste System:
In Orzammar, dwarves are divided into castes, with each caste fulfilling a specific role in society. The noble caste holds the highest status, followed by the warrior, artisan, and servant castes. The casteless, who do not belong to any caste, face severe discrimination and live in poverty.

3. The Stone:
To the dwarves, the Stone represents their connection to their ancestors and the foundation of their existence. It is believed that when a dwarf dies, their spirit returns to the Stone, ensuring their eternal presence within the dwarven consciousness.

4. The Provings:
The Provings are traditional dwarven combat tournaments held in Orzammar. These events showcase the martial prowess of the dwarves, with fighters from various noble houses competing for honor and glory.

5. The Legion of the Dead:
The Legion of the Dead is a revered dwarven warrior caste that embraces a life of sacrifice. These warriors voluntarily join the legion to fight darkspawn in the Deep Roads, knowing they will likely never return. Their sacrifice is seen as the ultimate act of honor and bravery.

6. The Branka Mystery:
During your time in Orzammar, you will uncover the mystery surrounding Branka, a renowned dwarven Paragon who disappeared while searching for the Anvil of the Void. Discovering her fate and the secrets she left behind adds an intriguing layer to the lore of Orzammar.

Common Questions about Orzammar:

1. Can I go to Orzammar without completing the main storyline?
No, you will need to complete the main storyline quests in Lothering and gain enough influence with either the Dalish elves or the mages in the Circle Tower to unlock the quest for Orzammar.

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2. Are there any prerequisites for entering Orzammar?
Yes, you need to acquire the Grey Warden treaty from Arl Eamon in Redcliffe and then obtain the Anvil of the Void in Denerim before you can enter Orzammar.

3. Can I bring companions to Orzammar?
Yes, you can bring your chosen companions with you to Orzammar. Their presence will significantly impact the outcomes and interactions within the city.

4. How long does it take to reach Orzammar?
The journey to Orzammar can be quite lengthy, as it involves several quests and locations. It can take several hours of gameplay to reach and fully explore the dwarven kingdom.

5. Are there any side quests in Orzammar?
Yes, Orzammar offers several side quests that delve deeper into the dwarven culture and provide additional opportunities for loot and experience.

6. Can I change the outcome of the Assembly in Orzammar?
Yes, your choices and actions throughout the game will greatly influence the Assembly’s outcome and the future of Orzammar. Your decisions can determine the ruler of the kingdom and their policies.

7. Can I romance any characters in Orzammar?
Yes, there are romance options available in Orzammar. Depending on your choices, you can develop intimate relationships with certain characters, adding a romantic element to your journey.

8. Are there any unique items or gear in Orzammar?
Yes, Orzammar offers unique weapons, armor, and accessories that are exclusive to the dwarven kingdom. Exploring the city thoroughly and completing quests will reward you with powerful equipment.

9. Can I revisit Orzammar after leaving?
No, once you complete Orzammar’s main storyline, you cannot return to the city. It is crucial to complete all necessary quests and explore the area fully before moving forward.

10. Can my choices in Orzammar affect the overall game’s ending?
Yes, the choices you make in Orzammar, including the outcome of the Assembly and the fate of the anvil, can impact the game’s ending. Your decisions have far-reaching consequences beyond Orzammar’s borders.

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11. Can I recruit any new companions in Orzammar?
Yes, Orzammar introduces new potential companions who can join your party. These characters offer unique abilities and perspectives, adding depth to your team.

12. Are there any unique codex entries in Orzammar?
Yes, exploring Orzammar thoroughly will reward you with unique codex entries that provide additional lore and insight into the dwarven culture.

13. How difficult are the enemies in the Deep Roads?
The Deep Roads are filled with challenging enemies, including darkspawn and powerful creatures. It is advisable to level up your character and party members adequately before venturing into this perilous area.

14. Can I recruit any dwarven warriors to aid in the Deep Roads?
Yes, as you progress through the Deep Roads, you have the opportunity to recruit dwarven warriors who can assist you in battling the darkspawn and surviving the treacherous tunnels.

15. Will my choices in Orzammar affect future Dragon Age games?
While the specific consequences of your choices in Orzammar may not directly carry over to future Dragon Age games, they can shape the lore and overall world state, impacting the narrative and references in subsequent installments.

In conclusion, reaching Orzammar in Dragon Age Origins is an exciting and challenging adventure that takes players through a complex storyline, filled with unique characters, rich lore, and difficult choices. The journey to this underground kingdom is well worth the effort, as it offers an immersive experience into the captivating world of Thedas.

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