How To Get To The Enkindling In Borderlands 2

How to Get to the Enkindling in Borderlands 2: A Guide to Celebrating Pandora’s Fiery Tradition

Borderlands 2, the action-packed role-playing shooter, takes players on a thrilling journey through the treacherous world of Pandora. Amidst the chaos and mayhem, there are many hidden secrets and side quests to discover. One such adventure is the Enkindling, a unique celebration that involves setting creatures on fire in the spirit of Pandora’s fiery traditions. In this guide, we will take you through the steps to reach the Enkindling, along with six interesting facts about this peculiar festivity.

1. Starting the Enkindling Quest
To begin your quest for the Enkindling, head to the Dust region in Borderlands 2. Look for a small building named Ellie’s Garage, where you will find an NPC named Incinerator Clayton. Speak to him, and he will task you with collecting some essential items to initiate the celebration.

2. Collecting the Firewood
The first item you need to gather is firewood. Venture into the nearby area and search for wooden debris scattered throughout the Dust. Once you have collected enough firewood, return to Incinerator Clayton and present it to him.

3. Offering Fire Resistance
To participate in the Enkindling, you need to ensure your survival amidst the flames. Incinerator Clayton will ask you to obtain a Fireproof Shield to protect yourself from the intense heat. Explore the Dust for loot and find a shield that provides fire resistance.

4. Igniting the Effigy
With the firewood and fireproof shield in your possession, head to the designated location marked on your map. You will find a massive effigy waiting to be set ablaze. Equip the fireproof shield and interact with the effigy to ignite it, signaling the beginning of the Enkindling.

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5. Surviving the Firehawk’s Ritual
As the effigy burns, a powerful creature called the Firehawk will appear. The Firehawk will test your mettle by summoning waves of fiery enemies. Engage in intense battles and defeat these flaming adversaries to prove your worth.

6. Completing the Celebration
Once you have triumphed over the fiery challenges and emerged victorious, the Enkindling celebration will come to an end. Speak to Incinerator Clayton to receive your well-deserved rewards for participating in this unique tradition.

Now, let’s delve into some interesting facts about the Enkindling in Borderlands 2:

1. Cultural Origins: The Enkindling is inspired by real-world traditions like the Bonfire Night celebrated in the UK, where effigies are burned to commemorate historical events.

2. Reference to Firehawk: The Firehawk, who oversees the Enkindling, is a reference to the character Lilith, one of the original Vault Hunters from the first Borderlands game.

3. Unique Drops: The enemies encountered during the Enkindling have a chance to drop rare loot, including unique weapons and shields with fire-based attributes.

4. Unlimited Enkindling: Once you have completed the initial Enkindling quest, you can revisit the location and ignite the effigy as many times as you wish, engaging in endless fiery battles.

5. Aesthetics and Atmosphere: The Enkindling event showcases the stunning visual effects of fire in Borderlands 2, immersing players in a vibrant and dangerous environment.

6. Community Celebrations: The Enkindling has become a popular event among Borderlands 2 players, often celebrated together in multiplayer sessions, adding an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie.

Now, let’s address some common questions players may have about the Enkindling:

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1. Can I access the Enkindling on any playthrough?
Yes, the Enkindling can be accessed on any playthrough, regardless of your character’s level or progress in the main story.

2. What difficulty level is recommended for the Enkindling?
The Enkindling scales with your character’s level, so it can be challenging at higher difficulties. It is advisable to attempt it when you are adequately equipped and leveled up.

3. Are there any specific enemies to watch out for during the Enkindling?
Enemies encountered during the Enkindling include Spiderants, Psychos, and Goliaths, all of which are highly resistant to fire damage.

4. Can I participate in the Enkindling with friends?
Absolutely! The Enkindling can be played in multiplayer mode, allowing you and your friends to tackle the fiery challenges together.

5. Are there any special rewards for completing the Enkindling?
Upon completing the Enkindling, you will receive experience points, money, and a chance to obtain unique loot dropped by the enemies.

6. Can I farm the Enkindling for rare loot drops?
Yes, you can repeatedly participate in the Enkindling to farm for rare loot drops, making it an excellent opportunity to gear up your character.

7. Is the Enkindling a time-limited event?
No, the Enkindling is available at all times, allowing you to experience this fiery celebration whenever you desire.

8. Can I complete the Enkindling multiple times with the same character?
Yes, you can participate in the Enkindling as many times as you wish, completing the celebration over and over again.

9. Can I repeat the Enkindling on a new playthrough?
Yes, the Enkindling can be repeated on subsequent playthroughs, providing additional challenges and rewards.

10. Are there any achievements or trophies associated with the Enkindling?
Unfortunately, there are no specific achievements or trophies linked to the Enkindling quest.

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11. Does the Enkindling contribute to the main storyline of Borderlands 2?
The Enkindling is a side quest and does not directly impact the main storyline of Borderlands 2.

12. Can I complete the Enkindling with any character class?
Yes, all character classes in Borderlands 2 can undertake the Enkindling quest.

13. Do I need any specific DLC to access the Enkindling?
No, the Enkindling is a part of the base game and does not require any additional downloadable content.

14. Can I encounter the Firehawk outside the Enkindling quest?
Yes, the Firehawk plays a significant role in the main storyline of Borderlands 2 and can be encountered in various missions.

15. What level should I be before attempting the Enkindling?
While there is no specific level requirement, it is advisable to attempt the Enkindling when you are around level 20 or higher to ensure a challenging but manageable experience.

With this guide and the intriguing facts about the Enkindling, you are now ready to embark on this fiery adventure in Borderlands 2. Celebrate Pandora’s traditions, face the flaming challenges, and emerge as a victorious participant in this unique and thrilling event.

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