How To Get To Pinkerton Without 100 Lockpick

How to Get to Pinkerton Without 100 Lockpick: A Guide

Pinkerton is a heavily guarded location in the popular video game Fallout: New Vegas. Located in the Mojave Wasteland, accessing Pinkerton usually requires a high Lockpick skill level of 100. However, there are alternative ways to reach Pinkerton without having to max out your Lockpick skill. In this article, we will explore some of these methods and provide you with 5 interesting facts about Pinkerton. Additionally, we will answer 14 common questions related to accessing Pinkerton. So, let’s dive in!

Method 1: Explosives
One way to bypass the need for a high Lockpick skill is by using explosives. Look for a nearby rock formation or any other elevated platform close to Pinkerton. By strategically placing explosives and detonating them, you can create a hole in the wall or fence, granting you access.

Method 2: Stealth Boy
Another approach is by utilizing a Stealth Boy. These devices grant temporary invisibility, allowing you to sneak past the guards and enter Pinkerton undetected. Sneak around the perimeter until you find an unguarded entrance and slip in.

Method 3: Hire a Companion
Recruiting a companion with a high Lockpick skill can be a valuable asset. Veronica, an available companion in the game, has a starting Lockpick skill of 75. By recruiting her, you can rely on her expertise to unlock the doors and gain access to Pinkerton.

Method 4: Complete a Quest
Some quests in Fallout: New Vegas offer alternative routes to Pinkerton. For example, completing the quest “The White Wash” allows you to gain access to Pinkerton without requiring a high Lockpick skill.

Method 5: Use Console Commands
For players on PC, using console commands is an option. By opening the console and entering specific commands, you can unlock doors or teleport yourself directly into Pinkerton. However, be cautious, as this method may impact your gaming experience and achievements.

Interesting Facts about Pinkerton:

1. Pinkerton is an old, abandoned train station located in the Mojave Wasteland. It was once a critical hub for transportation and trade.

2. The name “Pinkerton” is a reference to the Pinkerton Detective Agency, a real-life detective agency established in the 19th century.

3. Pinkerton is heavily guarded by a gang known as the Fiends, making it a challenging location for players to explore.

4. The station’s interior is dilapidated, filled with graffiti, debris, and remnants of its former glory.

5. Inside Pinkerton, players can find several lootable items, including valuable weapons, ammunition, and supplies.

Common Questions about Getting to Pinkerton:

Q1. Can I access Pinkerton without a high Lockpick skill?
A1. Yes, you can bypass the need for a high Lockpick skill by using explosives, a Stealth Boy, hiring a companion, completing specific quests, or using console commands (PC only).

Q2. Where can I find explosives?
A2. Explosives can be found in various locations throughout the game, such as abandoned buildings, raider camps, or purchased from certain vendors.

Q3. How do I obtain a Stealth Boy?
A3. Stealth Boys can be found in various locations or purchased from certain vendors. Alternatively, you can complete quests or defeat enemies who may drop them as loot.

Q4. Which companion has the highest Lockpick skill?
A4. Veronica, one of the available companions in Fallout: New Vegas, has a starting Lockpick skill of 75, making her a suitable candidate for unlocking doors.

Q5. Are there any other alternative routes to Pinkerton?
A5. Yes, completing specific quests, such as “The White Wash,” can grant you access to Pinkerton without requiring a high Lockpick skill.

Q6. Can console commands impact my gaming experience or achievements?
A6. Yes, using console commands may alter your gaming experience and potentially disable achievements. Use them cautiously and consider creating a backup save before proceeding.

Q7. Is Pinkerton safe to explore?
A7. Pinkerton is heavily guarded by the Fiends, a dangerous gang. Approach with caution and be prepared for combat encounters.

Q8. Can I fast travel directly to Pinkerton?
A8. No, Pinkerton does not have a fast travel marker. You will need to physically reach it using one of the aforementioned methods.

Q9. Can I access Pinkerton without completing any quests?
A9. Yes, using methods such as explosives or a Stealth Boy allows you to bypass quests and gain direct access to Pinkerton.

Q10. What kind of loot can I find inside Pinkerton?
A10. Inside Pinkerton, players can find valuable weapons, ammunition, and other supplies. Explore thoroughly to maximize your loot collection.

Q11. Can I return to Pinkerton after leaving?
A11. Yes, you can return to Pinkerton at any time once you have gained access, provided you survive any encounters on your way back.

Q12. Are there any unique items or quests in Pinkerton?
A12. Pinkerton does not offer any unique quests. However, you may encounter unique enemies or find rare items during your exploration.

Q13. Can I recruit companions inside Pinkerton?
A13. No, Pinkerton is not a recruitable location for companions. You will need to dismiss your current companion before entering.

Q14. Are there any hidden secrets in Pinkerton?
A14. While Pinkerton does not have any significant hidden secrets, there may be small details or easter eggs that attentive players can discover during their exploration.

In conclusion, accessing Pinkerton in Fallout: New Vegas without a high Lockpick skill is possible through various alternative methods. By using explosives, a Stealth Boy, hiring a companion, completing quests, or utilizing console commands (PC only), players can explore this heavily guarded location. Remember to exercise caution and be prepared for combat encounters with the Fiends. So, gear up, plan your approach, and enjoy your adventure in Pinkerton!

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