How to Play Bandit Rainbow Six

How to Play Bandit in Rainbow Six Siege

Bandit is an electrifying operator in Rainbow Six Siege, known for his ability to deny entry to attackers with his Shock Wire gadget. With his unique playstyle and versatile loadout, Bandit can be a valuable asset to any defending team. In this article, we will discuss the strategies and tips to effectively play Bandit in Rainbow Six Siege.

1. Understand Bandit’s Ability:
Bandit’s Shock Wire gadget can be deployed on reinforced walls, barbed wire, and deployable shields. It electrifies these objects, dealing damage to attackers who come into contact with them. Use this ability strategically to deny entry points, protect important gadgets, or delay the attackers.

2. Reinforce Strategically:
Bandit’s Shock Wire is most effective when used on reinforced walls. Prioritize reinforcing walls that are crucial to the defense strategy, such as objective rooms or walls leading to vital areas. Make sure to communicate with your team to coordinate the reinforcement process effectively.

3. Protect Important Gadgets:
One of Bandit’s primary roles is to protect important gadgets, such as Mira’s Black Mirrors or Kaid’s Electroclaws. Place the Shock Wire on the walls adjacent to these gadgets to deter attackers from destroying them. This synergy between operators can greatly enhance the defensive capabilities of the team.

4. Bandit Trick:
The Bandit Trick is a technique where Bandit electrifies a reinforced wall just as the attackers attempt to breach it with a Thermite charge or Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets. This can destroy the attacker’s gadget and deny entry. Timing is crucial for this strategy, so practice it in custom games to master the technique.

5. Roaming:
Bandit is a versatile operator and can be an effective roamer. Use his speed and agility to flank attackers or disrupt their plans. However, be cautious not to stray too far from the objective, as your team will still need your support in defending the objective.

6. Weapon Loadout:
Bandit has access to the MP7 submachine gun and the M870 shotgun as primary weapons. The MP7 is a reliable choice for medium to long-range engagements, while the M870 excels in close-quarters combat. You can also equip the P12 as a secondary weapon for backup.

7. Deployable Shield or Barbed Wire:
Bandit can choose between a deployable shield and barbed wire as secondary gadgets. The deployable shield provides cover and can be used to block doorways or create angles. Barbed wire slows down attackers and provides sound cues when stepped on. Choose your secondary gadget based on the defensive strategy and the map layout.

8. Communication is Key:
Coordinating with your team is essential for successful defending strategies. Use voice chat or the in-game ping system to share information about enemy positions, breaches, or any relevant intel. Communication can greatly improve your chances of victory.

9. Practice Makes Perfect:
To become proficient with Bandit, practice his shock wire placement, Bandit Trick, and roaming strategies. Familiarize yourself with the maps, common attack routes, and popular objective locations. Watch professional players or content creators to learn new tricks and strategies.


1. Can Bandit destroy all attacker gadgets with his Shock Wire?
No, Bandit’s Shock Wire can only destroy gadgets that come into contact with the electrified objects. It will destroy Thermite charges, Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets, and drones, but it won’t destroy Ash’s breaching rounds or Zofia’s Impact Grenades.

2. Can Bandit electrify multiple walls with one Shock Wire?
Yes, Bandit can electrify multiple reinforced walls that are in close proximity using a single Shock Wire. This can be useful for defending larger areas or multiple entry points.

3. Can Bandit’s Shock Wire destroy Fuze’s Cluster Charges?
No, Bandit’s Shock Wire cannot destroy Fuze’s Cluster Charges. However, it can prevent them from being placed on reinforced walls, denying entry points for attackers.

4. How can Bandit counter Thatcher’s EMP grenades?
Bandit can counter Thatcher’s EMP grenades by placing his Shock Wire after the EMP effect has been triggered. This requires good timing and coordination with your team.

5. Can Bandit destroy drones with his Shock Wire?
Yes, Bandit’s Shock Wire can destroy drones that come into contact with the electrified objects. Use this to your advantage to gather intel and disrupt the attackers’ plans.

6. Can Bandit’s Shock Wire be destroyed by Twitch’s Shock Drone?
Yes, Twitch’s Shock Drone can destroy Bandit’s Shock Wire by shooting it with its shock darts. Be vigilant and watch out for Twitch drones targeting your gadgets.

7. Is Bandit a good choice for beginners?
Bandit requires good map knowledge and game sense to be effective. While he can be a valuable asset to any team, beginners may find it challenging to utilize his abilities effectively.

8. Can Bandit’s Shock Wire damage friendly operators?
Yes, Bandit’s Shock Wire can damage friendly operators. Be cautious and communicate with your team to avoid causing unnecessary harm.

9. Can Bandit electrify Castle’s Armor Panels?
No, Bandit cannot electrify Castle’s Armor Panels. The panels are not considered reinforced walls and cannot be electrified by Bandit’s Shock Wire.

Playing Bandit in Rainbow Six Siege requires a combination of map knowledge, communication, and strategic thinking. Mastering his Shock Wire placement and Bandit Trick techniques can significantly impact the outcome of defending rounds. Practice and adapt your playstyle to become a formidable Bandit player.

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