How to Play Akali Wild Rift

How to Play Akali in Wild Rift: A Comprehensive Guide

Akali is a highly mobile and versatile assassin in League of Legends: Wild Rift. With her shuriken throws, smoke bombs, and deadly dashes, she can easily eliminate squishy targets and escape unscathed. If you want to master this champion, here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Akali effectively in Wild Rift.

1. Understand Akali’s Abilities:
– Passive: Assassin’s Mark – Akali’s abilities and attacks mark enemies, allowing her to dash towards them and deal bonus magic damage.
– Ability 1: Five Point Strike – Throws shurikens, dealing damage to enemies in a cone. This ability also restores energy when it hits an enemy.
– Ability 2: Twilight Shroud – Creates a smoke cloud, granting Akali invisibility and movement speed. Entering the cloud will restore energy.
– Ability 3: Shuriken Flip – Throws a shuriken that damages and marks the first enemy hit. Akali can reactivate this ability to dash towards the marked target.
– Ultimate: Perfect Execution – Akali dashes forward, dealing damage to enemies in her path. She can reactivate this ability to dash towards a targeted enemy, dealing additional damage.

2. Choose the Right Lane:
Akali is most commonly played in the mid lane but can also be played in the top lane. Her mobility and burst damage make her an excellent choice for roaming and ganking.

3. Master Combo Execution:
Akali’s combos are crucial for maximizing her damage output. A simple combo to start with is to use Ability 1 (Five Point Strike), followed by Ability 2 (Twilight Shroud) to hide and reset the cooldown of Ability 1. Then, use Ability 3 (Shuriken Flip) to dash towards the marked target and finish with your Ultimate (Perfect Execution).

4. Utilize Twilight Shroud Effectively:
Twilight Shroud is not only a tool for escape but also for engaging enemies. Drop it strategically to block enemy vision and confuse them during fights. Use it to dodge skill shots or to create opportunities for a surprise attack.

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5. Roam and Assist Other Lanes:
Akali’s mobility allows her to quickly move around the map and assist teammates. Take advantage of this by ganking other lanes and helping secure kills for your team.

6. Farm Efficiently:
To maximize Akali’s potential, it’s crucial to farm well and accumulate gold. Last-hit minions and prioritize farming to ensure you have enough gold to purchase essential items.

7. Build the Right Items:
Akali benefits from items that provide ability power, cooldown reduction, and sustain. Core items for her include Hextech Gunblade, Lich Bane, and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Adapt your item build based on the enemy team composition and game situation.

8. Positioning and Map Awareness:
As an assassin, positioning is key for Akali. Be aware of the enemy’s crowd control abilities and position yourself to engage or disengage fights effectively. Constantly check the minimap for potential ganks or objectives to secure.

9. Coordinate with Your Team:
Communicate with your team and coordinate your engages. Akali excels in skirmishes and small fights, so try to make picks and create advantages for your team.

10. Practice Energy Management:
Akali relies on energy rather than mana. It’s important to manage your energy usage effectively to ensure you can use your abilities when needed. Utilize your passive and Twilight Shroud to restore energy during fights.

11. Plan Your Engagements:
Timing is crucial when playing Akali. Wait for the right moment to engage and burst down priority targets. Be patient and observe the enemy’s cooldowns and positioning before diving in.

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12. Learn Matchups:
Understanding your lane matchups is essential for success with Akali. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each champion you face to adapt your playstyle and item build accordingly.

13. Play Aggressively, but Not Recklessly:
Akali is an aggressive champion, but diving into fights without proper planning can lead to unnecessary deaths. Choose your battles wisely and avoid overextending without proper vision.

14. Practice, Practice, Practice:
Becoming a proficient Akali player requires practice and experience. Keep playing games, analyze your mistakes, and strive to improve your mechanics and decision-making.


1. Is Akali difficult to play?
Yes, Akali is considered one of the more challenging champions to play due to her complex combos and positioning requirements.

2. What runes should I use for Akali?
For Akali, the recommended runes are Electrocute, Brutal, Hunter Vampirism, and Mastermind.

3. How do I counter Akali in lane?
To counter Akali, champions with crowd control and ranged poke can be effective. Examples include Ahri, Lux, and Orianna.

4. What are Akali’s power spikes?
Akali’s power spikes occur at level 6 with her ultimate and when she completes her core items, such as Hextech Gunblade.

5. How do I deal with Akali’s stealth?
To reveal Akali while she is in stealth, use abilities or items that reveal or grant true sight, such as Oracle Lens or control wards.

6. Should I build defensive items on Akali?
While Akali benefits from some defensive items, such as Zhonya’s Hourglass, it is generally more effective to focus on building damage and mobility.

7. How should I play against Akali in team fights?
Coordinate with your team to focus Akali and burst her down quickly. Proper crowd control and vision denial can also limit her effectiveness.

8. Does Akali work well with certain team compositions?
Yes, Akali synergizes well with team compositions that have strong engage or pick potential. Champions with crowd control can help set up her burst damage.

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9. Can Akali carry games?
Yes, a skilled Akali player can definitely carry games by assassinating key targets and creating advantages for their team.

10. What should I do if I fall behind in lane as Akali?
If you fall behind in lane, focus on farming, roaming to assist other lanes, and catching up in gold and experience.

11. What summoner spells should I use with Akali?
Flash and Ignite are the recommended summoner spells for Akali. Flash provides mobility, while Ignite helps secure kills and reduces healing.

12. How do I play Akali against ranged champions?
Against ranged champions, play defensively and focus on farming. Look for opportunities to engage when their key abilities are on cooldown.

13. Can Akali 1v1 most champions?
Akali has strong 1v1 potential against many champions, especially squishy targets. However, certain champions with high burst damage or crowd control can pose a significant threat.

14. Is Akali better in the top or mid lane?
Akali is commonly played in the mid lane due to her roaming potential and access to squishy targets. However, she can also be played in the top lane as a bruiser.

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