How To Pick Up Hoes In Saints Row 3

Title: How To Recruit Allies in Saints Row 3: A Guide to Building Your Crew

Introduction (approx. 70 words):
In the thrilling open-world game Saints Row 3, building a formidable crew is essential for dominating the streets of Steelport. While the game offers diverse methods to recruit allies, one intriguing option is to pick up “hoes” (prostitutes) and convert them into valuable assets. In this article, we will explore this unique feature and provide five interesting facts about Saints Row 3. Additionally, we will answer fourteen common questions to enhance your gameplay experience.

How to Pick Up Hoes in Saints Row 3 (approx. 150 words):
1. Locate a “hoe”: In Saints Row 3, hoes can be found walking the streets of Steelport. They are typically dressed provocatively.

2. Approach a hoe: To initiate the recruitment process, walk up to a hoe and press the appropriate button to interact with her.

3. Pay for her services: Hoes require payment for their services. Pay the requested amount to proceed.

4. Escort the hoe: After paying, the hoe will follow you. Lead her to a safe location away from any potential threats.

5. Defend her: Hoes are vulnerable and can be attacked by rival gangs or the police. Protect her until she reaches the designated safe spot.

6. Recruit the hoe: Once the hoe reaches safety, she will offer her services as an ally. Accept her offer to add her to your crew.

Five Interesting Facts about Saints Row 3 (approx. 200 words):

1. Over-the-top customization: Saints Row 3 boasts an extensive character customization system, offering players the ability to create unique avatars with outrageous outfits, tattoos, and even bizarre body proportions.

2. Whimsical gameplay: The game’s developers embraced a lighthearted, often absurd approach to gameplay, including memorable missions involving skydiving, tank battles, and even a mission where players pilot a giant toilet.

3. Wide array of weapons: Saints Row 3 offers an impressive variety of weapons to choose from, including traditional firearms, unconventional armaments like the “Apocafists” (giant fists on fire), and even a “Dildo Bat.”

4. Co-op multiplayer: Players can team up with a friend and experience the entire campaign in co-op mode, allowing for even more chaotic and enjoyable gameplay.

5. Numerous pop culture references: Saints Row 3 is filled with nods to various movies, TV shows, and other video games, adding an extra layer of entertainment for players who enjoy spotting these references.

Common Questions about Recruiting Allies in Saints Row 3 (approx. 380 words):

1. Can I recruit hoes without paying them?
No, hoes require payment for their services before they join your crew.

2. Can I recruit multiple hoes at once?
Yes, you can recruit multiple hoes, building a diverse crew for your gang.

3. Can hoes engage in combat?
Yes, hoes are capable fighters and will assist you during battles.

4. Can I customize the appearance of recruited hoes?
No, the appearance of recruited hoes cannot be customized. However, they will have unique abilities and combat styles.

5. Can recruited hoes die during missions?
Yes, like any other ally, hoes can be killed during combat. However, they will respawn after some time.

6. Can I recruit other allies besides hoes?
Certainly! Saints Row 3 offers various methods to recruit allies, including completing missions, saving civilians, and liberating territories from rival gangs.

7. Can I dismiss or replace recruited hoes?
Yes, you can dismiss or replace any recruited ally at any time.

8. Do recruited hoes have specific skills or abilities?
Yes, each hoe possesses unique skills and abilities that can be utilized during missions.

9. Can I upgrade recruited hoes?
No, you cannot upgrade the skills or abilities of recruited hoes.

10. Can I romance a recruited hoe?
No, romantic relationships with recruited hoes are not part of the game mechanics.

11. Can recruited hoes drive vehicles?
No, hoes cannot drive vehicles. They will follow you on foot or use their unique abilities during missions.

12. Can recruited hoes participate in activities?
Yes, recruited hoes can participate in various activities, including side missions and diversions.

13. Can I recruit hoes in multiplayer mode?
Yes, hoes can be recruited in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

14. Can I have a personal relationship with recruited hoes outside missions?
No, recruited hoes are strictly allies within the game’s context and cannot be interacted with outside of missions.

Conclusion (approx. 30 words):
Recruiting hoes in Saints Row 3 offers a quirky and amusing way to build your gang. Remember to protect them, utilize their unique abilities, and conquer Steelport!

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